5th Match, Perth, Feb 24 2020, Group A, ICC Women's T20 World Cup
(19.3/20 ov, target 123)
AUS Women won by 5 wickets
Player Of The Match
Australia Women
AUS-W Innings
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That does it for our live coverage from this match. Keep your eyes peeled for Dan Brettig's report and more post-match snippets from Annesha Ghosh at the WACA. For my tag-team partner Alex Malcolm on commentary, I'm Peter Della Penna. Stay tuned for the second match in today's double-header between Bangladesh and India, kicking off in about 50 minutes. Take care!

Meg Lanning: "We just needed to build a partnership and get the scorecard moving a little bit. Luckily we were only chasing 120 so it sort of allows a little bit of time to get into it. It's certainly a nicer feeling to have the win on the board. We would have liked to have played better and we definitely need to improve heading into the next couple of games but sometimes it's just nice to get off the mark. I thought our bowling was really good today, our fielding was good, just a little bit of an unsettling start with the bat."

Chamari Atapattu: "I tried to play my natural normal game, positively at that stage and unfortunately I got out. If I stay three or four more overs, definitely I change the game. I was confident about my young girls and about my young bowling unit but unfortunately in the last over we lost. We are always trying to play positive cricket. Getting 3 wickets for 10 runs, we were pumped up."

And here is Haynes to talk about her Player of the Match effort: "Walking out to bat wasn't an ideal situation but knowing one of the best batters in the world is at the other end, we knew we just had to knuckle down and have a really good partnership to get ourselves back in the game. The ball was just sliding on. I don't think turn or swing was playing much of a factor by the time I got out there. It was just a matter of playing through the line of the ball."

5:55 pm Talk about getting out of jail. Australia can count themselves lucky here. They were sweating bullets when Atapattu was cruising on 50 in the first innings, but her wicket to end the 14th resulted in the brakes being put on with just 31 runs coming in the last six overs. After a sharp double-wicket burst by Prabodhani in the Powerplay to start the chase, Sri Lanka pay dearly for some sloppy fielding, dropping three chances as well as a very poor review by the captain Atapattu, leaving them without one when Lanning was given not out after the Australia captain toe-edged behind on 15 before ending 41 not out. Haynes was one of the three drops, missed on 26 initially before kicking on to a key fifty in a Player of the Match performance.

Kumari to Perry, 2 runs
full on off, Perry whips this across the line through deep midwicket, Lanning hares back for a tight second to seal the match. Australia win by five wickets with three balls to spare.
Kumari to Perry, 2 runs
good length ball on fourth stump, Perry opens the face to guide this fine of short third man for an easy pair.
Kumari to Perry, no run
full and wide, driven straight to extra cover on the ring.
end of over 194 runs • 1 wicket
AUS-W: 119/5CRR: 6.26 • RRR: 4.00 • Need 4 runs from 6b
Ellyse Perry1 (1)
Meg Lanning41 (44)
Chamari Atapattu4-0-28-1
Shashikala Siriwardene4-0-20-2
Jayangani to Perry, 1 run
full on off, driven to long-on.

Jamie: "Sri Lanka with only themselves to blame here. Dreadful in the field and poor reviewing. We all know an Aussie isn't going to walk... "

Here's Perry finally.

Jayangani to Carey, OUT
fuller and flatter on middle and leg from over the stumps at 88 kph, Carey tries to whip this through midwicket but is beaten for pace and bowled. Sri Lanka clinging on to mild hope.
NJ Carey b Jayangani 5 (3b 1x4 0x6) SR: 166.66
Jayangani to Lanning, 1 run
flatter on fifth stump on a good length, tap and run into cover.
Jayangani to Lanning, no run
full and wide, another noise missing a drive but looks like it was bat on ground.
Jayangani to Lanning, 2 runs
full toss at thigh height on the stumps, pulled to deep midwicket and a fumble by Perera turns one into two.
Jayangani to Lanning, no run
full and wide, beaten on a drive.

Sri Lanka will rue what might have been. A very porous fielding performance when they had Australia in deep trouble in the Powerplay.

end of over 1810 runs • 1 wicket
AUS-W: 115/4CRR: 6.38 • RRR: 4.00 • Need 8 runs from 12b
Nicola Carey5 (2)
Meg Lanning38 (40)
Shashikala Siriwardene4-0-20-2
Chamari Atapattu3-0-24-0
Siriwardene to Carey, FOUR runs
flighted more on off stump, Carey charges and lofts very straight over the bowler, long-on is too wide to cut it off.

Suyog: "SriLanka has only 1 world class player in Chamiri Atapattu whereas Australia have 6 to 7 quality players which makes a HUGE difference in the final outcome of a match. Hence SriLanka wins 1 or 2 games in 10 and Australia loses 1 or 2 in 10."

Siriwardene to Lanning, 1 run
fuller and flatter on fourth stump, guided behind point.
Siriwardene to Lanning, FOUR runs
fuller and tighter to the stumps, slog sweeps this behind square and beats the deep midwicket fielder with ease.
Siriwardene to Lanning, no run
dropped! Lanning with yet another life. Thin edge driving well away from her body to a full and wide ball but spilled by the keeper.
Siriwardene to Carey, 1 run
full and driven to long-off.

Yuvraj Singh : "That poor review for caught behind was the turning point of the match as far as Sri Lanka are concerned. They wasted it, and couldn't use any when there actually was a nick. Could have been a different story."

Nicola Carey enters ahead of Perry.... Slip in place.

Siriwardene to Haynes, OUT
third time's a charm, but maybe a bit too late for Sri Lanka. Haynes runs past one bowled with more flight wide outside off, beaten in flight and turn as this spins past. She makes no attempt to get back as the keeper completes a simple stumping.
RL Haynes st †Sanjeewani b Siriwardene 60 (47b 4x4 2x6) SR: 127.65
end of over 178 runs
AUS-W: 105/3CRR: 6.17 • RRR: 6.00 • Need 18 runs from 18b
Rachael Haynes60 (46)
Meg Lanning33 (37)
Chamari Atapattu3-0-24-0
Sugandika Kumari3-0-34-0
Jayangani to Haynes, 1 run
dropped! Full toss at knee height, Haynes slams this flat to long-on. Fielder on the rope doesn't really have to move but fumbles this badly, clangs off the fingertips at waist height and into the ground. Haynes dropped earlier on 26, now with a second life on 59 and both of them were not really hard chances. Another 7/10.
Jayangani to Lanning, 1 run
full toss at knee height on fifth stump, cut off by the point sweeper.
Jayangani to Lanning, no run
full and wide, driven to cover on the ring.

100 up and Australia now need less than a run a ball.

Jayangani to Lanning, FOUR runs
short on the stumps, pulls this behind square, well placed to beat deep square leg.
Jayangani to Haynes, 1 run
full on fifth stump, dug out into short cover.