24th Match, Nottingham, Jun 16 2009, Group E (D/N), ICC World Twenty20
(20 ov, target 131)
South Africa won by 12 runs
Player Of The Match
South Africa
INDIA Innings
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end of over 207 runs
INDIA: 118/8CRR: 5.9 
Ravindra Jadeja7 (6)
RP Singh2 (2)
Wayne Parnell3-0-22-0
Dale Steyn3-0-25-2

It was a spin track, not quite the dustbowl of subcontinent; you didn't see puff of dust and stuff. And not quite the 1996 semi-final wicket of India and Sri Lanka but it was very slow and offered generous help to spinners. AB was simply marvelous against the Indian spinners to push South Africa to 130. And it was enough as India crumbled against Botha & co.

Dhoni : The crowd boo and Dhoni has a smile at that reaction. "We had a good warm-up session, had a couple of hits. In that point of view we were up for it. Our batting didn't do well today. When we come back in nine months time, hopefully we would do well. Throughout, I am quite happy with the performance of the bowlers but we lacked a few things with the batting. We have got good support, we have to win games else we will get booed at the end of the game! "

SMith:" It was a good total. It wasn't a great wicket and the way we defended was great. It showed how far we have come in thinking and the options we have. The slow bowlers bowled well. They did a great job today and well supported in the field. We are excited for the semi-finals. It's a great moment for us. We have adapted to every surface we have played. I think we will play Pakistan on Thursday. We are very excited."

Man of the Match AB de Villiers : "I don't think it was my fanciest knock of my life. The trick is to be solid in the first 20 balls and then you can start expressing yourself. The bowlers bowled really well, we have two class spinners. It was important to take singles and twos. Later on in the innings, you can look for the big shots."

That's it from us. So India's campaign ends with the crowd booing the Indian captain Dhoni who handled it really well, I thought. And South Africa showcased their all round strength and their adaptability. And it was a treat to watch AB bat today on a spinning wicket. That's it from us. On behalf of our scorers, Srinivas Raju and R Gopi, this is Sriram Veera, signing off.

Parnell to Jadeja, 1 run
And South Africa win the battle of spin today. India suffer their third straight loss. It was full delivery, driven to deep cover.
Parnell to Singh, 1 run
moves outside leg stump, a very low dipping full toss on the off stump, edged away to third man
Parnell to Jadeja, 1 run
full pitched around the off stump line, driven to long-on for a single.
Parnell to Jadeja, 2 runs
low full toss, Jadeja can't get much power behind his heave but will pick up couple of runs to wide long-on region
Parnell to Singh, 1 run
moves outside leg stump, follows him with a yorker length, just short of the blockhole perhaps, squeezed to backward point region
Parnell to Jadeja, 1 run
length delivery outside off stump, Jadeja mistimes the drive to extra cover
end of over 195 runs • 2 wicket
INDIA: 111/8CRR: 5.84 • RRR: 20.00
Ravindra Jadeja2 (2)
RP Singh0 (0)
Dale Steyn3-0-25-2
Johan Botha4-0-16-3

Peter: "Can't play pace, can't play spin. If this is the new generation of Indian batting, I don't want it. Bring back Tendulkar, Dravid, Laxman and Ganguly!"

Steyn to Jadeja, 1 run
full delivery, driven to deep cover region for a single
Steyn to Khan, OUT
Zaheer holes out to AB at long-on. It was full, not yorker length, and Zaheer got under the ball and lofted it high but couldn't clear AB. And then they were two.
Z Khan c de Villiers b Steyn 4 (1m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 133.33
Steyn to Khan, 2 runs
full pitched, not quite a yorker this time, sliced off the outer edge to deep backward point region
Steyn to Khan, 2 runs
Smith fails to run out Zaheer. yorker again, dug out towards cover and they scamper across. Smith with the throw but misses the stumps at the non-striker's end. And they turn back for another run
Steyn to Yuvraj Singh, OUT
Big wicket. It was a similar delivery to the previous one; another yorker length delivery outside off stump, Yuvraj tries to square drive initially, gets the bat down in a hurry in the end to jab it away and it deflected to Boucher who dived to his left to take it. The bowler appeals for a catch. Bowden is not sure and goes upstairs. The ball bounced just before the bat hit the ground and the ball took the edge to Boucher, who took it cleanly. The verdict is out.
Yuvraj Singh c †Boucher b Steyn 25 (47m 25b 1x4 1x6) SR: 100.00
Steyn to Yuvraj Singh, no run
yorker length outside off stump, Yuvraj raises his bat to go for the big drive but allows it pass through to Boucher. PErhaps, he was thinking it might go for a wide but it wasn't that wide.
end of over 186 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 106/6CRR: 5.88 • RRR: 12.50
Yuvraj Singh25 (23)
Ravindra Jadeja1 (1)
Johan Botha4-0-16-3
Morne Morkel4-0-23-0
Botha to Yuvraj Singh, 1 run
lovely loopy delivery on the middle has Yuvraj lunging out to stab it to point region. He retains the strike.
Botha to Yuvraj Singh, 2 runs
and now drifts to the pads, swept away for couple of runs.
Botha to Yuvraj Singh, 2 runs
Botha keeps bowling those full tosses here! Yuvraj swats it to deep midwicket region
Botha to Jadeja, 1 run
on the leg stump line, on driven for a single
Botha to Harbhajan Singh, OUT
Botha takes out Harbhajan with another full dipping toss. Harbhajan swung it straight to midwicket
Harbhajan Singh c de Villiers b Botha 14 (18m 15b 1x4 1x6) SR: 93.33
Botha to Harbhajan Singh, no run
low dipping full toss outside off stump, Harbhajan goes for the slog sweep but misses it and the ball rolls to the on side .. Yuvraj wants a single but Dhoni says no.

Harbhajan was hit on the right heel in the last ball and is in pain. The physio is out there. Play held up. And he will now get a runner. Dhoni strides out and has a chat with Yuvraj. Now he has a talk with Harbhajan

end of over 1710 runs
INDIA: 100/5CRR: 5.88 • RRR: 10.33
Harbhajan Singh14 (13)
Yuvraj Singh20 (20)
Morne Morkel4-0-23-0
Roelof van der Merwe4-0-13-1
M Morkel to Harbhajan Singh, 1 run
shuffles to the off side, tries to paddle sweep but is struck on the pad. The ball rolls to the on side.
M Morkel to Harbhajan Singh, no run
moves outside leg, tries to heave it over midwicket but the ball bounces over the stumps to Boucher.
M Morkel to Harbhajan Singh, no run
fires it in full around leg stump, Harbhajan tries to swing it to the on side, misses and it rolls to left of Boucher. Harbhajan wanted a single but Yuvraj sends him back
M Morkel to Harbhajan Singh, SIX runs
Wallop! Harbhajan Singh moved down the track and towards the leg side and thrashed the slower length delivery over long-on boundary. The Indian section in the crowd clear their throat.
M Morkel to Yuvraj Singh, 1 leg bye
145.2 bouncer and Yuvraj goes for the pull, perhaps too early on this slow track and is hit on the left shoulder