Ford Ranger Cup at Hobart, Dec 7 2008
(50 ov, target 292)
Match tied
Player Of The Match
New South Wales
NSW Innings
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end of over 5012 runs
NSW: 291/7CRR: 5.82 
Aaron Bird12 (5)
Steven Smith28 (26)
Ben Hilfenhaus10-0-74-0

Very empty feeling there for both teams. Both would definitely feel they should have won it. The Blues after a blistering start by Warner, then the Tigers after the Blues needed 13 off the last over with Hilfenhaus bowling.

An enthralling match, with two standout innings from Dighton and Warner, the latter being harshly given out LBW on 97 when he was poised to score the fastest ever centruy in Australian ODD cricket.

Not surprisingly David Warner has been named Man of the Match after 97 off just 54 balls. That 97 coming off a 165 against the Tigers last week.

That result puts the Tigers into second position and the Blues stay second to bottom.

Thanks for your company today, be sure to visit again on Wednesday when South Australia hosts Tasmania from the beautiful Adelaide Oval. Good evening and good bye.

Hilfenhaus to Bird, 3 runs
backs away and drives over mid on, slices the shot and doesn't quite make it to the boundary, fielded just a foot short and they scurry through for three, incredible finish - it's a tie!

Now it's all on Bird's shoulders. He didn't have a good game with the ball, can he redeem himself?

Hilfenhaus to Smith, 1 run
big swing as he drives to mid on

Pressure on the youngster now. This is why we love ODD cricket!

Hilfenhaus to Bird, 1 run
full toss, driven to mid wicket
Hilfenhaus to Bird, FOUR runs
incredible! Full on middle, big edge through the vacant them a chance
Hilfenhaus to Bird, 2 runs
backs away and drives through cover
Hilfenhaus to Smith, 1 run
steps over to the off side, trying to flick over fine leg, catches the edge and ends up going down to third man, don't ask me how!
end of over 496 runs • 2 wicket
NSW: 279/7CRR: 5.69 • RRR: 13.00
Aaron Bird2 (1)
Steven Smith26 (24)
Brendan Drew10-1-36-2

13 off the last over has been done before, but it would be a good effort

Drew to Bird, 2 runs
driven to long off, well run again

That run out was almost side on from mid wicket, caught him about a foot short

Drew to Smith, 1 run
pulled out to deep mid wicket