Player of the Match
Player of the Match

All right. That was one tense match. You could see that tension on Kohli's face, and in how he exulted after every shot that came off. He nearly hurt Raina when he punched him after a four. The stat of the night is, Kohli faced just three dots. That is a champion batsman right there. So the final is set up. A repeat of the 50-over World Cup. India v Sri Lanka. Totally deserving finalists. A cracker this is going to be. Fun bringing this game to you. This is Sidharth Monga singing off. Cheers

"I thought we had batted excellently," says Faf du Plessis. "It was a very good score against a good attack on this wicket. Ash bowled really well. Credit to our batters to put up a good total. Runs on the board in the semi-final is what you ask for. The bad thing is, MS and his team know how to chase. They have done it many times. They pace their innings really well. Virat played a great innings. You have to credit. I thought we could have been better with the ball. The extras we conceded. If you have to win the World Cup, you have to get those one per-centers right. Unfortunately tonight, you can expect about five wides under pressure, but nine is too much. An up-and-down campaign for us. Our guys fought brilliantly, but India deserve to be in the final."

"There was a sense of calm in the dressing room when we went out to bat," says MS Dhoni. "Most of the thoughts were positive. Everybody saw that the wicket was better than those we have played on, and they believed they could chase this down. It is not just the self-belief, but the belief in each other that is crucial. There are not many who are as consistent as Virat. It is great to have him at No. 3. He grabs his opportunities. Something everyone needs to learn from him. Ashwin was brilliant. We kept him back for AB. We didn't want to give him pace. The least I could offer Virat was the winning shot so I played out the last ball of the 19th over without a run."

And Kohli talks a good game. Doesn't try to hide his emption. Doesn't try to hide how he works the game out. How honest to admit he was wary of Steyn bowling the last over. How educational to always thick of runs and overs to go. "Hundred in 10 overs sounds easier than 100 off 60 balls."

"Today was one of those days when I had to keep my cool," says Virat Kohli, the Man of the Match. "Against a world-class attack, with boundaries not coming, it wasn't coming. In Twenty20, I look at target in number of runs and overs to go, not runs and balls to go. Overs make it looks easier. I had to keep telling myself that I could make up later. I told Raina let's try to finish in the 19th over. We don't want to give Dale eight runs to defend in the final over. He can bowl six good yorkers. I wasn't feeling too good before this game, had some body weakness, so it is good to go out and let it all out (with that celebration)."

Oh what a finish. Virat Kohli does it again. South Africa wanted to take it deep, but Kohli calculated this chase perfectly, and took the odd risk at the right time. This is Kohli's time. He is making the most of it. Yuvraj Singh jumps out of the dugout, hugs Kohli, lifts him up in his arms. Kohli has to be one of the three best batsmen in the world today

India have never lost a semi-final under Dhoni. They win another. South Africa have now lost 10 of their 11 semi-finals. Were they too passive? Opening with Wayne Parnell. Not trying to take Kohli out early by bringing Steyn back on? Bowling Parnell to Raina when he just came in? They will look back at these moves and have sleepless nights

Steyn to Kohli, FOUR runs, Kohli finishes it off. And he lets out a roar. What a knock under high pressure. What a chaser he is. This is like Yuvraj finishing that quarter-finals chase off against Australia. What release of pressure. He has soaked it all in, and ends it with a flick past midwicket

Srinivas Goud: ".... and Dhoni makes sure the chase goes into last over :)"

19 | 9 Runs 1 Wkt | INDIA: 172/4 (1 run required from 6 balls, RR: 9.05, RRR: 1.00)

  • MS Dhoni0 (1b)
  • Virat Kohli68 (43b)
  • Beuran Hendricks4-0-31-2
  • Dale Steyn3-0-32-0
Hendricks to Dhoni, no run, slower short ball, Dhoni stand still, and leaves it for Kohli to finish with a defensive shot off the last ball
Hendricks to Kohli, 1 run, slower bouncer, Kohli shimmies down and pulls this to deep midwicket for one
Hendricks to Kohli, FOUR runs, and India don't even need Kohli. Short, waist high, poor bowling really at that pace. Pulled away for four through square leg

In comes MS Dhoni. If South Africa had any hopes going up with that wicket, they would have been crushed by the sight of the man coming in

Hendricks to Raina, OUT, Raina doesn't complete the job, but he has played his part. Short of a length, outside off, a nothing shot as he tries to clear mid-off, and ends up lobbing it to the man

SK Raina c du Plessis b Hendricks 21 (15m 10b 3x4 1x6) SR: 210.00

Hendricks to Raina, no run, slower bouncer, outside off, Raina doesn't want to have anything to do with it

South Africa kissing goodbye to their 10th semi-final. They have won only one in 10 tries before today

Hendricks to Raina, FOUR runs, short of a length, angling in, Raina gets inside the line, pulls it down, beats short fine leg

Chasing was supposed to have become difficult. South Africa had never lost after posting 166 or more. All that is about to change. Can South Africa find some magic here to prevent it?

18 | 13 Runs | INDIA: 163/3 (10 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 9.05, RRR: 5.00)

  • Virat Kohli63 (41b)
  • Suresh Raina17 (7b)
  • Dale Steyn3-0-32-0
  • Wayne Parnell3-0-33-1
Steyn to Kohli, FOUR runs, this game is all over now. He shimmies down the wicket, gets inside and under a shortish delivery, and goes over point for four. This is some innings from Kohli
Steyn to Kohli, 2 runs, short of a length, angling in, pushed towards deep midwicket, Kohli puts pressure for the second, Amla misfields running in
Steyn to Kohli, no run, lovely outswinger, just outside off, Kohli looks to drive to cover, but is beaten by the movement away
Steyn to Kohli, FOUR runs, what wrists there from Kohli. How has he got that power with just a flick. On a length, middle and leg, and he has used that bottom hand to get this aerial shot wide of long-on. Kohli is pumped. Super pumped
Steyn to Raina, 1 run, makes room to cut, gets a single to third man
Steyn to Kohli, 1 run, short of a length, flicked away to deep midwicket for one
Steyn to Kohli, 1 wide, and he starts with a wide. Is it getting to South Africa now? Down leg here

Steyn has to bowl this over

17 | 17 Runs | INDIA: 150/3 (23 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 8.82, RRR: 7.66)

  • Suresh Raina16 (6b)
  • Virat Kohli52 (36b)
  • Wayne Parnell3-0-33-1
  • Imran Tahir4-0-30-1
Parnell to Raina, no run, yorker, on off, Raina keeps it out, but you would feel they have had the one over they needed
Parnell to Raina, FOUR runs, that's 14 off edges in this over. Raina is carrying edges of god here. Makes room, clearly late on the full ball, gets the inside edge to the right of the keeper. Kohli doesn't mind how they are coming. He is super pumped
Parnell to Raina, FOUR runs, two edges in one over, and Raina gets 10 off them. Poor choices from Parnell, though. Slower bouncer, but too wide, and the edge goes fine of third man
Parnell to Raina, 2 runs, wide yorker, Raina plays this well. He quirts it to the left of third man, comes back for two
Parnell to Raina, SIX runs, short ball with fine leg up, and too soft a short ball. Only ribs high. Pulled away over short fine leg for six. This is a top edge, but has gone the distance
Parnell to Raina, 1 wide, this one is wide, though. Another slower ball. Too far outside off
Parnell to Raina, no run, bowls the slower short ball, Raina premeditates the move away from the stumps, leaves this alone. Looks for a wide call but this isn't

Back to 10 an over. In comes Raina. This could be to keep the right-left combination going. Parnell to bowl

16 | 11 Runs 1 Wkt | INDIA: 133/3 (40 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 8.31, RRR: 10.00)

  • Virat Kohli52 (36b)
  • Imran Tahir4-0-30-1
  • Dale Steyn2-0-19-0

Look at Donald on the sidelines. He is totally pumped

Imran Tahir to Yuvraj Singh, OUT, AB flies. Ab catches. Is there a twist still? Yuvraj gets too close to this one as he tries to go over long-off. Doesn't get the elevation. AB runs in and takes the catch with a dive

Yuvraj Singh c de Villiers b Imran Tahir 18 (24m 17b 2x4 0x6) SR: 105.88

Imran Tahir to Kohli, 1 run, googly, he picks it late, is outside the crease, and he dabs it for one
Imran Tahir to Kohli, SIX runs, Kohli gets to fifty in style. What a big innings this is turning out to be. Slogs this legbreak from outside off. They have had a deep midwicket for him, and he clears the field. He takes the risk, but backs himself enough
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Fantastic Kohli


Kohli's ave in chases in T20Is (excluding this match), averages 25.61 batting first

Run Machines


Number of fifties Kohli has scored in this World T20, equals the most. Stephan Myburgh has also got 3, from seven matches.

India's man for chases?


Yuvraj's average in chases, better than his ave of 30.27 when batting first. He has a strike rate of 140 in chases



Runs scored by India in the Powerplay - just one run short of the highest they have scored against SA



SA's economy in the Powerplays, worst among teams in this World T20, they concede a boundary of every four balls

Early blues


Ave runs conceded by SA in the first over in this World T20, most by any team

India's spin strength?


Spinners' economy against SA in the last five - their worst against any team in T20Is

Mishra's nerves


Runs conceded by Mishra in his second over, the most he has conceded

Weakest link?


Runs conceded by Jadeja from his 16 overs, most by a spinner in the league stage

A new day


The previous highest India had conceded in the Powerplays in this World T20, against Pakistan, SA have scored 38 already

Silent Hash


Amla's average in this World T20, is the third-highest run scorer with 163 runs



Runs conceded by Bhuvaneshwar Kumar from ten overs of Powerplay in this World T20, before today

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