Player of the Match
Player of the Match

The Sri Lanka team lifts the cup and the party begins....Well, that is all from the commentary team. There is a lot more of analysis to follow, so stay tuned.. The tournament was a treat and congratulations to Bangladesh on the successful organisation. Thanks for your comments and feedback. Until next time, it's ciao ciao.

Lasith Malinga gets a huge roar as he comes in to collect his medal. He says, "I was really lucky to captain in the last three games. Today, we thought it was Sanga and Mahela's farewell match.. the boys thought we needed to do it for them. Last few overs we bowled really well. Me, Kula and Sachithra. Mahela and Sanga are world-class batsmen and it was a good opportunity for us to be able to play with them. They are still playing Tests and ODIs and the younger players need to pick all that they can from the two."

"In the middle overs, our batsmen tried our best to get going, but we couldn't convert the good start," says MS Dhoni. "We could have always got those 10-15 runs, but cricket is about those runs. The last four overs they executed their plans very well and for our side that doesn't play scoops well, that worked for them. Malinga with that slingy action kept bowling it wide. It was a perfect game for them. Virat has been brilliant in the last few years. He is someone who makes most of the opportunity. The good thing is that he plays authentic shots and still scores runs. He is got a bright future ahead of them."

Kumar Sangakkara is the Man of the Match... What a way to finish his T20 career. He says, "it's been a long time coming.. Waited five finals. Pretty happy I was able to do something for our team. It means a lot to all of us. We are very humbled by this. The way Kohli was batting, he was about to take the game away from us, but the way we bowled was brilliant. It was an all-round performance, led by Lasith, Angelo had an amazing tournament. india are a tough side, but we are happy to be in the winning side. My family and playing for Sri Lanka are the two most important things that happened to me in my life. Everyone's got to go and my time is now."

Player of the tournament goes to Virat Kohli. "Congratulations to the SL team, especially Mahela and Sanga," he says. "Darren was right, the god was really smiling on them. But they deserved this, they played really well. Last T20 WC, i tried to do my bit, but this time around i tried to make the most of the good form. The most pleasing thing was that we made it to the finals. Some people talk about that i can't score in the first innings.. (smiles) but Malinga bowled very well in the last few overs. It was one of the off days. SL bowled in brilliant areas. Our boys can be proud of the way we played this tournament."

Wonderful win for Sri Lanka. Yesterday Malinga said they had the winning feeling in the camp and they have gone out to convert it into a title. How important a role did he play himself - those last few overs in the first innings were as good a death bowling you would ever see in a T20. Unheard of accuracy. That's where the match was won. Sanga then made it doubly sweet by scoring an unbeaten 52..

Dilshan says, "Last five world cups we lost them, but today is a great feeling to come back and win it. Today one of the three guys put their head up to do something for the team. Fantastic win for Sri Lanka. Good farewell for two happy guys."

Marvan Atapattu says, "What a way to finish the game! Sanga saved his best of the last innings. I think the first session is where we won the game."

It's now Sanath Jayasuriya's turn. He says, "The bowling was superb and then both Mahela and Sanga batted very well. Restricting them to 130 was the key. Even though we lost a few wickets early on, Mahela and Sanga are big game players"

Mahela says, "We finally managed to break the jinx. Thanks so much to family and friends but this one is for SL fans who have been waiting since 1996. It wasn't a normal match. Lot of emotions as this was the last T20. It hasn't sunk in yet and it will take a couple of days to get the feeling."

Angelo Mathews says, "Sri Lanka this is for you. I am glad the whole team did it for Sanga and Mahela."

Rangana Herath says, "This is the best send off for Sanga and Mahela. After 18 years, this is a different high."

Thisara roars! The Sri Lankans charge down the pitch and grab Sanga.. This is as comprehensive a win as you get.. Malinga comes in and jumps over the lot.. Mahela hugs Dilshan, Dilshan hugs Sanga.. Kohli hugs Sanga.. Sri Lanka have broken the jinx in style and what a time to do it! The last game for both Sanga and Mahela and they will go back champions. India didn't have the total to challenge Sri Lanka, who just strolled to the target despite the loss of four wickets..Malinga keeps his 100% record as a captain intact.

Sanga gets carried around the ground on the shoulders of his team-mates. Now Mahela also gets a ride on the shoulders..The celebration keeps going on..

Jai: "Mahela hugs Dilshan, Dilshan hugs Sanga.. Kohli hugs Sanga.....Wow...How often do you see that? If you ask any Indian fan, the team you would have backed after India in this tournament, it would have been SL...Clearly lots of respect for Sanga and Mahela among Indian fans....We will miss you in T20 ...Congrats SL..."

Garvin: "All the apparent "confusion" with the Sri Lankan captaincy had no visible impact on the final results. Shows the stuff the team is made of! Congrats to SL on a superb victory!!! (from a WI fan)"

Uwaisul Karnain: "Sanga's eyes today represent the whole Sri Lankan Nation. Never seen him being so emotional and expressive, it shows what it means to the legend! "

Rajive Silva: "This is just to break the jinx! The actual world cup is next year Sri Lanka! "

alex: "Funny to think that the only team England beat were the champions - Sri Lanka"

Ashwin to NLTC Perera, SIX runs, he comes down the pitch and finishes off with a big swipe down the ground
Ashwin to Sangakkara, FOUR runs, on the pads, the batsman looks to sweep and gets an under edge to the fine-leg boundary.. Sanga gets to his half-century.. He gets applauded by the India fielders
Ashwin to Sangakkara, FOUR runs, carrom-ball, another edge.. The batsman tries to slog it but the top edge flies over Dhoni and the first slip fielder

Ashwin to bowl his last

Mishra to NLTC Perera, 2 runs, excellent effort by long-on, but he is not able to catch this one.. The batsman went for another big hit and got a big leading edge straight down the ground.. Rahane ran in and got there, dived, but could not hold on.. That's a drop
Mishra to NLTC Perera, SIX runs, another biggie! Thisara is running away.. he sees flight in the ball and he gives it some more.. Whacks this googly over wide long-on ..he is a powerful guy
Mishra to Sangakkara, FOUR runs, tossed up a bit wider outside off and Sanga, this is delightful, he comes down on his knees and drives it over extra cover .. that's a superb shot

Mishra continues

Ashwin to Sangakkara, FOUR runs, only a little leg sidish and Sanga waits and extra second to clip it fine on the leg side.. Beautifully dabbed, the fine leg fielder is not able to cut it off
Mishra to Sangakkara, FOUR runs, another bounday! Mishra falling apart here.. he fires this one on the pads and Sanga smartly shows it the way past short fine leg fielder
Mishra to NLTC Perera, SIX runs, biggie!! That was what he was sent for.. he gets under this tossed up delivery and hammers it over long-on.. this is a huge hit.. That is in to the crowd
Mishra to Thirimanne, OUT, another one falls! This is going to get exciting folks.. Thirimanne wasn't showing much footwork in the last over and this time he tries to push a slider only to get a thin outside edge to the keeper. That stayed a touch low too

HDRL Thirimanne c †Dhoni b Mishra 7 (8m 11b 1x4 0x6) SR: 63.63

Ritish: "Should Dhoni throw the ball at Yuvi ? He may redeem himself !! :-)"

Raina to Thirimanne, FOUR runs, another edge! This is past the slip fielder.. It was a good loopy delivery and Thirimanne goes for a firm push, but that flies past the lone slip fielder, all the way down to the boundary
Raina to Jayawardene, OUT, he is gone! Ashwin takes a good forward-diving catch! Mahela ends his last innings with a cross-batted slog that he is not able to keep down.. The fielder at midwicket takes an excellent catch.. But after that previous shot, this was quite unlike Mahela..

DPMD Jayawardene c Ashwin b Raina 24 (34m 24b 4x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Raina to Jayawardene, FOUR runs, this is Mahela style! He waits an extra second and guides the quicker ball with the finest of late cuts to the boundary..
Jadeja to Sangakkara, SIX runs, he likes the ball coming in to him! Sanga goes down on the knee and smashes it powerfully with wonderful sweep, it goes all the way
Jadeja to Sangakkara, FOUR runs, he tosses it up outside off, but Sanga goes across the line and swats it through backward square leg with a powerful sweep

More spin, now it's Jadeja, over the wicket to Sanga

Ashwin to Dilshan, OUT, caught at deep square leg! Indian fielders come back to life as Kohli takes a well-judged catch at the boundary.. Ashwin's carrom-balls brought him a lot of wickets in the last game.. It's that ball again.. Dilshan goes for a sweep and gets a big top-edge.. looks like it's going over, but Kohli is at the boundary to gobble it up.

TM Dilshan c Kohli b Ashwin 18 (27m 16b 4x4 0x6) SR: 112.50

Ashwin to Dilshan, FOUR runs, slightly shorter and Dilshan takes full toll, slapping it through backward square leg for a boundary

Leg slip goes off

Kumar to Jayawardene, FOUR runs, a top-edge this time as the batsman looks to guide it to the fine leg area, but it takes over straight over the keeper's head.. dead straight again..
Kumar to Jayawardene, FOUR runs, what a touch this one! Dhoni has come up to the stumps and what does Mahela do? he runs it down through the vacant first slip region for a boundary
MM Sharma to Dilshan, FOUR runs, an inside edge this time but the fine-leg is in the circle! Gives Dilshan another boundary.. The batman was looking to blast this through the off, but Dilshan gets a healthy amount of bat on that
MM Sharma to Dilshan, FOUR runs, marginally short and Dilshan is quick into his position to pull, even though he doesn't get a lot of bat behind it, it is enough to beat the square leg fielder to the boundary
MM Sharma to Jayawardene, FOUR runs, that is a superb shot! Mahela has played a ramp shot straight over Dhoni's head.. it was a short delivery and he just shows it the way.. Dead straight

Mohit continues

Kumar to Dilshan, FOUR runs, this is swinging in but swinging too much, it's on the pads and easily whipped to the fine-leg boundary

Big wicket for India as KJP is one of those who take it away from you very quickly. Mahela is the new man

MM Sharma to MDKJ Perera, OUT, this is gone up in the air! KJP tries to swing again, but he is nowhere near the pitch.. This one was outside off and he tries to pull it off the front foot, only to get a thick leading edge to mid-off where Jadeja takes an easy catch

MDKJ Perera c Jadeja b MM Sharma 5 (4m 7b 1x4 0x6) SR: 71.42

Mohit Sharma comes in from the other end

Gaurang: "130 can still be defended...what is worrying is the body language of the players. One wicket and they will have their tails up"

Kumar to MDKJ Perera, FOUR runs, swings hard and swings across the line, it flies to the boundary at deep square leg, but this is off the inside edge.. The ball was pitched on off and angling away but that healthy edge takes it to another direction
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Nifty Nuwan


Dot balls by Nuwan Kulasekara out of the 89 he has bowled in this World T20, before this match, highest percentage by a bowler (min 10 overs)

Kohli missed

11, 65

Virat Kohli's scores when Lasith Malinga and Sachithra Senanayake let him off

Rohit missed


Rohit Sharma's score when Lasith Malinga failed to run him out

Powerplay low


India's lowest Powerplay score against SL, today

Mishra goes left


Lahiru Thirimanne is the first left-hand batsman Amit Mishra has got out this tournament. All his other nine victims have been right-hand batsmen

No boundaries


Number of balls Sri Lanka went without a boundary between 10th and 15th over

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