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Rain thwarts series opener

The Scottish monsoon season put paid to Sri Lanka's ODI against Ireland on Monday

Match Centre


Commentator: Callum Stewart

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9.50am - Good morning and welcome to our ball-by-ball coverage of this International ODI tri-series with your commentator for the day, Callum Stewart. First up we have Ireland v Sri Lanka, but there has been some heavy overnight rain here in Edinburgh which will delay the start of play. The umpires have called for a pitch inspection at 1.00pm, so we won't see any action before then.

There were a few more heavy showers this morning, but the weather has dried up now. The groundsmen team are out in the middle chatting with the umpires about the pitch. The covers are off, but no sign of the players yet. Here is the line-up for the ODI Tri-Series at Grange, Edinburgh.

Monday 11th July - Ireland v Sri Lanka
Tuesday 12th July - Scotland v Ireland
Wednesday 13th July - Scotland v Sri Lanka.

All matches are due to start at 10.45am local time.

10.50am - There's lots of empty seats around the ground, plenty of Sri-Lanka and Ireland fans have taken refuge in nearby coffee shops. It's starting to rain again and this match could look more like a Twenty-20 instead of a 50-over game.

11.15am - The light rain has now stopped again, but the covers are staying on. Inspection still due for 1.00pm local time, with a hopeful start at 1.45pm if there's no more rain. For anyone in the Edinburgh area looking to come down and watch today, tickets are available on the gate at £20 for adults and £10 for concessions.

While we're all waiting for the ground to dry up, please feel to send us your commentary feedback and cricket-related banter here. You can also have some fun liking various stuff on our Facebook page.

Donny says; "£20 a ticket? No surprise the crowds are low. Here in Sri Lanka a ticket to a game sometimes cost less than £1." Hmm, yes. A problem for the associate nations is that a large proportion of their money comes from these ticket sales, and it's not often they get to play a test nation. The other option is to jump over the wall (but I didn't tell you that!).

11.55am - The rain is back, and a bit harder this time too. The umbrellas are up and people are taking shelter under in the marquee tents.

Neil says; "It would also help if the BBC was prepared to screen some cricket, live or otherwise. That TV revenue simply doesn't exist at the moment and, given the number of cricket-loving licence-fee payers in Scotland, it's a disgrace this series is being completely ignored." Too right, the BBC spend a lot of money sending over 400 staff to the likes of Glastonbury and paying millions for celebrity contracts, who wouldn't like to see a small slice of that going to screening Scottish cricket.

12.20pm - It's still raining just now, the ground is already soaked from the overnight rain and any more heavy downpours might put an early end to the days proceedings. We will have to wait and see what the umpires say. The players have arrived but all they can do is wait and watch the rain come down from inside the pavilion.

12.50pm - The rain has all but stopped now, but that shower could damage the hopes for any cricket today. The covers are coming off and being folded up as we speak and the sun is trying to peek through the dark clouds. Some of the players are coming out from hiding.

1.10pm - The umpires have been out to have a look. Not great news as they have requested another inspection later at 2.30pm, but the covers are off and the sun is out. Hopes for a 20 or 30 over game later this afternoon. That last heavy shower didn't help the square but we will get some cricket if it stays dry from now on.

2.00pm - The rain has stayed away, and the rest of the covers are being folded up and packed up. The heavy roller is on the wicket and the players are out warming up, high hopes for the inspection in 30 minutes time. Ireland are well-known test-nation giant killers - can they get one over on the World Cup runners up Sri-Lanka this afternoon? Keep your comments coming in. If you've got Twitter, you can follow us @espncricinfo.

Most of your comments are wishing for the rain to stay away. It's windy and cloudy here in the Scottish capital, but no rain!

Jimmy from Australia says; " I honestly cannot see why no-one is covering this series [on television]. I mean, are they trying to turn us to football or something? I'm 15 years old and if I can see how this series benefits cricket in the whole, then surely these "professionals" can too?". Thanks Jimmy, unfortunately the only time associates manage to make it on television is at the World Cup, and they are trying to stop them from entering that too! Hopefully we can get some exciting cricket for all of you follow on the text commentary, and the supporters at the ground. Inspection due imminently.

2.50pm - I'm afraid I bring bad news that the game has been cancelled. Apologies for the delay, the groundsmen switched our power and internet off shortly after the announcement was made. It's a shame now as the sun was out and things were looking promising, but the umpires decided that the run-ups and outfield were too wet. The damage had been done by the heavy overnight rain and the lunchtime showers. Do join us tomorrow for Scotland v Ireland, but for now from Callum Stewart here in Edinburgh, have a good afternoon.