6th Match, Providence, Nov 11 2018, Group B (D/N), ICC Women's World T20
(9.1/20 ov, target 94)
AUS Women won by 9 wickets
Player Of The Match
Australia Women
AUS-W Innings
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Hope you enjoyed our coverage. Be back for more from the Women's World T20. Will we finally have play in St Lucia tomorrow? Looks grim, but let's remain optimistic. Cheers

Alyssa Healy is the Player of the Match. "I love T20 cricket, you don't have to switch off, have to just keep rolling. I'm just enjoying playing with a lot of freedom. Our bowlers are doing an unbelievable job, there are quality players sitting in the sidelines, so it shows the depth of the squad, which is pleasing for us."

Chances are it may have taken Australia longer to load their kits from the baggage carousel to the team bus than it took to see off Ireland's small target in Providence. The enforcer was Alyssa Healy, who walloped a 21-ball half-century, the fastest in the tournament's history, to raze down 94 in just 9.1 overs.

Ireland's best chance of competing was to bat first and put runs up against the four-time champions. Laura Delany called correctly and they finished the Powerplay 27 without loss. Then the big-match nerves failed Ireland as they lost 5 for 16, resulting in a breakdown they didn't recover from.

Ireland didn't run well, and weren't helped by poor umpiring calls either - like the controversial call by Langton Rusere to dock them five runs because Delany seemingly ran onto the 'danger zone.' All this coupled with some tight, relentless Australian lines resulted in no leeway.

Garth to Healy, 2 runs
slapped over mid-off, they complete the second to wrap up Australia's second win
end of over 93 runs
AUS-W: 87/1CRR: 9.66 • RRR: 0.63 • Need 7 runs from 66b
Ellyse Perry9 (10)
Alyssa Healy54 (30)
Lucy O'Reilly2-0-10-0
Kim Garth2-0-15-1
O'Reilly to Perry, no run
full and swinging away from outside off, driven to cover.
O'Reilly to Healy, 1 run
clubbed over cover, but down to the sweeper.
O'Reilly to Perry, 1 leg bye
overbalanced in an attempt to flick, off the pad into the leg side.
O'Reilly to Healy, 1 run
full toss which she mistimes to long-off because she got it high on the bat.
O'Reilly to Healy, no run
drags this sweep from outside off to short fine leg, this kept a touch low.
O'Reilly to Healy, no run
squeezes this yorker-length delivery to cover.
end of over 83 runs
AUS-W: 84/1CRR: 10.5 • RRR: 0.83 • Need 10 runs from 72b
Ellyse Perry9 (8)
Alyssa Healy52 (26)
Kim Garth2-0-15-1
Eimear Richardson2-0-17-0
Garth to Perry, no run
almost chopped on! Luckily for Perry, this rolls wide of leg stump.
Garth to Healy, 1 bye
backs away to carve this over point but misses, a fumble behind the stumps gives them a bye.
Garth to Healy, no run
clubs this length ball straight to cover.
Garth to Perry, 1 run
slower length ball outside off, steered wide of short third man.