17th Match, Group E, ICC World Twenty20 at Bridgetown, May 8 2010
(20 ov, target 134)
New Zealand won by 1 run
Player Of The Match
New Zealand
PAK Innings
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end of over 209 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 132/7CRR: 6.6 
Salman Butt67 (54)
Ian Butler4-1-19-3
Kyle Mills4-0-33-2

Definitely deserved, that Man-of-the-Match award. Thanks for joining us for this thrilling match. Do hop over to the other tab for the second match of the day. Okay bye


Ian Butler, the MoM: "We just hung in there, and thankfully it went our way. One of the biggest games I have played for New Zealand."

Daniel Vettori: We kept ourselves in with a spirited bowling performance. We kept attacking, the bowling changes worked, and it worked for us. It was always going to be tough work against the quality of Pakistan spinners, and we knew once we got to 133 we were in."

Shahid Afridi: "A great game of cricket, we all enjoyed. Salman Butt played a mature innings, New Zealand bowlers bowled really well. So did rehman, Hafeez and Ajmal."

what a finish. Just what this tournament needed. New Zealand were so spirited in the defence. Spare a thought for Salman Butt, who hit two boundaries in the last over, despite his limitation against the short ball, which earner New Zealand two dot balls in the last over. And what a choice to bring in Mills, Butler, Rehman and Sami for this game: between them they took nine wickets, and Butt took the decisive one. Hold on for the presentation ceremony. And oh by the way, exciting news for cricket fans in the USA - the first ever Twenty20 internationals on American soil will take place in Florida on May 20, 22 and 23rd when Sri Lanka will play New Zealand in three Twenty20 matches. For full details and ticketing information. Click here

Butler to Abdur Rehman, OUT
no we won't! Rehman gets a dream ball, length ball, angled into the pads, and he lofts it into the leg side. They run for dear life, but it has carried to deep square leg for a simple catch
Abdur Rehman c Guptill b Butler 2 (14m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66

Two off one required. Water bottle comes out. Gould sends him back. Third man, fine leg back. Five men in the circle. Will we have a tie?

Butler to Salman Butt, 1 bye
yorker, yorker, beats him as he makes room, Rehman steals a bye, Hopkins is late in going for the throw, and even though he hits the stumps direct, Rehman is in. Cheekily, after it has been referred to the third umpire, he is looking for the overthrow. Not on, sir. The ball is dead already
Butler to Salman Butt, FOUR runs
and Butt strikes back! charges down the pitch and cuts this short ball over point. He got the room here. Styris gives in a spirited chase from sweeper-cover, and the ball spins away from him upon bouncing. What a game
Butler to Salman Butt, no run
quick short ball, extra bounce, angling in, 135ks, no room, Butt is beaten, gets a stare from Butt
Butler to Salman Butt, FOUR runs
and Butt comes back! Length ball, and he knows third man is up and he deliberately plays it with an open face. Top shot, what a finish here
Butler to Salman Butt, no run
bouncer, and he makes room and misses. Not even high enough to be one for the over

Eleven required now. New Zealand scored 11 off their last over. Butler to bowl now. What a finish. Third man and fine leg both in. Goes round the wicket

end of over 1911 runs
PAK: 123/6CRR: 6.47 • RRR: 11.00
Salman Butt59 (49)
Abdur Rehman2 (2)
Kyle Mills4-0-33-2
Nathan McCullum4-0-19-1
Mills to Salman Butt, 1 run
pulled down the ground, Butt retains strike for the last over
Mills to Abdur Rehman, 1 run
worked away off the pads, gets Butt back on the strike
Mills to Salman Butt, 1 run
mis-hit, top half of the bat as he swings at this short ball, but it bounces in front of long-off
Mills to Abdur Rehman, 1 run
tips and runs, Styris is quick as flash at cover, swoops and flicks at the stumps even while diving, and he misses by inches. Would have got him had he hit

Rocky is on another plane right now: "What is the point of holding the women's worldcup parallel to the men's worldcup in the same country.Ofcourse you are selling the same product to the same audience.Is this really gonna promote women's cricket??"

Mills to Salman Butt, 1 run
short ball, pulled down the ground to long-on

16 from 11 now. Pakistan right back

Mills to Salman Butt, SIX runs
Butt is playing a special knock here! Slower ball, picks it early, gets on a knee, and almost caresses it over wide long-off. Lovely timing

Mills and Butler, the bowling stars today, have an over each left. Mills will bowl the 19th

end of over 184 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 112/6CRR: 6.22 • RRR: 11.00
Salman Butt50 (45)
Abdur Rehman0 (0)
Nathan McCullum4-0-19-1
Shane Bond4-0-28-1
NL McCullum to Salman Butt, 1 run
Butt meanwhile gets to a calm fifty, pushing this to long-on. he now has to see Pakistan through

Rehman the new man, but Butt on strike

NL McCullum to Abdul Razzaq, OUT
and Nathan McCullum delivers the big wicket at a crucial juncture again! Shortish delivery, Razzaq pulls, but the extra bounce does him in, the top edge settles down Taylor's throat at the edge of the midwicket boundary
Abdul Razzaq c Taylor b NL McCullum 29 (24m 29b 1x4 3x6) SR: 100.00
NL McCullum to Abdul Razzaq, no run
close, close stumping! Razzaq slogs at a ball outside off, is beaten, his toe is on the line, but he has just slid a part of his foot back in time
NL McCullum to Salman Butt, 1 run
pushed down to long-off for one
NL McCullum to Abdul Razzaq, 1 run
cut to extra cover and they sneak a sharp single
NL McCullum to Salman Butt, 1 run
punched to sweeper-cover for one

26 off 18 now

end of over 177 runs
PAK: 108/5CRR: 6.35 • RRR: 8.66
Abdul Razzaq28 (26)
Salman Butt47 (42)
Shane Bond4-0-28-1
Nathan McCullum3-0-15-0
Bond to Abdul Razzaq, SIX runs
Razzaq is making a mockery of trends here! All over he has looked like an incompetent batsman, but makes supreme connection with this short ball, and launches it over long-on, and out of the Kensington Oval
Bond to Abdul Razzaq, no run
quicker short ball, Razzaq backs away again, and is beaten on the attempted cut
Bond to Abdul Razzaq, no run
another slower bouncer, and even as he is ducking he tries a swish at it. Top over so far
Bond to Abdul Razzaq, no run
slower short ball, Razzaq backs away and is beaten on the pull. Hopkins doing well here, both of these bounced in front of him but he has his body behind it
Bond to Abdul Razzaq, no run
slower balls, beats his attempted straight loft
Bond to Salman Butt, 1 run
dabs it down to third man for one

Bond to finish off

end of over 167 runs
PAK: 101/5CRR: 6.31 • RRR: 8.25
Salman Butt46 (41)
Abdul Razzaq22 (21)
Nathan McCullum3-0-15-0
Daniel Vettori4-0-31-0
NL McCullum to Salman Butt, 1 run
flighted delivery, pushed down to long-off