Ford Ranger Cup at Perth, Nov 25 2009
(38/50 ov, target 310)
West Aust won by 129 runs
Player Of The Match
Western Australia
NSW Innings
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end of over 385 runs • 1 wicket
NSW: 180/10CRR: 4.73 • RRR: 10.83 • Need 130 runs from 12 overs
Burt Cockley6 (7)
Aaron Heal9-0-58-4

Outstanding win by the Warriors. they've won with a bonus point by 129 runs. After Coach Tom Moody criticised them in the local paper today they responded.

Shaun Marsh was outstanding with 116. He was ably supported by Wes Robinso n who made 70 in a opening stand of 124. Mitchell Marsh was superb smashing 60no from just 29 balls to set up the target before Steve Magoffin and Aaron Heal starred with the ball

Shaun Marsh was Man of the Match with his second ODD century in front of a crowd of 1563.

Plenty of work ahead for the Blues with the Shield game beginning here on Friday.

Heal to Hazlewood, OUT
caught backward point. Game over. Hazlewood drives at one tossed up, thick outside edge caught comfortably by Knowles at Backward point.
JR Hazlewood c Knowles b Heal 1 (7m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 33.33
Heal to Cockley, 1 run
full toss driven wide of mid-off for 1.
Heal to Cockley, no run
Heal to Cockley, FOUR runs
driven inside out over cover for four. Nice stroke.