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Player of the Match

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50 | 6 Runs 1 Wkt | AFG: 234/9 | RR: 4.68

  • Shapoor Zadran1 (1b)
  • Khaliq Dad17 (27b)
  • Jimmy Kamande5-1-22-2

Well another last ball thriller for you folks as Afghanistan stumble over the finishing line courtesy of a well carved 82 from Shenwari and a rapid 47 from Mohammad Nabi at number eight. Khaliq Dad and Hamid Hassan saw them home with some big hitting and risky running. Afghanistan win by one wicket off the last ball.

Credit must go to Kenya who were heavily beaten on the first two matches who came out and posted 233 with 60 from Obuya and a quick fire 52 from Odoyo. Neither team bowled or fielded brilliantly and both scuppered the odd catching chance. Afghanistan came out firing but lost wickets early and they looked in trouble at 134/6 but they managed to get the last 100 runs from the remaining wickets due to Samiullah Shenwari and Mohammad Nabi.

Elsewhere today Ireland beat Scotland by 5 wickets to top the table and the Netherlands beat Canada by 7 wickets.

The man of the match award was given to Maurice Ouma for his all round performance scoring 40 runs and taking four catches behind the stumps.

Do join us again on Wednesday for all the matches from the World Cricket League but for now it's Callum Stewart logging off from Amstelveen. Thanks for being with us today and good evening.

Kamande to Shapoor Zadran, 1 run, he sweeps the ball away and it beats the fielders. It was going for four but they ran the single to claim victory. Wild celebrations from the Afghan supporters

Batsmen crossed. Khaliq Dad on strike

Kamande to Hamid Hassan, OUT, the field are in and he tries to go over the field. Edged up in the air and Otieno takes an easy catch under a lot of pressure

Hamid Hassan c Otieno b Kamande 6 (11m 8b 0x4 1x6) SR: 75.00

Scores are tied

Kamande to Khaliq Dad, 1 run, angled to backward point and they sprint one
Kamande to Khaliq Dad, no run, missed sweep off his shoulder. The keeper missed it and the first fielder but they can't take a run there

Afghan cheers all round. They're almost home

Kamande to Hamid Hassan, 1 leg bye, misses with the sweep and dribbles off the pads as they sprint through
Kamande to Khaliq Dad, 3 runs, gets down low to sweep the ball fine through backward square. Good dive on the rope but even better running from the batsmen for three

Afghanistan 2nd innings Partnerships

1st25Shabir NooriNoor Ali Zadran
2nd1Shabir NooriMohammad Shahzad
3rd25Samiullah ShinwariMohammad Shahzad
4th72Samiullah ShinwariAsghar Stanikzai
5th11Nawroz MangalSamiullah Shinwari
6th0Samiullah ShinwariKarim Sadiq
7th39Mohammad NabiSamiullah Shinwari
8th48Khaliq DadMohammad Nabi
9th12Khaliq DadHamid Hassan
10th1Khaliq DadShapoor Zadran