Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Utseya: "It is disappointing. We had a good start but we didn't play well in the middle. Inexperience ... If you see in both the warm-up games we didn't have a good start. The guys in the middle were not used to a good start! There is potential no doubt. But some guys have to mature as cricketers."

Vettori: "We fought back well in the middle stages. Nathan and Scott Styris. We knew it would be a difficult track to bat with Zimbabwe having so many spinners and we did well to come back in the middle overs. We have played the same team in both games. "

Man of the Match is Nathan McCullum: "Another spinner-friendly surface. Its going to be different wickets further up in the country. hopefully we can continue to do well."

That's it from us. See you for the next game.

12.48 pm Er ... the game is over! New Zealand have won. They have just called it off. Perhaps the outfield was still wet and they wanted to get it ready for the next game. No official explanation yet. The players were waiting near the boundary line, seemingly waiting to get on to the field to play. After a while they got the word from the officials and shook hands with each other and have walked off.

12.40 pm New Target: Now we hear that it's a 10-over game. And the target is 40 runs. So, 4 runs from 11 deliveries.

Macker: "i'm almost surprised the duckworth lewis calculations didn't throw up a score of 150 to win for NZ from 11 overs, such is the farce of this rain affected situation. lets hope that some form of duckworth lewis method isn't used in the footie world cup. would hate to think of brazil going out on less shots on target in the first 10 mins v lichtenstein III XI."

12.25 pm: The game wil resume at 12.40 pm and it will be reduced to11 overs. Target is 45 from 11 overs. So another nine needed.

12:15 pm As quickly as it comes it goes...the rain has now stopped and the groundstaff are out there. The Par score is 29 and New Zealand are ahead.

11.50 am: Gnasher's view from the ground doesn't sound's still raining heavily so it seems unlikely we will get more play in this match but stay tuned for updates.

And Gopal pings us with this stat: "McCullum apart from scoring 1000 runs in T20I also became the first batsman to hit 100 fours."

11.23 am: Rain stops play. Aargh! The covers come on. New Zealand ahead on the D/L method.

Lamb to BB McCullum, 1 run, presses back to swat it towards deep midwicket

Prasanna Jayakumar: "Brendon mccullum becomes first man to score 1000 T20I runs. You missed it in the commentary." ah!

8 | 3 Runs | NZ: 35/1 | RR: 4.37

  • Martin Guptill6 (12b)
  • Brendon McCullum21 (25b)
  • Ray Price4-0-14-0
  • Prosper Utseya4-1-21-1
Price to Guptill, no run, on the middle and leg, defended to the on side
Price to Guptill, no run, stays back to defend to short midwicket