11.37 pm There we are then. The Patriots win by 38 runs after posting 149. Credit goes to their captain Gayle at the top for his anchor knock following which Cottrell and co. ran through the Knight Riders batting. We have identified the final's first team and beginning tomorrow, it's elimination time. Hope you enjoyed ESPNcricinfo's coverage of the first qualifer from Tarouba in Trinidad. Till next time, it's goodbye from Varun and Sreshth.

11.32 pm Patriots captain Chris Gayle is the Man of the Match. He says: "Back to back finals for me, first time for Patriots, it was a good game even though it was a slower wicket. Wanted to reach 150 to give our teams a chance. Our spinners came into the play and happy to represent our fans in the Leeward Islands (where hurricane Irna has been causing a lot of storms), and give our fans something to cheer about. We needed composure to come out on top. When I decided to go for the big shots, we were losing wickets, so I had to hold back. A slow wicket, so a slow innings from me. Just excited to be in the final, to be honest. To take a team from nothing to the final is great."

Losing captain Dwayne Bravo says: "We were happy to chase 150 but then losing Sunil and Perkins helped the momentum go straight to the Patriots. Ramdin was another soft dismissal. No point during the chase were we on top, so congratulations to Chris and Patriots. We won't remove Narine from the top (despite his string his poor scores), no excuses, we gave Sunil the license. Sometimes it comes off, sometimes it doesn't. Looking forward to Thursday. I told Chris before the tournament that we were going to play four times this season. We've played three, and then we'll play in the final."

Trinbago Knight Riders are not yet out, though. They will face the winner of tomorrow's eliminator on Thursday in a bid to reach the final.

11.30 pm We have found our first team to reach the final of this season's CPL. An emphatic win for the Patriots, who are through to their first-ever final. Stick around for comments from the Man-of-the-Match and the two captains.

Gayle to Cooper, OUT, And it's all over! Tossed up outside off and Kevon Cooper hits that straight down long off's throat. St Kitts and Nevis Patriots are through to the final! Knight Riders fold for a Nelson. The Universe Boss leads his team out of the park.

KK Cooper c Mohammad Nabi b Gayle 4 (7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 57.14

Gayle to Beaton, 2 wides, full outside leg stump, Beaten stays put and the ball goes down the leg side. The keeper misses and that's more extras
Gayle to Beaton, no run, yorker outside leg stump, Beaton backs away and effectively cramps himself
Gayle to Beaton, 1 wide, full and wide outside leg stump, Beaton lets that go
Gayle to Beaton, SIX runs, full on middle and leg, dances down the ground and punishes that! Soars over cow corner for six. No celebration in the Knight Riders camp, though

48 off the last over. If there are no extras in pay, St Kitts and Nevis Patriots are through to the final. It'll also be the third time Chris Gayle has led a team into the final of the Caribbean Premier League. He has won the title twice with Tallawahs in 2013 and 2016. And there he is: Gayle to bowl the final over.

19 | 7 Runs | TKR: 102/9 (48 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 5.36, RRR: 48.00)

  • Ronsford Beaton7 (7b)
  • Kevon Cooper4 (6b)
  • Sheldon Cottrell4-0-17-3
  • Carlos Brathwaite3-0-18-1
Cottrell to Beaton, 1 run, full toss outside off, biffed down the ground to long off. Cottrell finishes with three wickets.

around the wicket for the last ball.

Cottrell to Beaton, no run, full and straight on middle, played and missed. Cottrell can't believe how that did not take top of off stump
Cottrell to Beaton, FOUR runs, good length on middle, softly played over cover's head off the back foot. He could've been out but the fielder just couldn't get to the ball. If Brathwaite can't get to that, no one else on the field could've
Cottrell to Cooper, 1 run, slower full toss outside off stump, edged to third man
Cottrell to Beaton, 1 run, full on middle, muscled down the ground to long on
Cottrell to Beaton, no run, full on off, misses the drive down the ground. Goes just past his outside edge

If St Kitts and Nevis Patriots win, they wlll enter the finals for the first time in the CPL. This is also the first time that they made the playoffs.

18 | 4 Runs | TKR: 95/9 (55 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 5.27, RRR: 27.50)

  • Kevon Cooper3 (5b)
  • Ronsford Beaton1 (2b)
  • Carlos Brathwaite3-0-18-1
  • Sheldon Cottrell3-0-10-3
Brathwaite to Cooper, no run, full just outside off, looks to swing that over long off's head but misses the shot completely. Goes inches over the off stump
Brathwaite to Cooper, no run, short on middle, slower ball that the batsman can't get to. Swings and misses as the ball goes over his shoulder
Brathwaite to Cooper, 2 runs, full outside leg, the batsman moves towards the leg side and plays that inside-out towards deep extra cover
Brathwaite to Cooper, no run, short on off stump, tries to play a cross-batted shot but takes the blade's inside edge. The ball goes nowhere
Brathwaite to Beaton, 1 run, full on leg stump, inside edges that to fine leg
Brathwaite to Cooper, 1 run, good length on leg stump, the batsman backs away and muscles that towards backward square leg

17 | 4 Runs 2 Wkts | TKR: 91/9 (59 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 5.35, RRR: 19.66)

  • Ronsford Beaton0 (1b)
  • Kevon Cooper0 (0b)
  • Sheldon Cottrell3-0-10-3
  • Tabraiz Shamsi4-0-25-1
Cottrell to Beaton, no run, short on middle, Beaton does well to get out of the way

The Trinidad locals are beginning to leave the stadium.

Cottrell to DJ Bravo, OUT, straight to third man. Once more, he makes too much room and has to reach out. The ball swings away from a good length outside off and he manages to slice it straight to third man

DJ Bravo c Hilfenhaus b Cottrell 24 (13b 0x4 3x6) SR: 184.61

Cottrell to DJ Bravo, no run, short and wide. Makes room to try and chop it over point, but he's backed too far into the leg side
Cottrell to Scantlebury-Searles, OUT, full and tailing away outside off. Tries to get under it and launch one over long-off, but has only managed to toe-end it for the fielder there to take comfortably

JPR Scantlebury-Searles c Brathwaite b Cottrell 4 (9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 44.44

Cottrell to Scantlebury-Searles, 1 wide, full and very wide, batsman can't reach that

T&T Riders 2nd innings Partnerships

1st0WKD PerkinsSP Narine
2nd2WKD PerkinsC Munro
3rd4C MunroDM Bravo
4th36D RamdinDM Bravo
5th17DT ChristianDM Bravo
6th0DT ChristianDJ Bravo
7th11DJ BravoShadab Khan
8th21DJ BravoJPR Scantlebury-Searles
9th0DJ BravoKK Cooper
10th20KK CooperRR Beaton