Ford Ranger Cup at Perth, Oct 11 2009
(49.3/50 ov, target 162)
West Aust won by 2 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
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Western Australia
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What a thriller in the end, coming down to the last over despite a very low scoring game. Noffke was outstanding with bat and ball, steadying the innings with a top score for WA of 43. McDermott, Laughlin and Cutting were all great with the ball for Qld

Carseldine got the first 50 for the new season but it wasn't enough as Noffke had the last laugh against his old side, taking Man of the Match honours in the process.

That's it from me, Andrew Fuss. Until next time, good night.

Simpson to Knowles, 2 runs
puts it over square leg for the winning runs, they finally get across the line!
Simpson to Knowles, no run
pushed to mid wicket, Dorey takes off and should have been run out as Simpson fumbles at the bowler's end. The drama continues!

Just a bit of pressure on the number 10 here. Field is up

Simpson to Dorey, 1 run
tries to finish it in one hit, punches it down the ground to long on, bouncing five metres short
end of over 49Wicket maiden
WA: 159/8CRR: 3.24 • RRR: 3.00 • Need 3 runs from 6b
Brad Knowles0 (5)
Brett Dorey14 (38)
Ben Laughlin10-1-33-3

So it all comes down to this, 3 required off one Simpson over, with 2 wickets in hand. What a way to start the new season!

Laughlin to Knowles, no run
and again beats the outside edge, very unlucky not to have a fourth there, the end of a great spell
Laughlin to Knowles, no run
ooh, so close! Full outside off, angling away and just beating the outside edge
Laughlin to Knowles, no run
nice bouncer, ducked under easily
Laughlin to Knowles, no run
length on off, nips back in and cramps him up, squirting off the pad to slip