1st Semi-Final, Gros Islet, May 13 2010, ICC World Twenty20
(16/20 ov, target 129)
England won by 7 wickets (with 24 balls remaining)
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ENG Innings
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end of over 1612 runs
ENG: 132/3CRR: 8.25 
Kevin Pietersen42 (26)
Eoin Morgan2 (2)
Lasith Malinga4-0-33-1
Thisara Perera2-0-19-2

Apart from the first ball, when Bresnan dished up a freebie to Jayawardene, England have been on top for the whole game. They look a fit, professional, confident outfit, and whoever they meet in the finals will have their work cut out for them.

Sri Lanka have had some shining moments in this tournament, most of them courtesy of Jayawardene, who took his tournament run-tally past 300 in this game. The shaky middle order looked to have hit its stride in their last game against India, but - Mathews apart - they struggled today. One doesn't want to jump the gun, but after 15 runs in six innings and just one wicket in the tournament, Jayasuriya may have played his last game for Sri Lanka today.

Kumar Sangakkara: "I don't think it was anything to do with luck. Unfortunately we didn't start too well, losing three wickets in the first six. Everyone has been hitting the ball well, but we didn't make the most of our opportunities. 150 would have been a good total."

Sangakkara singles out Jayawardene, Malinga and Mathews for praise in the tournament, adding: "we've had a great run, but today is a day we won't want to remember. We need to do a lot of work but it was a credible performance to get this far. I think England have a great chance in the final, they have good balance and good depth in the team."

Paul Collingwood: "Full credit goes to the bowlers, who went out there and adapted to the conditions on a slow wicket. I'm delighted with how they performed today. The guys have really been preparing well, analysing the opposition, and seeing where we can take wickets."

"I think everybody would love to see an England-Australia final, but we've got to give Pakistan a lot of respect as well and we'll be watching the match with interest tomorrow."

Stuart Broad gets the Man of the Match award for his spell of 2 for 21, including the vital wicket of Jayawardene. "We're just adapting to the conditions, and luckily we're executing our plans when we get out onto the pitch," he says. "I'm not bothered not taking the new ball, I'm really happy with my role in the side, it's my job to come on and try and take a wicket before the first six overs are up."

"It's always easy when you're winning, but everyone's enjoying each other's success, and we'll hope to take that into the final."

Sahil Dutta and Liam Brickhill have been your commentary team today, thanks for joining us. Andrew Miller has been on bulletin duty, and his latest offering is up for your perusal. Don't forget that the women's semi-final between Australia and India is still coming up tonight, so do stick with us for that.

Malinga to Pietersen, FOUR runs
and there's the game, Pietersen drives down to long on, beating the mid on fielder with ease, and England are in the finals of the World Twenty20!
Malinga to Pietersen, SIX runs
what a shot, flicked with ease by Pietersen in the air over wide long on. He hardly seemed to hit it, but the ball just kept on going. Everything was right about that shot, the position of the feet, the weight distribution, and he just hit cleanly through the ball.
Malinga to Morgan, 1 run
another good yorker from Malinga, but Morgan opens the face a touch as he digs it out, and they pick up a single square of the wicket on the off side
Malinga to Pietersen, 1 run
knee-high full toss from Malinga, and Pietersen clips out to square leg. They amble through for a walked single
Malinga to Pietersen, no run
Pietersen uses his feet, coming out to whip the ball to midwicket, but he hits it straight to the fielder. No run
Malinga to Pietersen, no run
he's not given up yet, steaming in to fire in a pinpoint yorker. Pietersen jams his bat down in time though

Malinga bowls what could be Sri Lanka's last over at the World Twenty20

end of over 157 runs • 1 wicket
ENG: 120/3CRR: 8 • RRR: 1.80 • Need 9 runs from 30b
Kevin Pietersen31 (21)
Eoin Morgan1 (1)
Thisara Perera2-0-19-2
Ajantha Mendis4-0-19-0
Perera to Pietersen, 1 run
Perera aims for the yorker, but Pietersen stays deep in the crease to work the ball out to midwicket to keep the strike. Single figures needed now
Perera to Morgan, 1 run
too short, too wide, and Morgan nudges calmly out on the off side to get off the mark. No fielders in, no effort to create pressure
Perera to Pietersen, 1 run
Pietersen walks down and slaps the ball down to long on for one
Perera to Pietersen, no run
Perera tightens up with an off stump line, which Pietersen defends down a little awkwardly
Perera to Pietersen, FOUR runs
Pietersen, utterly unfazed, takes full toll of a short, wide long hop, cutting hard behind point and finding perfect placement to beat the field
Perera to Collingwood, OUT
Collingwood falls, but that's probably come too late for Sri Lanka. He was looking for the big shot on the leg side, but the bottom hand came through just a little too strongly as he swished across the line. A top edge sent the ball straight up in the air, and Sangakkara behind the stumps called for it
PD Collingwood c †Sangakkara b Perera 10 (14m 13b 0x4 0x6) SR: 76.92
end of over 144 runs
ENG: 113/2CRR: 8.07 • RRR: 2.66 • Need 16 runs from 36b
Kevin Pietersen25 (17)
Paul Collingwood10 (12)
Ajantha Mendis4-0-19-0
Lasith Malinga3-0-21-1
Mendis to Pietersen, no run
Pietersen looks for the single to the cover sweeper, but finds point
Mendis to Collingwood, 1 run
full and driven, the fielder at extra covers makes an attempt to cut it off but can't get a hand to it. Long off cleans up, and they run another
Mendis to Collingwood, no run
full and ripping away just a touch. Collingwood comes forward to defend
Mendis to Pietersen, 1 run
Mendis to Collingwood, 1 run
length, chopped out on the off side for another single. No pressure at all, singles on off all round the ground

Sri Lanka have looked flat in the field, and not at all attacking in their field placings

Mendis to Pietersen, 1 run
Pietersen hangs back in his crease and drops the ball out to point for a sprinted single. One more!
end of over 1311 runs
ENG: 109/2CRR: 8.38 • RRR: 2.85 • Need 20 runs from 42b
Paul Collingwood8 (9)
Kevin Pietersen23 (14)
Lasith Malinga3-0-21-1
Ajantha Mendis3-0-15-0
Malinga to Collingwood, 2 runs
Malinga goes fuller, but strays onto Collingwood's legs and is tucked neatly out wide of deep midwicket, two more to the England scorecard
Malinga to Pietersen, 1 run
short again, and once again Pietersen muscles a pull. The ball ends up infront of square this time, and there's a fielder there to cut it off
Malinga to Pietersen, FOUR runs
bouncer from Malinga, but that never really got up and Pietersen stood up tall to pull strongly behind square and the ball races away for four more
Malinga to Collingwood, 1 run
back of a length again from Malinga, Collingwood sways back to guide it down to fine leg

England fans are dancing in the stands, they know their team is right on top

Malinga to Pietersen, 1 run
slower cutter this time, Pietersen looked to be too early into the bottom-handed chip down the ground, but there's no fielder anywhere close, and they get another easy single down the ground.