Ford Ranger One Day Cup at Perth, Jan 17 2007
(49.3/50 ov, target 206)
West Aust won by 1 wicket (with 3 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
Western Australia
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Pomersbach and Edmondson give Warriors victory

Luke Pomersbach guided Western Australia to a one-wicket win at Perth despite Shaun Tait giving South Australia hope late in the game

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Scorecard summary
South Australia205(49.1 overs)
Western Australia209/9(49.3 overs)
Adam Voges30 (56)
Shaun Tait4/62(10)
Ryan Harris2/34(8.3)

Well done WA, they fell in and probably deserved it in the end

The table now after Match 22: Qld 22, Vic 22, WA 17, NSW 13, Tas 13, SA 8

Can confirm that Ben Edmondson is Man of the Match - good night from the WACA

RJ Harris to Edmondson, FOUR runs
edges a full toss to the third man boundary and there's the win for WA by one wicket with three balls left
RJ Harris to Edmondson, no run
tries to work to leg, hit on the pad, Magoffin heads off, no throw from the fielder
RJ Harris to Magoffin, 1 run
pushes through mid wicket, easy two there for the taking but panic sets in and they decide not to go
end of over 4913 runs • 1 wicket
WA: 204/9CRR: 4.16 • RRR: 2.00 • Need 2 from 6b
Ben Edmondson0 (1)
Steve Magoffin2 (7)
Shaun Tait10-1-62-4

Ryan Harris to bowl - 2 to win for WA, one wicket needed for SA

Tait to Edmondson, no run
tries to work to leg, hit on the pad, the ball goes to square leg, Magoffin hares off from the bowlers end, Edmondson heads back and had Skewes hit at the strikers end SA would have won

Can Tait finish the game and take a five for

Edmondson - can he be the hero after his efforts with the ball

field being looked at, everyone in the ring, with a slip in

Tait to Pomersbach, OUT
With the field up he drives to cover, WA takes the gas mask from SA and it's 9/204
LA Pomersbach c RJ Harris b Tait 87 (148m 104b 5x4 3x6) SR: 83.65
Tait to Pomersbach, 1 wide
short down leg side, Tait has lost the plot here
Tait to Pomersbach, SIX runs
full and lofted over long on, that could be about it, great shot and WA are going to get out of this
Tait to Pomersbach, 2 runs
lofts over cover, Adcock runs in from long off and blocks it because he couldn't quite catch it
Tait to Pomersbach, 2 runs
digs out a yorker to 3rd man, Cameron fields bu takes far too long to release the ball and they get two - 11 needed off 10
Tait to Pomersbach, 2 runs
lofts over mid wicket, well fielded down there by Smith the substitute
end of over 482 runs
WA: 191/8CRR: 3.97 • RRR: 7.50 • Need 15 from 12b
Luke Pomersbach75 (99)
Steve Magoffin2 (7)
Ryan Harris8-0-29-2
RJ Harris to Pomersbach, 1 run
advances and drives, but can only inside edge it to short fine leg, good over by Ryan Harris even though he thought they were behind in the overrate
RJ Harris to Pomersbach, no run
backs away and tries to drive and misses - 16 needed off 13
RJ Harris to Pomersbach, no run
tries to work to leg, inside edges onto his pad
RJ Harris to Magoffin, 1 run
pushes to cover, a wild throw results in an overthrow

SA have reached the cut off time for their overs

No penalties that I am aware of

RJ Harris to Magoffin, no run
beaten outside off
RJ Harris to Magoffin, no run
pushes back to the bowler, just short of him
end of over 476 runs
WA: 189/8CRR: 4.02 • RRR: 5.66 • Need 17 from 18b
Luke Pomersbach74 (96)
Steve Magoffin1 (4)
Shaun Tait9-1-49-3
Tait to Pomersbach, FOUR runs
lofts just over the outstretched hands of Gillespie at mid on, dear me
Tait to Magoffin, 1 run
drives to mid of, Pomersbach is slow to take of but makes it safely at the keepers end
Match details
W.A.C.A. Ground, Perth
TossSouth Australia , elected to bat first
SeriesFord Ranger One Day Cup 2006
Player Of The Match
Ben Edmondson
Hours of play (local time)12.15 - 15.45, 16.15 - 19.45
Match days17 January 2007 (50-over match)
Bruce Bennett
Paul Reiffel
TV Umpire
Andrew Craig
Match Referee
Ric Evans
PointsWestern Australia 4, South Australia 0