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8th Match, Dharamsala, Mar 11 2016, First Round Group A (N), World T20
(8/12 ov)
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BDESH Innings
Full commentary
end of over 810 runs • 1 wicket
BDESH: 94/2CRR: 11.75 
Sabbir Rahman13 (9)
George Dockrell2-0-18-1
Andy McBrine2-0-20-1

10.30pm Hypocaust: "Totally unsatisfying and I feel for the players but hopefully these washouts have highlighted the ridiculous situation associate teams are in. It's probably hoping too much that this farcical qualifying stage might prompt some changes from the ICC but we can dream..."

Quite so, and I've little doubt we'll hear more on that when Will Porterfield speaks to the press shortly. Scotland and Netherlands have both made their point eloquently. But there's nothing more they can do on this occasion. Anyhow, nothing more to see here. Assuming the power goes back on in the press box, Melinda Farrell and Sid Monga may yet provide us with some post-match reaction, but from me, Andrew Miller, it's goodnight, and thanks for dropping by.

10.25pm What a shame. It nearly got interesting, and while Tamim Iqbal was teeing off, it was certainly worth watching. But in the end the weather has wrecked the show.

Aakash: "This is insane!!!! These teams have qualified by playing a tournament earlier and now have to go back because of rain?? " That's the measure of it. Qualify for the qualifier, then miss out on a chance to qualify because of the elements. That's cricket for you.

10.20pm It's over. Match abandoned. The rain has won, it's time to go home. Bangladesh resume pole position in their group, ahead of Oman on net run rate, but alas for Ireland, it's time to join the Netherlands on a slow trudge back to Europe.

10.16pm Ketan: "Any news on rain? Hows it going there? It close to 5 PM here in London and thinking of going to an Irish pub! Is that a good idea?" I think that's an exceptional idea, assuming you need to drown your sorrows.

10.14pm Sid Monga reckons we'd need to be back on the field by 10.36pm for an eight-over rumpus. But, he adds mournfully, "it is bucketing now. That should be curtains..."

10.08pm Mohandas Menon, statistical guru that he is, delivers the following permutations. In the event of further rain after a restart, Ireland's score needs to be 72 at five overs, 84 at six, 96 at seven, or 108 at eight.

10.03pm Wes: ""Chasing a revised target is always favourable" I'm sure Wessels, Kirsten, Cronje et al would have a different view!" Different strokes for different blokes ... blame Richie Benaud for that debacle! The new system, as Winston Churchill said of democracy, is "the worst form of government, except for all the others" ... but Ireland have got off lightly in the recalculation, in my opinion.

10.01pm Right, if Bangladesh don't get any more of their innings, Ireland's target will be 108 in eight overs.

9.58pm Jmani: "Common Andrew. The game is off. Nothing to report. Stop relaxing and post our comments. Keep us entertained rather than the chatter and coffee at your workplace. U cannot relax at cricinfo. " Is there a webcam in here?

9.55pm Fahad Naseer: "Its DRS, not DLS." Negative, it is both, Messrs Duckworth and Lewis have recently been joined by Professor Stern. Not a lot of people know that ...

Rain stops play Oh crumbs ... it's only a flurry compared to what we had earlier, but there was some lightning around the ground too.

It is getting heavier I fear. But, the interesting bit could be if DLS comes into play. Chasing a revised target is always favourable for whatever reason, insufficient T20 data or whatever. But it's conjecture at this stage...

Dockrell to Tamim Iqbal, OUT
clipped in the air, and that is a well-earned wicket from Dockrell! Tamim attempted to work the ball when he had been better off leathering it, and Ireland have called a temporary halt to the onslaught
Tamim Iqbal c Porterfield b Dockrell 47 (34m 26b 3x4 4x6) SR: 180.76