Player of the Match
Player of the Match

So India's proud record of not winning Super Eight match since the inception of the IPL remains untarnished. That's all we have from tonight, folks. Just an update on net run-rate: Australia have gone +2.506, and India -2.506. That almost rules out progression based on net run-rate. Remember India play the last game of the Group, so if it does come to it, India will know what exactly to do. That's a tough ask, though. Thanks for joining us. Wondering who is ever going to stop Watson in this tournament, this is Sidharth Monga signing off. Cheers

Presentation "We need to analyse what really happened," says MS Dhoni. "We got off to a good start, but lost quick wickets, and we were not in a good situation to cash in. We were 20 short. Rain came just at the wrong time. Just after the wicket was rolled. The wet ball is not good for spinners. It was like bowling in England. That was the main reason we lost. We need to give them credit for the way they batted, but the ball was not stopping as it did in the first innings. And everybody it went into the outfield, the ball got wet. No spinner told me the ball is not wet. It's important to look at what mistakes what we have committed, but it is also important to get it out of the system. we will try to do that, but it will still be there, in some corner of our heart"

"It was impressive performance," says George Bailey. "Set up by some good bowling. Patty was outstanding, the best we have seen him bowl in this tournament so far. We were probably behind the eight ball after six overs but we came back very well. The absolute beauty of those two openers is, that when they are on, there are no better hitters. I don't think rankings matter when you get to the World Cup. As good as this win is, we have to be up and ready for South Africa"

"The last couple of games have been pretty good," says Shane Watson. "It's nice when things come together like this. Probably batting is a bit more enjoyable, when it is two of you against 11 of the opposition. That's probably more satisfying, but enjoying being an allrounder."

Warner and Maxwell hug each other. This is a huge win. More than five overs to spare. Imagine what it'll do to the run-rate situation. This is a good old-fashioned thrashing. Dhoni has got to be frustrated, although he is not showing it. There's a tweet going around, from Achettup: "India picked five bowlers, and used eight of them in less than 15 overs."

Australia enjoying it thoroughly. They have mauled India on a slow track after losing the toss. And before the start of the match, Australia were ranked No. 9 to India's No. 3

Watson is not quite the Kallis, but isn't he the Most Valuable Player in limited-overs cricket? Yet another emphatic performance from him: 3 for 34 with the ball and 72 off 42 with the bat. He has the most match awards, most wickets, most sixes, and is not far off most runs in this tournament

Ashwin to Maxwell, 1 run, fitting end to the match. Zaheer at cover dives on this like London Bridge falling down, and lets it through for four
Ashwin to Maxwell, no run, slower now, flighted on off, defended to leg
Ashwin to Maxwell, 2 runs, carrom ball, wide outside off, punched to sweeper-cover
Ashwin to Maxwell, no run, offbreak now, off and middle, defended back
Ashwin to Maxwell, no run, Ashwin finally gets an edge with a carrom ball, but it falls short of slip

Cruel TV cameras are trained on Sehwag in the bunker. Sehwag tries his best to not emote at all

14 | 14 Runs 1 Wkt | AUS: 138/1 (3 runs required from 36 balls, RR: 9.85, RRR: 0.50)

  • David Warner63 (41b)
  • Glenn Maxwell1 (1b)
  • Yuvraj Singh2-0-16-1
  • Rohit Sharma1-0-12-0
Yuvraj Singh to Warner, no run, India will at least bowl another over. Yuvraj ensures it with a quicker flatter delivery, which Warner punches straight to extra cover
Yuvraj Singh to Warner, FOUR runs, wide half-volley, slog-swept over midwicket. One shot away now
Yuvraj Singh to Maxwell, 1 run, flighted, full toss, driven to long-on

Glenn Maxwell to face now

Yuvraj Singh to Watson, OUT, Yuvraj gets a wicket. Short of a length, Watson punches it, straight to Tiwary at short extra cover. Good for Tiwary, who finally gets to enter the field, if only as a substitute, and takes a catch immediately

SR Watson c sub (MK Tiwary) b Yuvraj Singh 72 (55m 42b 2x4 7x6) SR: 171.42

Yuvraj Singh to Warner, 3 runs, that's insult to injury. Yuvraj gets another edge, past keeper, through vacant slip region
Yuvraj Singh to Warner, SIX runs, It might well be. He starts with a buffet full toss, and Warner has cleared deep midwicket with ease

Yuvraj to continue. Will this be the last over?

13 | 12 Runs | AUS: 124/0 (17 runs required from 42 balls, RR: 9.53, RRR: 2.42)

  • Shane Watson72 (41b)
  • David Warner50 (37b)
  • Rohit Sharma1-0-12-0
  • Yuvraj Singh1-0-2-0
Sharma to Watson, FOUR runs, full, on the pads, smacked away with a flick of the wrists, and it keeps travelling, beating deep midwicket
Sharma to Warner, 1 run, fifty for Warner too, with a punch down to long-off. He has heard a bit from Indian fielders, and is pretty satisfied with his effort. No Indian fielder near him now
Sharma to Watson, 1 run, Watson has missed out on a six. Full toss, on the pads, mis-hits the slog-sweep, gets just a single
Sharma to Warner, 3 runs, three more runs gifted by Chawla. Short of a length, on off, punched to extra cover, and it hits Chawla's hand and ricochets to wide of long-off
Sharma to Watson, 1 run, slog-sweeps this flat, and well short of deep midwicket

Australia looking to end this soon and get a big run-rate positive