2:53 pm That wraps it up from the first game in today's doubleheader. Shashank Kishore has already started coverage for the first qualifying final between the undefeated Guyana Amazon Warriors and Barbados Tridents, with the toss moments away. I'll be joining him later on commentary. Thanks for joining coverage of this match and be sure to flip over to that one to stay locked into the CPL doubleheader. For Deiva Muthu, I'm Peter Della Penna. Take care!

Patriots captain Carlos Brathwaite: "I felt we were a bit timid to start. We wanted to be conservative and keep wickets in hand but I think we went too much in the opposite direction. Sunil is a world-class player but I think we showed him a little bit too much respect. It was a lack of momentum. Unfortunately that was one of our better bowling performances but we just didn't have enough runs to bowl at."

TKR captain Kieron Pollard: "We've been striving for this victory for the last two and a half weeks. We thought bowling first and restricting them to 123 should have been an easy walk but they made it difficult. I just want to thank the Guyana crowd for cheering me on. If I'm honest, that was exactly how not to chase 126 runs. Just too many dot balls. If a bowler is hitting a length, you have got to try moving around the crease and throw him off his length. You have to try something and do it differently. Having said that, they were experienced batters out there. There's things we need to work on as West Indian batsmen in terms of rotating the strike a lot more and it is something that has kept us back. In this game, people around the Caribbean can see what we need to work on."

Sunil Narine is Player of the Match: "[Bowling] was a little painful but I must give thanks to God for giving me the courage and motivation. We have a great support staff that has been treating me for the last week and a half so I must give thanks to them as well. I think [the pitch] helped the spinners a bit so it helped me in a way so that I didn't have to put too much pressure on the finger that was giving me problems. I think it was a total team effort. We needed this one. We get to play at home now so that's even more comfortable and we have the fans backing us. I'm leaving it up to the medical staff and the man above to give me the strength and courage to hopefully play one more and if we win, to the finals."

So Knight Riders have broken their six-match winless streak and will now face the loser of the upcoming qualifier between Barbados Tridents and Guyana Amazon Warriors. Crucially, that second qualifier match for TKR will be on home soil at Brian Lara Stadium on Thursday where they'll have a huge home crowd behind them.

2:34 pm TKR looked heavy favorites at the innings break but were struggling midway through the chase with Ramdin in particular soaking up a high number of dot balls. But Pollard is gonna make everyone wonder what all the fuss was about with a blistering cameo to keep the defending champs alive.

Brathwaite to Pollard, FOUR runs, Polly wants a semi-final! Full ball creamed through extra cover, beats the sweeper and TKR have iced this with 8 balls to spare! Patriots are knocked out!

Back over the stumps.

Brathwaite to Pollard, SIX runs, get the hard hats out in the crowd! Length ball on fifth stump, creamed flat over cow corner. Fans take evasive action as the ball dents the seats 20 rows back!
Brathwaite to Pollard, SIX runs, low full toss at shin height wide outside off again, Pollard has the muscle to crank this flat over long-on. Brathwaite cries catch it in vain as Evans watches it sail over his head.
Emrit to Ramdin, FOUR runs, length ball on middle, Ramdin premeditates a scoop over fine leg, up in the ring and times it perfectly.
Cottrell to Ramdin, FOUR runs, slower ball lands full on off, Ramdin cracks a smoldering drive over Cottrell's head to split long-on and long-off easily.
Cottrell to Ramdin, SIX runs, goes short on the body, Ramdin anticipates this shuffling across his stumps to get inside the line and hooks this over long leg into the stands.
Cottrell to Pollard, SIX runs, full and swinging into middle, flicks this high over square leg, barely clears the rope aided by the wind. Didn't time it well at all but Pollard with enough muscle and helped by conditions too.

Cottrell is back.

Brathwaite to Simmons, OUT, six and out! Holes out to cow corner! Another ball in the slot on middle, Simmons leans back and hits this a mile high but doesn't get the distance. Evans circles right from wide long-on to get in position a yard inside the rope. Takes the catch crouching at head height with palms out, fingers to the sky. Huge strike by Brathwaite!

LMP Simmons c Evans b Brathwaite 51 (47b 3x4 3x6) SR: 108.51

Brathwaite to Simmons, SIX runs, slower length ball on off, Simmons not fooled one bit, heaves this high over cow corner. 50 up off 46 balls. CPL's leading scorer is keeping TKR alive in this chase.
Joseph to Simmons, FOUR runs, charges a length ball, inside edged drive skittles past leg stump through fine leg. Much needed boundary any way they can get it.
Allen to Simmons, SIX runs, darted in full on the legs, Simmons releases the pressure driving this high over long-on, just clears Evans leaping on the rope.
Brathwaite to Simmons, FOUR runs, here comes Simmo: down the track, manufactures a full-toss, and nails it past mid-off's left
Emrit to Ramdin, no run, Ramdin stays leg-side of the ball and punches it to extra-cover to close out the Powerplay. Patriots were 30 for 2 at this point in the first innings. TKR are 31 for 3. Oh and that was a wicket-maiden from Emrit
Emrit to Bravo, OUT, Emrit has Bravo holing out to deep square, Simmons is on his haunches at the other end. Banged in short and just a shade outside off, Bravo ventures a pull, hits it fairly well, but picks out the only man in the deep on the leg side. He's gone for 1 off 10 balls

DM Bravo c Cottrell b Emrit 1 (10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 10.00

Brathwaite to Simmons, SIX runs, carted away to the square-leg boundary. Simmons dashes down the track and lustily clubs it over the leg-side infield. Mowed away with utmost power
Joseph to Bravo, 4 leg byes, short on the hips, 148ks, tickled away fine of short fine leg for four and there's the release TKR were looking for
Cottrell to Munro, OUT, knocks him over and brings out the salute! Fuller than a good length and cuts back in sharply, offcutter variation from the left-arm paceman, Munro plays outside the line and is castled. Bowled through the gate. Munro gone for a duck in the Eliminator

C Munro b Cottrell 0 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Joseph to Narine, OUT, picked up and swatted into the lap of Cottrell! Short on the hips, and Narine flicks it in the air, straight to deep square leg. Narine admonishes himself for finding the fielder

SP Narine c Cottrell b Joseph 8 (4b 2x4 0x6) SR: 200.00

Joseph to Narine, no run, 148.9ks, very full and pings the back pad as Narine swings and does not make contact
Joseph to Simmons, 1 run, Lewis nearly takes a one-hander at deep square leg. Simmons dances down the track and slogs a short ball over the infield. Lewis runs in, but can't clung onto a very difficult chance. He saves three for his team, though
Joseph to Simmons, FOUR runs, full and outside off, right in Simmo's swinging arc, he sizes it up and clubs it up and over extra-cover. Half-volley and duly put away

Alzarri Joseph from the other end. Over the wicket to Simmo

Cottrell to Narine, FOUR runs, short, wide, Narine stays leg-side of the ball and biffs it through the cover-point region for another four. Narine - injured finger and all - is contributing with the bat too
Cottrell to Narine, FOUR runs, first-ball four for Narine. Full-toss swinging into middle stump, Narine clears his front leg and whips it with the wrists to midwicket's left

T&T Riders 2nd innings Partnerships

1st15LMP SimmonsSP Narine
2nd1LMP SimmonsC Munro
3rd15LMP SimmonsDM Bravo
4th47LMP SimmonsD Ramdin
5th50D RamdinKA Pollard