Player of the Match
Player of the Match
Stander to Styris, SIX runs, game almost over, the fourth successive length delivery, gets to the pitch, has a decent swing and it sails over long-on, 21 off the over already
Stander to Taylor, SIX runs, That almost seals it, they haven't learnt from New Zealand's mistakes these Scot bowlers, full outside off, drags it and connects it powerfully to clear deep midwicket with ease

Makes their job much easier now. 14 off 11

Stander to Taylor, SIX runs, what a costly lapse, length ball on the off, Taylor stays his ground, gets under it and dispatches it over long-on for a big six
Stander to Styris, (no ball) 1 run, massive mistake, oversteps, concedes a freehit, low full toss, driven down to long-on

Stander to bowl now. 22 needed off 12. Will we have a Super Over?

Just four off the over, and all those four runs came off the spilled chance by Drummond

Watson to Taylor, no run, droppped by Smith, short and wide, went for the cut, got a thick edge that the keeper failed to latch onto, excellent over

Still, three dot balls

Watson to Taylor, no run, appeal for a stumping, coming round the wicket, quick and wide outside off, goes for the cut as he steps out, misses, the keeper takes off the bails but has he dragged his foot back in? Yes, just in. Smith took it way to his right, and took some time to take off the bails
Watson to Oram, OUT, or is it this one? Tossed up on middle and leg, Oram is tempted, connects a slog-sweep well this time but finds the fielder at deep midwicket, didn't get the elevation there, a crucial wicket

JDP Oram c Stander b Watson 8 (3m 6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 133.33

Watson to Oram, FOUR runs, dropped, what a miss, flat on middle, goes for the slog-sweep, gets the top edge and Drummond at short fine makes a meal of it, spilling it and kicking it away to the boundary, is that the decisive moment?
Drummond to Taylor, 1 run, OUT, there's only one way you can get out off a freehit and that's by way of a run out, fullish outside off, tries to clear extra cover who runs back and spills it but returns an accurate throw to the keeper who takes off the bails to find McCullum well short as he attempts to go for the second, only to receive a delayed response from Taylor

BB McCullum run out (Coetzer/†Smith) 18 (18m 7b 4x4 0x6) SR: 257.14

Drummond to Taylor, (no ball) 2 runs, oversteps, its freehit time, short on middle, gets the top edge as he goes for the pull, lands safely wide of fine leg
Drummond to Taylor, FOUR runs, poor length, full on middle and leg, clips it into the gap between long-on and deep midwicket for a one-bounce four

39 needed off 24. It's New Zealand's game to lose now

Taylor walks in. If he lives up to his form in the IPL, New Zealand will win this comfortably. Ryder played a useful hand though

Wright to Ryder, OUT, finally, the Scottish bowlers have something to cheer. Another length ball, the only problem this time was that Ryder couldn't get the desired elevation, struck it cleanly but straight down long-off's throat where McLeod judged it well

JD Ryder c MacLeod b Wright 31 (13m 12b 3x4 2x6) SR: 258.33

Wright to Ryder, SIX runs, the best of them all, pure timing on this one, pitches it full outside off, makes just a bit of room and lofts it clean over deep extra cover, just clears the ropes, this is a battering
Wright to Ryder, FOUR runs, Wright's getting punished, fullish on leg stump again, drives it between long-on and deep midwicket, the run-chase is well on
Wright to Ryder, FOUR runs, the previous one was sheer class, this was pure power, length ball on leg stump, smashes it wide of long-on for four more
Wright to Ryder, SIX runs, picks it up beautifully, in the slot on leg stump, gets forward, bends low and smacks it miles over the deep square-leg boundary
Drummond to Ryder, FOUR runs, superb shot, makes up for the lapse the previous ball, overpitched outside off, gets to the pitch and plays a perfectly executed off drive between mid-off and cover
Drummond to Ryder, 1 no ball, poor stuff, full tosss outside off, what's worse, he's overstepped, driven to mid-off, but freehit time

McCullum improved his form towards the latter half of the IPL, and he's looking good today as well

MacLeod to BB McCullum, FOUR runs, four in a row, New Zealand have bettered the Scots in the first over, length ball on the off, slices it over point, gets some god elevation on that, gets a one-bounce four, 19 off the over, their opponents had managed 18
MacLeod to BB McCullum, FOUR runs, the best of the three, short on the off, cut back in, targeting his chest there but he made room, opened the face and guided it between short third and point for his third sucessive four

The fully clad cheerleaders are on their feet again

MacLeod to BB McCullum, FOUR runs, nicely done, full again, stays his ground and slices it over point for another boundary
MacLeod to BB McCullum, FOUR runs, creams it through the off side, attempted yorker, full and wide, makes room and drills it between point and cover

New Zealand 2nd innings Partnerships

1st51BB McCullumJD Ryder
2nd8BB McCullumLRPL Taylor
3rd9JDP OramLRPL Taylor
4th22SB StyrisLRPL Taylor