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12th Match (N), Bridgetown, Jul 11 2016, Caribbean Premier League
(10/12 ov)
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Rain forces washout after strong Tallawahs start

Rain abandoned the 12th match of the CPL, between Jamaica Tallawahs and Barbados Tridents, and spoilt Chris Gayle's plans of registering another destructive half-century in the tournament

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Commentator: Thilak Ram
Scorecard summary
Jamaica Tallawahs116/2(10 overs)
end of over 1010 runs • 1 wicket
JT: 116/2CRR: 11.6 
Rovman Powell6 (5)
Chris Gayle47 (20)
Ravi Rampaul3-0-25-1
David Wiese2-0-33-0

23:41 local The covers are still on and the official news is that the game has been called-off. Both teams share a point each. Join us tomorrow for anther thrilling encounter. Cheers.!

23:09 local - Oh no..! Not again.. Its pouring down again and covers are back

Rampaul to Powell, SIX runs
slower ball has gone all wrong.. full on off and in his swinging zone... plants his front foot across and smothers this one over long-on..
Rampaul to Powell, no run
another slower ball on middle and leg, looks for another heave across the line and fails to get bat on ball. Gayle still at the non-strikers end.!

benil: "hohooo, Gayle and ABD used to play together for RCB..Now they are up against each other..let see how that goes!!!!!!"

Rampaul to Powell, no run
full and slow on off stump.. tries to hoick it but misses
Rampaul to Powell, 4 leg byes
short pitch delivery on off and a top flies back over the keepers head. Oh wait he hasn't got any bat on this one.. might be off his helmet
Rampaul to Powell, no run
back of a length on off and thuds high on his pad as he was looking to go over mid-wicket
Rampaul to Sangakkara, OUT
shimmies towards leg and he greets him with a slower ball on off stump. Sanga was looking go over cover, beaten by lack of pace and it has crashed into the stumps
KC Sangakkara b Rampaul 25 (14b 3x4 1x6) SR: 178.57
end of over 921 runs
JT: 106/1CRR: 11.77 
Chris Gayle47 (20)
Kumar Sangakkara25 (13)
David Wiese2-0-33-0
Shoaib Malik2-0-31-1
Wiese to Gayle, SIX runs
six more..! Back of a length ball on off stump, he opens up a bit and smothers over long-off. Sheer power from the big man
Wiese to Gayle, SIX runs
missed his yorker by an inch or so. A low full toss and thank you very much says Chris as he swats this one away over long-on
Wiese to Gayle, 1 wide
full and wide.. ultra slower delivery had gone all wrong, called wide
Wiese to Sangakkara, 1 run
saw him shuffling across and he bowls a slower delivery on off stump.. Sanga was looking to paddle it around but only manages a bottom edge
Wiese to Gayle, 1 run
back of a length, angled across and mistimes his pull to on side
Wiese to Gayle, no run
slower length ball on off stump.. play and a miss
Wiese to Gayle, SIX runs
where has it gone? Full and wide on off stump, gets down on one knee and clubbed it over cover.. six more, got the elevation and distance needed
end of over 816 runs
JT: 85/1CRR: 10.62 
Kumar Sangakkara24 (12)
Chris Gayle28 (15)
Shoaib Malik2-0-31-1
Raymon Reifer1-0-8-0
Shoaib Malik to Sangakkara, FOUR runs
makes room for a full length ball and goes inside out over cover for four more
Shoaib Malik to Sangakkara, no run
fuller on off and pushed to cover
Shoaib Malik to Sangakkara, SIX runs
full toss on off stump and he has smack that over long-on.. It was begging it to be hit and he has sent that over long-on
Shoaib Malik to Sangakkara, 2 runs
down the track and thumped wide of long-on.. AB scampers across and taps it back.
Shoaib Malik to Sangakkara, no run
gave himself room and Malik fires one in.. gets an inside edge to short fine leg
Match details
Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados
TossBarbados Tridents , elected to field first
SeriesCaribbean Premier League 2016
Hours of play (local time)20.00 start, First Session 20.00-21.30, Interval 21.30-21.50, Second Session 21.50-23.20
Match days11 July 2016 - night match (20-over match)
Johan Cloete
Zahid Bassarath
TV Umpire
Patrick Gustard
Reserve Umpire
Jonathan Blades
Match Referee
Denavon Hayles
PointsBarbados Tridents 1, Jamaica Tallawahs 1