15th Match, Bridgetown, May 7 2010, Group F, ICC World Twenty20
(17.4/20 ov, target 185)
Australia won by 49 runs
Player Of The Match
INDIA Innings
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India have been completely outplayed today, with Rohit Sharma and Harbhajan Singh being their only saving grace. We'll get you the presentation details in a bit.

Dhoni: "It started with a couple of overs that went for 40-odd runs. Watson and Warner batted very well and took the game away from us. We did well in the end to restrict them to 180. Most of the teams bowl short to us. Maybe we can leave the deliveries initially. It's important to win the two remaining games, and the run-rate will take care of itself."

Clarke: "We continued the momentum after the openers gave us a good start. These conditions helped our fast bowlers a lot more. Our plan worked today, we'll continue to adapt to different teams we play. You've got to continue to win in this tournament."

Warner is the Man of the Match

Warner: "We started it out from the beginning, and there were some big shots. We were 160 in the 16th over, but we felt what we got was enough with the pace on the wicket. There was some bounce and carry, and even Smith got a bit of turn."

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Tait to Nehra, OUT
no he can't, a yorker that was much too good for him crashes into the base of middle stump, Australia win by 49 runs, a massive margin in Twenty20s, no doubting who the favourites for the title are now
A Nehra b Tait 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
Tait to Sharma, 1 run
worked away towards fine leg for a single, can the No. 11 survive the two deliveries of this over?
Tait to Sharma, 1 wide
fast and wide down the leg side
Tait to Khan, OUT
Zaheer's gone this time, short ball does the job, looks for a cross-batted hit, only top-edges it towards mid-off
Z Khan c Clarke b Tait 9 (6m 6b 0x4 1x6) SR: 150.00
Tait to Sharma, 1 run
a yorker on middle, punched back towards the bowler, just past Tait, single taken off a ricochet off throw at non-striker's end
end of over 1715 runs
INDIA: 132/8CRR: 7.76 • RRR: 17.66 • Need 53 runs from 18b
Rohit Sharma77 (44)
Zaheer Khan9 (5)
Dirk Nannes4-0-25-3
Steven Smith4-0-34-1
Nannes to Sharma, 1 run
this time he connects with a similar stroke, gets t away to midwicket for a single to retain strike
Nannes to Sharma, no run
shortish ball angling across the batsman, Rohit looks to swipe it to midwicket but doesn't connect
Nannes to Sharma, SIX runs
correction, this is the best shot of the over, overpitched by Nannes, Rohit clobbers it over long-on for a big six, Sharma has raced to 76
Nannes to Sharma, 2 runs
best shot of the over, backing away and carves the back of length ball between backward point and cover
Nannes to Sharma, FOUR runs
another unconvincing shot, down the track and looking to slog towards long-on, but outside edge past keeper for four
Nannes to Sharma, 2 runs
full and wide, Rohit doesn't hit it as well as he would have liked, luckily for him mid-off was in the circle, ball clears him
end of over 1610 runs
INDIA: 117/8CRR: 7.31 • RRR: 17.00 • Need 68 runs from 24b
Zaheer Khan9 (5)
Rohit Sharma62 (38)
Steven Smith4-0-34-1
Shane Watson3-0-31-1
Smith to Khan, no run
played with soft hands towards cover, wants the single but is sent back by Rohit
Smith to Sharma, 1 run
well outside off, Rohit reaches across to tap it towards sweeper cover
Smith to Khan, 1 run
driven firmly down to long-on for a single