Player of the Match
Player of the Match

5 | 6 Runs | ZIM: 29/1 (15 runs required, RR: 5.80)

  • Brendan Taylor11 (11b)
  • Tatenda Taibu12 (13b)
  • Suraj Randiv1-0-6-0
  • Sanath Jayasuriya1-0-8-0

Five overs completed, so this game has a result now. As of now, Sri Lanka are ahead. Zim's par score was 43 at this stage.

12:36pm Rain stops play again and just in time too, for five overs are completed now. If play does not resume, and I must say it looks unlikely, Sri Lanka will have two points. Stay tuned for updates.

Given the conditions, I can't believe Sanga risked an over of Malinga. They just about got in the five overs in the nick of time. That said, Zimbabwe were within hitting distance of the five-over target and Malinga bowled a pretty accurate over.

Also, very unimpressive stuff from Zimbabwe. 100 odd off 10 requires some power-hitting, all the more when there is a chance of an early finish. They should have gone hammer and tongs at this target, and not milked it like the middle overs of an ODI.. which is what they did. A couple of violent blows and they could have well been on top.

Another interesting observation. If that lbw off the penultimate ball had been given, or if the run out had been completed, the match could have well been interrupted before the completion of the 5th over - the skies opened up at that exact instance, and it is possible that the next batsman would not have been able to take guard on time. Not losing a wicket to that ball has possibly cost Zimbabwe a crucial point. Sri Lanka will be relieved the lbw was not given.. Hindsight is always 20-20 in Twenty20!

12:54pm Rain has stopped. The ground-staff are mopping up the outfield. Stay tuned for more - it is possibly curtains for this game already, since England are warming up on the outfield. They are slated to play West Indies in the second game of the day.

12:59pm Sri Lanka have won the game by 14 runs, by the Duckworth/Lewis method. So that's the end of this game, and Zimbabwe should be kicking themselves for not going harder in the five overs of play that was possible. The par score was 43, as Shaun Pollock would tell you, you need to be one above that for a win. Zim finished at 29, leaving them 14 short of the par score.

Runs.. Rains.. Ruins.. Runs from Mahela's bat, an innings of the highest quality. Even the rain gods relented and let him finish his business before beginning their's. Then came the rains, leaving Sri Lanka anxious for a while, but there was just enough time for them to slip in five overs and quietly wrap up the win. Ruins then for Zimbabwe, and they largely have themselves to blame for not making a run for the back door.

That's it from us then. No signs of the presentation - most likely will be held indoors since the next game must begin on time. No prizes for guessing that Mahela Jayawardene will be adjudged Man of the Match at some point in time.

Do tune in for the next game. This is Nitin Sundar signing off our coverage for this match. Goodbye!

Randiv to Taylor, 1 run, turned off the back foot past square leg.
Randiv to Taylor, no run, lots of action at no avail! Misses the sweep, and the lbw call is negated and the batman almost runs himself out. Bowler does not collect the throw cleanly though he breaks the stumps
Randiv to Taibu, 1 run,

It is beginning to rain again.

Randiv to Taylor, 1 run, short of a length from round the sticks, played away to the off side
Randiv to Taibu, 1 run, very short and attempted pull is not timed too well. Single to the leg side

The target is 104.

Randiv to Taibu, 2 runs, flicked away to the leg side for a couple.
  • A Twenty20 hundred for the purists

    Before this tournament started there were two Twenty20 international hundreds. In the last 48 hours that tally has been doubled and Mahela Jayawardene's even 100 will rank among the finest innings played in the format

  • Jayawardene ton floors Zimbabwe

    Sri Lanka won on the Duckworth-Lewis method as Zimbabwe only reached 29 for 1 in five overs instead of the required 43 for 1.

  • Sri Lanka seek to avoid early exit

    With Afghanistan, Ireland and Bangladesh unable to produce an upset in their opening World Twenty20 matches it is now down to Zimbabwe to shake up the established order

  • Zimbabwe coach looks to spin

    Alan Butcher, the Zimbabwe coach, has backed his team's strength in spin bowling to cause Sri Lanka problems when the two teams meet at Providence on Monday

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