Final (D/N), Dhaka, Apr 6 2014, Women's World T20
(15.1/20 ov, target 106)
AUS Women won by 6 wickets
Player Of The Match
Australia Women
AUS-W Innings
Full commentary
end of over 161 runs
AUS-W: 106/4CRR: 6.98 
Ellyse Perry31 (32)
Danielle Hazell3.1-0-29-0
Natalie Sciver2-0-12-2

5.20 pm So that's one final done and dusted, Australia pose with the trophy and off goes the team song again. Thank you for your company and hope you pop over to the men's final that is due to start in a couple of hours' time. This is Alagappan Muthu, signing off

"It's amazing. great to be able to play so well. Almost the perfect match today," Meg Lanning says, "Bowlers did it for us, we had our plans and we executed well. Perhaps, we're attacking in nature and we love to play our shots. Even chasing a small total we wanted to be positive. We had a great team here and the support's been so good. I'm just really happy right now. We've had a lot of experience even though we are young, we can build something really big. We have a great core of players"

"They bowled very well and they came out and batted good. We just weren't enough today,"Charlotte Edwards says, "Backed it up in the field. We never got going, kept losing wickets at key stages. 105 was never going to be enough in a World Cup final. Anya's been exceptional, all the bowlers have been. [Six-hitting] A scenario we have to improve on. In the past our strength is boundary hitting and we'll go back to work on and hopefully we go better. Just bitterly disappointed we couldn't get over the line"

Anya Shrubsole is the Player of the Tournament "It's been a really good tournament. As a team we can be proud of what we've done. Just keeping it simple and it seems to have worked. Congratulations to Meg and her team, they were the better team today"

5.10 pm Sarah Coyte is the Player of the Match "I'm not sure I can put it into words. Amazing feeling. So proud. To get Taylor and Edwards, two world class betters early was so great. Disciplined lines and lengths was what I've been working on and it came through"

4.55 pm Australia have showed off their ball-striking ability today and that is where they've got the better of England. They're still huddled by the pitch, the Aussie flag is in the middle and they're belting of the team song. "We are the Southern Stars, Wooo!" they scream. Meg Lanning led from the front and she looked in no trouble whatsoever. Her 44 off 30 balls took her to the top of the tree in the run-scorers list for the tournament

Naveed Khawaja: "Outstanding Australia for its historical achievements...its not easy as we congrats to Aussies...."

john stone: "Bad toss to lose? I think we would have fielded first if we had won it. Seems to me one is better served to know the required run rate. Our girls are still heroes and deserve recognition for their sterling effort. What would have happened if young Knight had been allowed to continue for another five or six overs?"

Hazell to Perry, 1 run
short delivery, pulled away to deep midwicket boundary and Australia invade the field! That's three World T20s in the bag
end of over 153 runs • 2 wicket
AUS-W: 105/4CRR: 7 • RRR: 0.20 • Need 1 run from 30b
Ellyse Perry30 (31)
Natalie Sciver2-0-12-2
Rebecca Grundy4-0-22-0
Sciver to Blackwell, OUT
another wicket, Sciver doing her best to keep this alive but it's all too little too late. Full delivery and Blackwell stays back and wants to play across the line. Easy decision
AJ Blackwell lbw b Sciver 0 (2m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00
Sciver to Blackwell, 1 no ball
full toss over waist high, turned away towards square leg. Scores level
Sciver to Blackwell, no run
digs out a full delivery on off stump towards cover

Alex Blackwell comes out

Sciver to Lanning, OUT
she is furious with herself. Slams the bat into the pitch after she presents the simplest of catches to mid-off. Just couldn't get under it enough
MM Lanning c Knight b Sciver 44 (40m 30b 4x4 2x6) SR: 146.66
Sciver to Perry, 1 leg bye
full and angled down the leg side, the flick doesn't connect and the ball dribbles away towards square leg
Sciver to Lanning, 1 run
shortish and outside off, tapped away to the sweeper

Australia are huddled together on the boundary, waiting for the winning runs

Sciver to Lanning, no run
skids off a good length and Lanning nudges towards square leg
end of over 147 runs
AUS-W: 102/2CRR: 7.28 • RRR: 0.66 • Need 4 runs from 36b
Ellyse Perry30 (30)
Meg Lanning43 (27)
Rebecca Grundy4-0-22-0
Anya Shrubsole4-0-29-1

Fahad: "Can we borrow Lanning to play instead of Shoaib Malik? "

Grundy to Perry, no run
flighted on middle, she strides forward and blocks
Grundy to Perry, 1 wide
length ball goes down the leg side
Grundy to Perry, FOUR runs
this time she muscles the low full toss down the ground. Mid-on dives but is not quick enough. Australia need five to win a hat-trick of World T20s
Grundy to Lanning, 1 run
low full toss outside off, carved away to deep cover
Grundy to Perry, 1 run
stays back and whips the length ball going on with the arm to deep square leg
Grundy to Perry, no run
shortish delivery outside off, the dab doesn't bring her any better success
Grundy to Perry, no run
flighted on the pads, Perry misses a flick
end of over 1311 runs
AUS-W: 95/2CRR: 7.3 • RRR: 1.57 • Need 11 runs from 42b
Ellyse Perry25 (25)
Meg Lanning42 (26)
Anya Shrubsole4-0-29-1
Danielle Hazell3-0-28-0

Stuart: "I think Nadim Mukadam is trying to say that Virat Kohli is nearly as good as Meg Lanning?"

Shrubsole to Perry, 1 run
fuller delivery on off stump, but all the pace has been taken off. Perry blocks with soft hands and pinches a single
Shrubsole to Lanning, 1 run
shortish and outside off, goes deep into he crease and cuts to deep third man to raise the fifty partnership
Shrubsole to Lanning, FOUR runs
terrible length there as she goes short on middle and Lanning has pummeled it to the midwicket boundary
Shrubsole to Lanning, no run
shortish and outside off, she goes back to cut and misses. Slower leg cutter deceives her