17th Match, Melbourne, Mar 2 2020, Group A, ICC Women's T20 World Cup
(15.3/20 ov, target 92)
SL Women won by 9 wickets
Player Of The Match
Sri Lanka Women
SL-W Innings
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A handsome nine-wicket win for Sri Lanka to sign off from this year's T20 World Cup. Leaves Bangladesh bottom of the group. It was an impressive performance, set up by the bowlers and finished off efficiently by the top order. More applause and handshakes for Siriwardene as she finishes her career with a victory

Player of the Match goes to Shashikala Siriwardene. "It's not easy, playing 17 years and leaving. I think I played too long, that's why I'm really emotional. I'll miss everything, especially my team, I love them all. After injuries they really helped me, they really protected me. I'll keep in touch in with cricket, maybe I can give service to women's cricket in the future. I've been playing since eight or nine years old, especially my father, it's because of him I'm here today. My brother, sister and husband. That's why I still play. All the coaches, SLC cricket officials, all my clubs and current Sri Lanka navy. My physios, doctors, trainers. I wish all the best to the team."

Salma Khatun "Today's batting was very poor, the fielding is not good. The girls will rest at hope then it's the national league. I have enjoyed the tournament, every match is a loss, but in these conditions."

Chamari Atapattu "I'm very happy with our performance. We knew it would be a tough game. Our players did well. Siriwardene is a legend in Sri Lanka cricket, like a big sister in my team. She encourages youngsters and seniors. I'll miss her a lot, upset about that. She retired like a champion, that's her style."

I'll wrap things up there for this match. The big one - Australia v New Zealand - starts soon and our coverage will be here. Catch you all soon

Nahida Akter to Perera, FOUR runs
gets across outside off, scoops it over the keeper and there's the victory for Sri Lanka
Nahida Akter to Sanjeewani, 1 run
whipped away from off stump through midwicket
Nahida Akter to Perera, 1 run
slog sweeps from outside off to deep midwicket

Calitha: "Ooh, good spot, Hypocaust. I love a bit of stats chat. (Big shout out to CricInfo's scorers for giving us all these lovely numbers to play with)"

end of over 155 runs
SL-W: 86/1CRR: 5.73 • RRR: 1.20 • Need 6 runs from 30b
Hasini Perera34 (51)
Anushka Sanjeewani15 (17)
Salma Khatun3-1-15-0
Fahima Khatun1-0-7-0
Salma Khatun to Perera, 1 run
worked from outside off to the on side
Salma Khatun to Perera, no run
opens the face to short third
Salma Khatun to Perera, 2 byes
plays all around a full delivery and it also beats the keeper
Salma Khatun to Perera, no run
beats the edge as she goes for the cut
Salma Khatun to Sanjeewani, 1 run
sweeps from outside off to deep square leg
Salma Khatun to Perera, 1 run
steps back and drives firmly into the covers, it's half stopped
end of over 147 runs
SL-W: 81/1CRR: 5.78 • RRR: 1.83 • Need 11 runs from 36b
Anushka Sanjeewani14 (16)
Hasini Perera32 (46)
Fahima Khatun1-0-7-0
Rumana Ahmed2-0-12-0
Fahima Khatun to Sanjeewani, no run
tossed up full outside off, driven to cover
Fahima Khatun to Perera, 1 run
pushed into the off side
Fahima Khatun to Perera, no run
full on off stump, defended
Fahima Khatun to Sanjeewani, 1 run
sends it out to the sweeper again, a much simpler piece of fielding this time
Fahima Khatun to Sanjeewani, FOUR runs
steps back and square drives wide of deep cover who dives but can't quite keep the ball in play
Fahima Khatun to Perera, 1 run
short outside off, square drives to deep point
end of over 135 runs
SL-W: 74/1CRR: 5.69 • RRR: 2.57 • Need 18 runs from 42b
Hasini Perera30 (43)
Anushka Sanjeewani9 (13)
Rumana Ahmed2-0-12-0
Ritu Moni4-0-18-0
Rumana Ahmed to Perera, 1 run
nudged down the ground so she'll keep the strikes as the target nears
Rumana Ahmed to Perera, no run
played to the bowler

Hypocaust: "While the average opening stand this time is the 2nd lowest for any edition, the overall average partnership for the tournament (19.31) is the highest for any Women's T20 World Cup.

Rumana Ahmed to Perera, 2 runs
pushed to long-on
Rumana Ahmed to Sanjeewani, 1 run
works a loopy full toss to deep midwicket