20 | 18 Runs | STKNP: 216/7 (1 run required, RR: 10.80)

  • Rayad Emrit21 (11b)
  • Alzarri Joseph7 (3b)
  • James Neesham4-0-68-0
  • Ali Khan4-0-27-2

9:48pm It's a Super Over now, of course. Patriots will bat...after a toss that TKR win. That knock from Lewis dismantled Neesham earlier in the innings, hitting him for 31, and setting the pace early on. TKR came back from that with four wickets before the 10-over mark, but Brathwaite's brilliant fifty kept his team in it. It was still a tall ask but a swinging, flailing Emrit has done it for Patriots. A superb penultimate over from Ali Khan gave TKR an 18-run cushion, but two edges on either side of the keeper, helped along by the no-ball from Neesham means the match is still alive.

Neesham to Emrit, FOUR runs, it's a tie! A low full toss on off stump. He swings across the line and gets a leading edge that flies past short third man! Can you believe it. Hands on hips from Neesham and all he can do is smile. It's gone wrong for him in every way possible

A boundary ties this. If they could pick one bowler tonight to be bowling this ball, Patriots would have chosen Neesham. Can he hold them down?

Neesham to Emrit, 2 runs, full ball at the stumps, backs away and drives along the floor to long-off's right. Lazy effort there, really. They take an easy second
Neesham to Emrit, 2 runs, thick inside edge to deep square's right. Full ball in at the stumps and he can't get better connection on the slog

Free hit

Neesham to Emrit, 3 no ball, oh Neesham, Neesham. There's no end to his horror night. First, a beamer outside off. Emrit misses on the cut but is disoriented. His partner is running, he's not. Ramdin lobs it up to the non-striker's and Neesham can't gather the ball. Gives away another run and Emrit retains the strike for the free-hit
Neesham to Joseph, 1 run, nicely bowled. It's been three good balls this over. Yorker again at leg stump. Inside edge onto the pad and out into the off side
Neesham to Joseph, FOUR runs, inside edge into the fine leg boundary! Mails the yorker after following him down leg side. Looks to drill into the leg side and gets it between keeper and short fine
Neesham to Joseph, 2 runs, sloppy. Low full toss is driven harmlessly out to long-on, whose throw to Ramdin is fumbled to give them a second

Patriots 2nd innings Partnerships

1st4DC ThomasE Lewis
2nd63LJ EvansE Lewis
3rd8Mohammad HafeezE Lewis
4th5Mohammad HafeezCR Brathwaite
5th84SSJ BrooksCR Brathwaite
6th9CR BrathwaiteFA Allen
7th25RR EmritFA Allen
8th18RR EmritAS Joseph