1st Semi-Final (N), Dhaka, Apr 3 2014, World T20
(13.5/13.5 ov, target 108)
Sri Lanka won by 27 runs (D/L method)
Player Of The Match
• The Report by Andrew Fidel Fernando

Sri Lanka book another final spot; holders out

West Indies banked on a frenetic finish, but Sri Lanka's bowlers had choked the chase to suffocation-point before heavy rain, then marble-sized hail, cut the innings short and sent Sri Lanka to yet another major final

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Scorecard summary
Sri Lanka160/6(20 overs)
West Indies80/4(13.5 overs)

Sri Lanka keep their trend of making it to the finals. Can they make it an ideal farewell for their greats? We will be back tomorrow for the India-South Africa game. Till then, ciao ciao.

"Would have been great if we had played the full 20 overs,"Angelo Mathews, the Man of the Match says, "Would have been great if we had a close game as well. But I am really happy that we are in the finals. After the first half we got to know that there was a chance of rain, but we didn't play to that. We knew they had some big hitters..Lasith then made those two strikes to get us back in the game. But with 160 on the board, we knew we had the bowling for it."

"Last wicket (chittagong) helped our spinners, but we have played a lot here (Dhaka) too. The wicket played really well. For seamers, it gripped a little bit when they bowled slower. But it was a good wicket."

Lasith Malinga says, "We were looking to get the batsmen out early. We never looked at the rain. We got a good start before losing our way in the middle, then Angelo played very well to push it to 160. It is our fifth final, it is a big one. Everyone is looking forward to it. "

"You are truly the raining champions," comments a reporter. Darren Sammy chuckles and says, "Disappointing to come out of the tournament like this, but credit to Sri Lanka. We have had a good run in the tournament, and it's sad we got knocked out because of D/L. That's life, but we got to move on and plan for the next tournament. Gayle and Smith have a clear idea on how they want to play. We started very well, but their offspinner bowled very well to Gayle and Smith. From there on, we were behind the eight ball."

"There was no panic in the dressing room. We back ourselves. Today would have been a very difficult job, but with the remaining batting, anything could have been possible."

"It was god smiling on Sanga and Mahela probably."

"Bravo had a side strain (that's why he didn't bowl)," Sammy says. "In our team, except Ramdin everyone bowls. Russell had been bowling well and today was probably an off day."

"We tried to restrict team to below 150," he added. "They were off to a flier, but we did well to peg them back. They got a few more than we expected. Normally Santokie and Russell bowled very well at the back end, but today was just one of those days. Sri Lanka played very well."

"Marlon hasn't been batting well, he didn't have a good tournament, but that's one area to improve. Hopefully, we will do well."

"I was looking forward to raising the trophy, but I am now just going to sit and watch and hope that it's not one-sided," he says. "Best of luck to other teams."

10.26 pm The game has been officially called off. Sri Lanka are through to the final. Sri Lanka were firmly in the driver's seat here and deserved to go through anyway (despite the fact that Sammy was around). West Indies had dug themselves into a hole. Sri Lanka had been in trouble too, but their lower order batsmen bailed them out superbly.

Ron: "Isn't it ironical that Samuels, 2012's hero, might a have cost the WI the game this time around?"

Thisara: "Ron, I find that Sammy coming out to bat in his usual situation and not to face a single ball is more ironic."

Steffan S: "What a poor way to end a semi final. In this short format, the authorities can surely have a better plan than this. It was always going to be a big ask for the WI, but in this game you never know."

Ross: "Could have been worse. They could have come back needing 22 of 1 ball."

10.18 pm They started the game early to make sure they can take care of these stoppages.. The Supersopper is out and so are the umpires, but I have been told there is no chance of a restart. We will wait for the official announcement though

Daniel Alexande: "Russel Arnold tweets - 11.06 is the time the game should end..mopping up operations not yet begun."

10.07 pm Purohit says, "Rain has lightened considerably but it has left behind a lake."

Titas: "I'm tempted to narrate this old joke that circulates around Bengal. The Dhaka met office usually gives impeccable weather forecasts for their locality , while the forecasts in Kolkata were always going askew. When the Dhaka office Director was asked the reason for their successful predictions , he simply replied, " you see, we just announce the opposite of what Kolkata predicts!! " For the records, Hail storms were predicted this evening in sweltering Kolkata, but as usual, they didn't arrive! Meanwhile, at Dhaka...........,, "

"the conditions are still not as wet as a dewy chittagong!," quips Ashok

"What happens if the match between India and SA is washed out, who qualifies? " -- Brijesh, India go through, on account of topping their group.. In case the final is washed out, the teams will be declared joint winners. (scroll down for playing conditions here)

Zander: "West Indies won't mind the lakes on the field. In the last few overs of a game they only hit sixes anyway"

9.58 pm Still pouring. I am afraid that could be the end of the match. Sri Lanka wouldn't mind it at all. Here is what has been battering the Shere Bangla and a view from the press-box.

Daniel: "That looks bad, but it is still nothing compared to what you get in Johannesburg. Try 4 times that size. All together still a sad end to a great game."

"Aren't Golf-balls much bigger ?" ---- John, it was bigger when it landed, before it soaked up the warmth of Isam's palm..

Raza: "Sri Lanka is the Hashim Amla of cricket teams. Low key, no super flashy memorable endings, just low key clinical performances that land them in one final after another."

Riddymon: "Unfortunate...the Windies were moving into a position where they traditionally explode for the finish. Was interested to see how this was going to turn out from over 15 but it seems like this may be an anticlimactic ending for the big men from the caribbean." ---- that approach only works in dry conditions I suppose

9.48 pm Purohit, from the ground, says "the outfield is being pounded by hail it has turned half white now." Mohammad Isam tells me this is Kalboishakhi, the storm season..

Ishan: "Hmmm.. don't see there's going to be anymore cricket tonight. On a positive note for the Lankans, the last time they went to a world cup final after an interrupted match (against India in Calcutta in 1996), they managed to bring home the silverware. "

9.42 pm Lots of dust coming in with the strong wind..Rod Tucker's hat gets blown away.. They are taking off, a little drizzle now.. it's rain now.. covers are hauled in. Sri Lanka 27 ahead on D/L.. The crowds in the open stands are running for cover, this is really heavy rain now. No Gaylestorm today, but we do have a hailstorm. Abhishek Purohit, who is at the ground, can't see the stands on the other side.. Groundstaff leaves the ground as golfballs are dropping.. This is insane storm.. They are being hammered

Errol Erskine: "Samuels and Gayle batting was a wash, and the storm is proving it"

Don: "The approach Gayle and Sameuls can pay of big time when they're in good form as they give themselves the best chance to get in and then they can destroy any bowling line up. However, if they aren't in a good nick, like these past few matches that approach can lead to putting a huge amount of pressure on their team mates and end up causing a lot of harm to their team. I think that also reflects the WI very well, when they're going well they can beat any team but when they aren't even Ireland can beat them, as we saw earlier."

end of over 144 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 80/4CRR: 5.78 
Marlon Samuels18 (29)
Daren Sammy0 (0)
Nuwan Kulasekara2.5-0-22-1
Rangana Herath4-0-27-0
Kulasekara to Samuels, 1 leg bye
he is struggling here as he misses a full toss, gets an inside edge on to his pads and almost runs out Sammy.. Dilshan just had to hit the stumps from point
Kulasekara to Samuels, 2 runs
this is super bowling from Kula, right in the blockhole again, Samuels digs it out to wide long on for a couple

Shan Fastian: "We have to appreciate this Slankan Fielding, they have already saved 15-20 runs. Everyone is flying in the field specially Tillakaratne SuperMan who is leading from the front."

Kulasekara to Samuels, no run
superb yorker from Kula, Samuels digs it in the crease
Kulasekara to Bravo, OUT
game over for Bravo! He succumbs to the pressure being built over the last few overs. It was a length delivery on the leg stump, the batsman whips it to the leg side but hits it straight towards Mahela at deep square leg..Sammy will have to do it alone today, if at all
DJ Bravo c Jayawardene b Kulasekara 30 (24m 19b 3x4 1x6) SR: 157.89
Kulasekara to Samuels, 1 run
fires in a good yorker on the leg stump, the batsman somehow digs it out to long on

Kulasekara comes in

end of over 1311 runs
WI: 76/3CRR: 5.84 • RRR: 38.40
Dwayne Bravo30 (18)
Marlon Samuels15 (25)
Rangana Herath4-0-27-0
Angelo Mathews1-0-4-0
Herath to Bravo, no run
fails to pick up a single as he dabs this low full toss straight to backward point
Herath to Bravo, SIX runs
fuller and outside off, guess what Bravo does, plays that attractive inside out drive again, easily clears the rope..That shot has got to be one of the prettiest ones around..

Chris: "Its easy for WestIndies now, 14 run and Samuel's wicket is all what is required in next 3 overs. And then Bravo and Sammy, 82 runs in 5 overs which is obvious."

Herath to Samuels, 1 run
he punches this one down the ground past the non-striker for a single
Herath to Samuels, no run
another one hit straight to midwicket, Malinga doesn't even need to move.. That was a full toss too
Herath to Samuels, no run
tossed up on the stumps, the batsman drives it straight to midwicket
Herath to Samuels, FOUR runs
no stopping that! Samuels takes a step down and drives this so cleanly through extra cover that no one moves..

Herath comes back

Nas: "This is the silent partnership that SL need break, Marlon can go slow at the beginning but like the 2012 final he can accelerate at a rapid pace."

end of over 124 runs
WI: 65/3CRR: 5.41 • RRR: 23.45
Dwayne Bravo24 (16)
Marlon Samuels10 (21)
Angelo Mathews1-0-4-0
Rangana Herath3-0-16-0
Mathews to Bravo, 2 runs
now Kula dives at deep point to save a certain boundary, it was a low full toss that was sliced and looked certain for a boundary
Mathews to Samuels, 1 run
he drives this fuller offcutter down the ground to long on for a single
Mathews to Samuels, no run
bowls a slower full toss outside off, the batsman is beaten on his stroke, gets a toe end to it down the pitch
Mathews to Samuels, no run
he keeps bowling it slow and it's again hit to point, where Dilshan makes a diving save
Mathews to Samuels, no run
back of length delivery on the stumps, Samuels looks for a gap at point, but finds the fielder there
Mathews to Bravo, 1 run
starts off with a slower delivery on the stumps, Bravo dabs it to midwicket for a single

Angelo Mathews comes in to bowl

Best performances - batsmen
HDRL Thirimanne
44 runs (35)
3 fours
2 sixes
Productive shot
cut shot on back foot
16 runs
2 fours
1 sixes
AD Mathews
40 runs (23)
3 fours
2 sixes
Productive shot
leg glance
17 runs
1 fours
1 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
SL Malinga
K Santokie
Match details
Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur, Dhaka
TossSri Lanka , elected to bat first
SeriesWorld T20 2014
Player Of The Match
Angelo Mathews
Series resultSri Lanka advanced
Match numberT20I no. 398
Hours of play (local time)19.00 start, First Session 19.00-20.20, Interval 20.20-20.40, Second Session 20.40-22.0
Match days3 April 2014 - night match (20-over match)
Richard Kettleborough
Rod Tucker
TV Umpire
Steve Davis
Reserve Umpire
Bruce Oxenford
Match Referee
David Boon