28th Match, Tarouba, Sep 5 2020, Caribbean Premier League
(18.2/20 ov, target 162)
Tridents won by 7 wickets
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Barbados Tridents
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That's it from me and Danyal Rasool today. Come back tomorrow at 10 am local time for the last doubleheader of the regular season stage of CPL 2020. I'm Peter Della Penna, take care!

6.05 pm Well the Tallawahs now have their playoff fate sealed. Regardless of the outcome of tomorrow's match against the Zouks, the Tallawahs will be locked into the #4 seed paired in the semi-finals against the undefeated home juggernaut of Trinbago Knight Riders. Poor Shayan Jahangir gets a TFC (Thanks for coming) next to his name on the scorecard on his CPL debut for the Tridents having been padded up listed originally to come in at No. 4. But Santner delivered the kind of innings he has all season, showing why he really should have been bumped up the order earlier in the season. If he had, he might have arrested some of the sharp collapses the Tridents experienced in the middle order.

Brathwaite to Santner, SIX runs
length ball, hammered high and deep over wide long-on. Santner gets another red inker next to his name in CPL 2020 as he clinches the highest successful chase by any team in the tournament. Not bad for a group that had three consecutive scores failing to pass 100.
Brathwaite to Santner, FOUR runs
attempted wide yorker, Santner shuffles back and across to get in line and behind the ball deep enough to get under it to drive over the umpire's head, super shot bounces to the rope.
Brathwaite to Santner, 1 wide
full and very wide, too wide off the pitch. Bonus ball. 14 extras for the Tallawahs in the innings including 9 wides.
end of over 189 runs
BT: 154/3CRR: 8.55 • RRR: 4.00 • Need 8 runs from 12b
Jonathan Carter42 (44)
Mitchell Santner25 (19)
Mujeeb Ur Rahman4-0-32-0
Oshane Thomas4-0-36-1
Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Carter, no run
quicker ball lands on a good length on fourth stump, wants to cut picking the length but is cramped for room and beaten on the inside edge. Lucky not to drag on.
Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Santner, 1 run
full and wide, driven hard to long-off.
Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Santner, 2 runs
short and wide outside off, cuts this to Walton fielding as a sub at deep cover.
Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Carter, 3 runs
full and angled down leg, goes for the sweep and top edges it very fine. Lamichhane gives chase from short fine leg to the rope and drags it back for three.
Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Santner, 1 run
darts it in on a good length on the stumps, Santner goes back to tap and run on contact for a sharp single to midwicket.
Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Carter, 1 run
darts this in very full on middle, premeditates a paddle sweep that picks out Lamichhane at short fine leg but they steal a single.
Mujeeb Ur Rahman to Carter, 1 wide
good length ball spins down leg.

Mujeeb around the stumps.

end of over 1711 runs
BT: 145/3CRR: 8.52 • RRR: 5.66 • Need 17 runs from 18b
Mitchell Santner21 (16)
Jonathan Carter38 (41)
Oshane Thomas4-0-36-1
Carlos Brathwaite3-0-18-0
Thomas to Santner, FOUR runs
another attempted wide yorker, Santner shuffles way across to get closer to the line for a drive aiming for mid-off, inside edge goes past the stumps through fine leg and to the rope.
Thomas to Santner, no run
wide yorker on seventh stump, Santner swings over the top.
Thomas to Carter, 1 run
yorker on fourth stump, squeezed out in front of point.
Thomas to Santner, 1 run
full length on off, Santner shuffles across but his heave for long-on only results in an inside edge off the pads before a carom takes it toward point.
Thomas to Santner, FOUR runs
attempted wide yorker, doesn't pitch it and Santner slices this tennis one-hand Federer backhand slice style over short third man to the rope.
Thomas to Carter, 1 run
full on fourth stumps, heaved flat to long-on.

Thomas back, over the stumps.

end of over 163 runs
BT: 134/3CRR: 8.37 • RRR: 7.00 • Need 28 runs from 24b
Mitchell Santner12 (12)
Jonathan Carter36 (39)
Carlos Brathwaite3-0-18-0
Sandeep Lamichhane4-0-26-1
Brathwaite to Santner, no run
full length on middle, Santner backs away and drives hard but picks out extra cover on the ring.
Brathwaite to Carter, 1 run
slower ball on the legs, backs away and pulls this along the ground to deep midwicket.
Brathwaite to Santner, 1 run
length ball on fourth stump, mistimes a pull over the ring and lands well short of long-on charging in.
Brathwaite to Santner, no run
short on the stumps at 130 kph, backs away to leg to pull but is through the shot early.
Brathwaite to Santner, no run
short on fourth stump, swats a pull into the ground fielded on one bounce by short midwicket.