Player of the Match
Player of the Match

"I've been saying this all year long, getting an opportunity to play Australia, West Indies, South Africa, it has helped us prepare and given us a lot of confidence [playing the ICC Women's championship]," Sana Mir says, "Extremely proud of the way we played the last few matches, and we have been following England's team as well and we think we have a very good chance of beating them and playing the semis"

"This tournament, we are the youngest team here. We didn't win any game, but it was part of cricket. We gathered experience, and hopefully it will help us in the next tournament," Jahanara Alam says. "We need to do better physically and mentally. We have lack of experience. We haven't played too many international matches"

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Sidra Ameen is the Player of the Match. "When I stared the innings, I was a little confused, but once I started playing my shots, I got confident. I played ball by ball, then thanks to Bismah, she told me how to play, play according to the field, pick the gaps"

Pakistan are off for a little lap of honour around the ground. Presentations to come soon

adnan Akhtar: "Two virtual quarterfinals on Sunday in Mohali! India vs WI for the women and India vs Australia for the men"

That's a nine-wicket win, that should help with net run-rate calculations. And up in Dharamsala, England have won a thriller by one wicket. Here in Delhi, Amin walks off with the biggest smile anyone could ever have. Struck her maiden fifty in a World Cup. Maroof lets her lead, but Amin trots back to her partner and they walk off together to shake hands with the Bangladesh team. Pakistan's best partnership in Women's World T20 - 99 unbeaten runs in a superbly controlled chase. Have to admit though, Bangladesh weren't able to handle the dew that was around. They struggled to collect the ball out on the field, a few full tosses slipped out of the bowler's hands too

Panna Ghosh to Sidra Ameen, 1 run, and there it is! Amin exults after completing an innocuous little single behind point
Panna Ghosh to Sidra Ameen, 1 wide, offcutter slides down leg
Panna Ghosh to Bismah Maroof, 1 bye, fuller ball outside off, slogs, misses, and they steal a bye. Would have been out had Nigar hit the stumps direct.
Panna Ghosh to Bismah Maroof, no run, fuller ball outside off, Maroof goes for the lash over cover and misses it

16 | 4 Runs | PAK-W: 111/1 (3 runs required from 24 balls, RR: 6.93, RRR: 0.75)

  • Bismah Maroof43 (40b)
  • Sidra Ameen52 (47b)
  • Jahanara Alam2-0-11-0
  • Panna Ghosh2-0-14-0
Jahanara Alam to Bismah Maroof, 1 run, back of a length, slower ball too, flicked towards backward square leg

This is Pakistan's highest partnership in World T20 cricket