11th Match (N), Lauderhill, Aug 18 2018, Caribbean Premier League
(16.2/20 ov, target 210)
Amazon won by 71 runs
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Guyana Amazon Warriors
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11.20pm That was a swift end. A massive collapse towards the end after a blistering start to the chase, but that's what 200-plus totals do. The pitch can be as flat, the bowling can be off, but all it takes is an over or two of strangulation. There is still an effectiveness to the old-school mentality of winning the toss, batting first and putting up a total on the board. We saw a late meltdown in the first innings as well, as Guyana lost five wickets in their last six overs, and added just 52 runs in the last seven overs. But such was the security provided by the brilliance of Hetmyer and Shoaib Malik that it bailed them out in the end.

"It's a very good feeling, would like to thank the Almighty, and would like to say thanks to everybody, especially my girlfriend," says Man of the Match Shimron Hetmyer. "Positivity was important, I had to keep going and my captain encouraged me. It (playing off the backfoot) was (a ploy). Stay as deep as possible. (Jersey no. 189) is my highest score in any cricket."

"He (Hetmyer) played a fearless innings tonight, that's what we need at the top in any team," says Andre Rusell. "He backed himself and played to his strengths. Credit to him. Going to the crease and batting, bowlers bowling with nothing happening, no swing, and the crowd's behind you.. I didn't feel like it was a home game, it felt like I was playing in Guyana. After the runout is when everything changed, and things started happening. Once you have a good thing going, just try to keep that going as long as possible. Overall a very good game, we pulled it back with the ball. I thought we'd be chasing 240. With the batters we have, we should have got the total."

"Even my last few years when I played for Barbados, you could see a lot of Guyanese people here," says winning captain Shoaib Malik. "I think it's a good thing. If you're playing in America and you see a full crowd, it's always a good sign. Against a good team, 150 or 160 is not good enough. I told Hetmyer, if the ball is in your zone, keep hitting; if it's not just rotate the strike."

Right then, Guyana go top of the table with that effort, and we're done here. Thanks for joining us today and keeping us engaged with your feedback. Be back here tomorrow for some more fun. Cheers!

NK Sharma: "What a way to back in the game and in winning situation, not good for JT this type of collapse.."

Shoaib Malik to Badree, 1 run, OUT
flicks a length ball into the gap at midwicket. Yes and no on the second. Badree is off and halfway down, and then has to make his way back, by when deep square leg has gotten around the ball and hurled a throw to the bowler's end
S Badree run out (Bishoo/Shoaib Malik) 2 (3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66
Shoaib Malik to Thomas, 1 run
gets an inside edge through to short fine
end of over 163 runs • 2 wicket
JT: 136/9CRR: 8.5 • RRR: 18.50 • Need 74 runs from 24b
Oshane Thomas1 (2)
Samuel Badree1 (2)
Imran Tahir4-0-26-2
Rayad Emrit3-0-35-1
Imran Tahir to Thomas, 1 run
plays it late behind square on the off side
Imran Tahir to Thomas, no run
misses putting away a fuller offering on the pads
Imran Tahir to Badree, 1 run
worked to the leg side
Imran Tahir to Badree, OUT
gone, another one gone.. to a mindless run out. Nine down now. Badree dabs this to short third man, and Zampa for some reason thinks there's a run there. Not a chance. He's well over three-quarters the way down while Badree doesn't move. Too late to recover
A Zampa run out (Walton/Imran Tahir) 3 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 75.00
Imran Tahir to Zampa, 1 run
worked into the leg side for an easy single
Imran Tahir to Imad Wasim, OUT
gone, holes out to deep midwicket who gets down to his front to snaffle it. Tries to clip a full toss - a shot that doesn't have anywhere enough muscle on it
Imad Wasim c Green b Imran Tahir 14 (10b 0x4 1x6) SR: 140.00
end of over 154 runs • 1 wicket
JT: 133/7CRR: 8.86 • RRR: 15.40 • Need 77 runs from 30b
Adam Zampa2 (3)
Imad Wasim14 (9)
Rayad Emrit3-0-35-1
Chris Green4-0-19-2
Emrit to Zampa, 2 runs
Emrit to Zampa, no run
short of a length, slow outside off, toe-ends it into the off side
Emrit to Zampa, no run
short of a length on middle and leg, defended back
Emrit to Imad Wasim, 1 run
full on middle, drilled to long-off
Emrit to Santokie, OUT
cross-seam back of a length delivery on off, slaps it over but doesn't get enough on it, settles into the hands of long-off
K Santokie c Shoaib Malik b Emrit 0 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
Emrit to Imad Wasim, 1 run
short of a length, pulled to deep midwicket
end of over 149 runs • 1 wicket
JT: 129/6CRR: 9.21 • RRR: 13.50 • Need 81 runs from 36b
Krishmar Santokie0 (1)
Imad Wasim12 (7)
Chris Green4-0-19-2
Imran Tahir3-0-23-1
Green to Santokie, no run
stays back to a fuller one and pushes it back
Green to Powell, OUT
goes for a big slog and loses his stumps for his troubles. Slid into middle and leg from around the wicket, comes on straight, beats the inside edge and goes through the gate
R Powell b Green 13 (11b 0x4 1x6) SR: 118.18
Green to Powell, SIX runs
short of a length, sails flat over long-on as he slaps off the backfoot
Green to Imad Wasim, 1 run
full toss, drilled to cover
Green to Imad Wasim, 1 wide
too short, spins away, can't reach for the cut
Green to Imad Wasim, no run
pitched up outside off, drilled back
Green to Powell, 1 run
full on middle, drilled to long-on
end of over 1311 runs
JT: 120/5CRR: 9.23 • RRR: 12.85 • Need 90 runs from 42b
Rovman Powell6 (8)
Imad Wasim11 (5)
Imran Tahir3-0-23-1
Devendra Bishoo3-0-34-1
Imran Tahir to Powell, 1 run
full outside off, whipped wide of long-on
Imran Tahir to Imad Wasim, 1 run
flicks a leg--stump length ball to midwicket
Imran Tahir to Imad Wasim, 2 runs
floated up across off, carved away off the outside of the bat behind point
Imran Tahir to Imad Wasim, SIX runs
length and some width outside off, shovelled over long-on