21st Match (N), Providence, Aug 22 2017, Caribbean Premier League
(14.4/20 ov, target 101)
Amazon won by 7 wickets (with 32 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
Guyana Amazon Warriors
GAW Innings
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9.00pm The sub-par Stars have been put away with so much ease again. A crucial win for the Amazon Warriors, keeps them in the hunt for the playoffs. Chasing 101, the Amazon Warriors were made to work, but it was never really going to be match-changing. Jason Mohammed and contributions from Gajanand and Sohail Tanvir have helped the Amazon Warriors climb to six points and over the Barbados Tridents. The Stars, on the other hand, were not very good for the eighth game on the bounce. One bad day in T20s is acceptable, how about eight in a row?

Sohail Tanvir is the Man of the Match: "We didn't start well. The game against Jamaica, we though we had them, but we slipped. As a group, we try to be together. We have the momentum and need to keep building it. I've spoken to management saying I'm being wasted down, I played for Zouks in 2014 and they used me at 4, against the spinners. My role today was to go out and smack, but had to see after early wickets. We weren't winning crucial moments."

Martin Guptill: "0 from 2 at the start. Always great when we come back here. We have a few days off, then off to Barbados, hopefully we can keep that winning way going."

Shane Watson: "It's challenging. I do like a challenge, it gets me going. But Guyana played well tonight. Hopefully a better performance than what we did tonight. Tonight, we were extremely disappointing."

McClenaghan to Mohammed, 1 run
nudged to midwicket and Guyana coast to a seven-wicket rout.

Scores are level.

McClenaghan to Singh, 1 run
worked away into the gap at fine leg, just one.

S: "How is the crowd" Ecstatic.

McClenaghan to Mohammed, 1 run
109 kph, full on off, pushed towards cover for one. Bat on ball
McClenaghan to Mohammed, FOUR runs
four more. Full and wide outside off, Mohammed unfurls a sliced cut that clears point and races away. Nicely played

The Warriors will be trying to finish this off in this over. Seven to win.

end of over 1410 runs
GAW: 94/3CRR: 6.71 • RRR: 1.16 • Need 7 runs from 36b
Gajanand Singh7 (11)
Jason Mohammed36 (32)
Eddie Leie3-0-24-0
Shane Shillingford4-0-20-1
Leie to Singh, no run
flat outside off, beats Gajanand's slog sweep.
Leie to Mohammed, 1 run
chipped towards long-off
Leie to Mohammed, no run
83 kph, the googly on middle, inside-edged towards midwicket
Leie to Mohammed, 2 runs
terrific running. Just a push to long-off, Sammy allows the second. Gajanand scurried back
Leie to Mohammed, SIX runs
gets plenty behind this, elevation and distance. Flight on off, Mohammed clears his front foot and swings through the line of the ball to clear long-on. The bat handle turns but no worries.
Leie to Singh, 1 run
another hard sweep to deep backward square leg
end of over 135 runs
GAW: 84/3CRR: 6.46 • RRR: 2.42 • Need 17 runs from 42b
Jason Mohammed27 (28)
Gajanand Singh6 (9)
Shane Shillingford4-0-20-1
Eddie Leie2-0-14-0
Shillingford to Mohammed, 2 runs
driven wide of long-off and they'll get a couple. That's better, just keep hitting them gaps
Shillingford to Mohammed, no run
looks to go over cover again but misses. The Warriors have lost all their momentum after the drinks break.
Shillingford to Singh, 1 run
short on off and middle, slapped to long-on
Shillingford to Singh, no run
flat outside off, chopped toward the keeper
Shillingford to Mohammed, 1 run
oh gosh. McClenaghan has dropped the sitter-est sitter you'll see. Flight on middle, Mohammed comes down and hammers his drive straight to long-on. Bursts out of McClenaghan's reverse-cupped hands