204dThe Bulletin by Alex Malcolm

Tigers go top after tight finish

Rana Naved-ul-Hasan held his nerve in a chaotic final over and Tasmania won by two runs against New South Wales to go top of the Big Bash table

Match Centre

20 | 15 Runs | NSW: 150/5 (3 runs required, RR: 7.50)

  • Ben Rohrer47 (29b)
  • Steve O'Keefe2 (2b)
  • Naved-ul-Hasan4-0-31-2

What an incredible game of cricket! NSW needed 18 off the last over and could only manage 15. Rana Naved kept his nerve when all around him were losing their's. A dropped catch, missed run out, and tough wide call saw five needed off the last ball. But Ben Rohrer could only manage two and the Tigers go to the top of the table. They weathered the early storm and held their nerve at the end. Tasmania now top the Big Bash table with one game remaining against WA. NSW have two matches left to fight their way into a preliminary final berth. Rana Naved has been named Man of the Match for those two wickets and the last over heroics. Thats it from us. Join us tomorrow from Adelaide as the Redbacks host Queensland. On behalf of Venkat Raghav this is Alex Malcolm saying bye for now.

Naved-ul-Hasan to Rohrer, 2 runs, low full toss swung out to the deep and there is a man on the rope to stop it. Just two. The Tigers win!

Five required off the last ball.

Naved-ul-Hasan to O'Keefe, 1 run, yorker, dug out through midwicket and they only get one!
Naved-ul-Hasan to Rohrer, 2 wides, Slower ball, Rohrer swings and misses and its called wide! Terrible call, and they run one to the keeper! Incredible last over
Naved-ul-Hasan to Rohrer, 2 runs, Dropped! Full toss hit miles in the air to mid on, Doherty charges in off the rope, slides and drops it. They get two!
Naved-ul-Hasan to Rohrer, 2 runs, Missed run out! Rohrer drove to long on and O'Keefe called two straight away, Hilfenhaus goes to the strikers end and Birt gathers the throw and misses the stumps first time which allows Rohrer to get back
Naved-ul-Hasan to Rohrer, no run, Rohrer tries again and Naved deleivers a slower ball that goes just over leg stump

NSW 2nd innings Partnerships

1st69UT KhawajaDA Warner
2nd5UT KhawajaPJ Hughes
3rd4MC HenriquesUT Khawaja
4th0PM NevillMC Henriques
5th41MC HenriquesBJ Rohrer
6th31SNJ O'KeefeBJ Rohrer