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Hamilton gives Scotland bragging rights

Scotland were delighted to record a convincing five-wicket victory over their great rivals Ireland at Mannofield Park with Gavin Hamilton hitting his maiden ODI century

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Great knocks from Smith and Hamilton in particular seeing the Scots home in a game where they were always in control with plenty of wickets in hand

Scotland will be pleased with their win today but they face a very different test tomorrow against the Kiwis. Ireland will be leaving Scottish soil demoralised after loosing to their lower ranked rivals and an embarrassing record defeat.

Gavin Hamilton claimed that he was "ecstatic" to get his first ODI 100 and claimed it wasn't easy although he made it look simple to the many spectators here at Mannofield today.

When asked about the mixed up shirt incident he claimed that his shirt was binned last night by someone who thought it was rubbish as the players left some of their kit in bin bags. He added after scoring his first ODI 100 that he would try and hold on to the shirt.

The stunning catch he took he passed off as luck as he misjudged it completely to start off with. He also added that Scotland were "gelling as a side" and when asked about their chances tomorrow stated "never say never" but admitted they would have to limit New Zealand to a decent score".

Kyle McCallan described his sides performance as an "improvement" but none-the-less "disappointing".

Thanks for joining our coverage today of this ODI and tomorrow we will be bringing you updates from Scotland v New Zealand. Tickets are available on the gates at £25 (£15 concessions) and the weather forecast is good.

Tickets will be available on the gates tomorrow from 10.00am for the 10.45am start between Scotland and New Zealand. I'm Callum Stewart and thanks for joining us today and hope you can tune in either on line or at the ground tomorrow.

White to Berrington, 3 runs, clipped off his legs and they run three as the fielders chase in vain at deep cover. That's it! Scotland have won
White to Hamilton, OUT, slower ball catches him out and its a simple catch taken at mid-off. The dangerman is gone but surely too late now.

GM Hamilton c Fourie b White 115 (164m 150b 13x4 0x6) SR: 76.66

White to Hamilton, 2 runs, turned down past square leg and they take two - surely all over now...

47 | 7 Runs | SCOT: 206/4 (5 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 4.38, RRR: 1.66)

  • Neil McCallum0 (4b)
  • Gavin Hamilton113 (150b)
  • Peter Connell7-0-36-0

Just 5 needed now for Scotland and they have three overs to get them

Connell to McCallum, no run, blocked back to the bowler
Connell to Hamilton, 1 run, guided down to third man
Connell to Hamilton, 1 wide, bowled to straight outside of leg-stump

Scotland 2nd innings Partnerships

1st6GM HamiltonRR Watson
2nd70GM HamiltonMQ Sheikh
3rd122GM HamiltonCJO Smith
4th1GM HamiltonDF Watts
5th9GM HamiltonNFI McCallum
6th3NFI McCallumRD Berrington