Player of the Match
Player of the Match

6.12 pm So a very short match to kick us off, but no one can say it lacked excitement. We still have one more contest for you, Nepal v Hong Kong, which starts in about an hour's time. So do stay with us for that. From here, this is Alagappan Muthu sayonara

"The boys were up for the challenge and they've been doing well in the practice matches as well," says Mushfiqur Rahim. They misread the wicket, probably a 120-130 wicket and since we picked a few early wickets it helped us. It was spinning a bit and we kept things tight and kept getting wickets. Mashrafe and Tamim are the champions in our side and it's great to have them. I'm completely okay [in reference to his injury off the last ball of the first innings]"

"That was the plan, why we put Gulbadin at No.3. To get a few quick runs, " says Mohammad Nabi, "Its the first match of the tournament. We were under pressure on a spinning track and Shakib and Razzak did well. It's a turning track and the spinners were able to put us under a lot of pressure. We'll hope to put up a better performance in the next games"

"There is obviously spin there and we put the ball in the right areas and that did the trick," says Shakib Al Hasan, who is the Man of the Match, "Usually it's a good track but today it was different. I'd love getting these wickets everyday in my life. I thought our fast bowlers started off well and the first ball wicket gave us the momentum and that was the crucial thing for us. Great way to start the campaign"

6.00 pm So, no surprises in the first match of the World T20. Bangladesh were quite simply dominant today, their spinners taking advantage of the help on the pitch and their batsman playing a lot more intelligently. A straight-forward nine-wicket win for the hosts

"Dawlat walked passed Shakib, Shakib followed him to give him an extra stare. Shakib had just been hit by a bouncer, he should be just walking away, not trying to incite the fast bowler. Fast bowler was right not to let the batsman have the last word." What's wrong with a stare, Tim?

Hamza Khan: "@rakib Most of those wins came after it took about 12 years for Bangladesh to establish themselves on the International scene. Afghanistan must have the same patience in order to become a test playing nation because I'm sure they have the potential."

Samiullah Shinwari to Anamul Haque, SIX runs, seals it with a six and then screams his lungs out! This was tossed up on middle and leg and he charged down the track and swats it over the long-on boundary. Scythes the air with his bat in furious delight
Aftab Alam to Anamul Haque, FOUR runs, makes room and smashes it over the gap at extra cover! Solid stroke! Opened the face on impact and he's muscled it away. Not too happy with the execution though as he shadow practices it. Think he wanted to hit that over the ropes
Aftab Alam to Anamul Haque, FOUR runs, lengthon leg stump again. Anamul picks it away to the left of short fine leg.
Aftab Alam to Anamul Haque, FOUR runs, full toss on leg stump and Anamul has helped it to the fine leg boundary. Very little effort needed to capitalise on those kind of balls

"Great work Dawlat. Well within his rights to give Shakib a stare there as the batsman clearly said something. Should have followed it up with another bouncer though. Really intimidate him with another at the badge. At 144km/h he's a real danger." You sure, Tim? I only spotted Dawlat going after Shakib

Samiullah Shinwari to Shakib Al Hasan, FOUR runs, slogged away to the deep midwicket boundary. Comes down the track and took this from outside off. Went more off the bottom, inside half of the bat but he had struck it well enough to beat the fielder in the deep

Mafaz Mohideen: "@rakib: Seriously? Bangladesh, although prematurely awarded test-status, should put their head down and try to make any impact, any impact, with consistent wins...instead of once in a blue moon flukes."

Samiullah Shinwari to Tamim Iqbal, OUT, that's the first pin down, Tamim stretched forward to defend but he was playing down the wrong line. This grips the pitch and turns a touch to strike him low on the front pad in front of middle. Think that might have clipped leg

Tamim Iqbal lbw b Samiullah Shinwari 21 (27b 2x4 0x6) SR: 77.77

Dawlat Zadran to Tamim Iqbal, FOUR runs, 143kph, continues bowling short and Tamim has punished him. Goes back and pulls well in front of square. No worries about the extra pace for him
Karim Sadiq to Anamul Haque, SIX runs, charges down the track and smashes him over long-on. The fielder goes back and leaps as far as he could, but it evades his outstretched hand
Karim Sadiq to Anamul Haque, FOUR runs, short ball and he's played it with the turn and helped it along to the fine leg boundary. Too flat and the line was taking the ball down leg as well. Pulled past the man inside the circle
Mohammad Nabi to Anamul Haque, SIX runs, too much flight on this as he gets under this one and sends it over the long-on boundary. Full swing of the arms and he hit it straight
Karim Sadiq to Tamim Iqbal, no run, big outside edge and the keeper's dropped it. Flatter and fuller just outside off and he goes back to cut again. Thick outside edge is shelled
Shapoor Zadran to Tamim Iqbal, FOUR runs, comes down the track and carves this through cover. Reached almost to the pitch of it and has flayed this fuller ball with a bit of width

Quick dash


Overs Bangladesh have taken to complete their fastest successful chase. This was against Kenya, in 2007



Tamim Iqbal's score when he was dropped by the wicketkeeper in the 4th over

Bangladesh in T20s


Number of wins in 34 matches for Bangladesh

A new high


The victory margin of 9 wickets is Bangladesh's best after fielding first

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