38th match (N), Dhaka, Dec 3 2017, Bangladesh Premier League
(20 ov, target 148)
Riders won by 19 runs
Player Of The Match
Rangpur Rangers
KT Innings
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end of over 204 runs
KT: 128/8CRR: 6.4 
Shafiul Islam4 (9)
Mohammad Irfan1 (2)
Isuru Udana4-0-37-1
Ravi Bopara2-0-4-2

9.35pm There it is - Rangpur, Khulna, Dhaka, and Comilla are the four teams in the playoffs. How crucial were those late hits from Mithun? Rangpur plundered 33 off their last two overs to lift the total to 147. That has made the difference this game. Do stick around for the presentation.

Mahmudullah: Losing wickets in regular intervals hurt us. The last two overs the bowlers went for runs, but we managed to restrict them to a good total. Next game we need to pull our socks up and finish in the top two.

Mashrafe: With Archer's wicket we were in the game. Mithun has not got to finish games this season, but today we finished it. Because of his innings we won the game. On this wickets spinners can play a good role, that's why we had three spinners. At the moment, we are happy we can through.

Mithun, Man of the Match for his unbeaten 50 off 35 balls.

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Waleed Zahoor: "Mahmullah's pathetic captaincy has cost them the match. Not playing Junaid was a big blunder, but giving the last 2 overs to Archer and Shafiul were even bigger howlers. Brathwaite and Abu Jayed wouldn't have bowled this poorly "

Udana to Shafiul Islam, 2 runs
pretty full and angling across off, Shafiul reaches out and carves it away past the left of long-off. Rangpur win by 19 runs and make the playoffs
Udana to Mohammad Irfan, 1 run
full-toss angling across off, toe-ended down to long-off
Udana to Mohammad Irfan, no run
back of a length and wide of off again, slashes and only connects with thin air
Udana to Shafiul Islam, 1 run
full-toss, angling across off, and that's stabbed away to the off-side sweeper
Udana to Shafiul Islam, no run
really full and slanting across off, Shafiul, having backed away, can't reach it. Left alone
Udana to Shafiul Islam, no run
good length and slanting away outside off, runs past the swinging bat

Khulna need 24 off the last over. Here is Udana from over the wicket

end of over 191 runs • 1 wicket
KT: 124/8CRR: 6.52 • RRR: 24.00
Shafiul Islam1 (5)
Mohammad Irfan0 (0)
Ravi Bopara2-0-4-2
Isuru Udana3-0-33-1
Bopara to Shafiul Islam, 1 run
tickled off the hips to short fine leg
Bopara to Shafiul Islam, no run
slower cutter again, floats through outside off, another big swing and a miss
Bopara to Shafiul Islam, no run
another slower cutter, drifts past the leg stump as Shafiul swings and misses
Bopara to Shafiul Islam, no run
slower awaycutter outside off, the batsman swipes waaaaay too early... and misses
Bopara to Shafiul Islam, no run
Bopara grabs a cracking return catch! He claims a catch, the two on-field umpires converge and refer it to the TV umpire. The soft signal is out. Low full-toss outside off, scooped away to the left of the bowler. Has Bopara taken it cleanly? Replays suggest the ball touched the ground before Bopara wrapped his fingers around it
Bopara to Ariful Haque, OUT
Baz falls on his back at long-on and completes a sharp catch. Bopara floats a slower, back-of-a-length ball outside off, miscues a heave to long-on
Ariful Haque c McCullum b Bopara 6 (7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 85.71


end of over 1816 runs • 1 wicket
KT: 123/6CRR: 6.83 • RRR: 12.50
Jofra Archer19 (11)
Isuru Udana3-0-33-1
Mashrafe Mortaza4-0-21-0
Udana to Ariful Haque, 1 run, OUT
A horrid mix-up between the wickets and Archer is run out at the keeper's end. Wide yorker, jammed out to long-off. Archer wants a double, he is more than half way down the pitch, Ariful, however, isn't interested. Archer can't undo his steps in time
JC Archer run out (Bopara/†Mohammad Mithun) 19 (11b 0x4 2x6) SR: 172.72
Udana to Archer, 1 bye
really full and slanting away wide outside off from around the wicket, Archer ventures across off, has a big slog, and doesn't make contact. The keeper does not gather it cleanly and they get a bye
Udana to Archer, SIX runs
Archer swings for the hills, and clears deep midwicket. Reads the slower, shorter ball on off, barely 100ks, smites it for another leg-side six

Baundele: "This is very poor captaincy by Mashrafe, bringing in Udana, who is very inconsistent with his line and length. Mash should have learnt from their previous match."

Udana to Archer, 2 runs
slower, short ball outside off, Archer forays down the track and flat-bats it wide of long-on
Udana to Archer, no run
Udana now nails a yorker outside off, squeezed out to cover
Udana to Archer, SIX runs
Udana aims for a yorker but ends up serving a half-volley on middle and leg stumps, Archer picks it up and dispatches it over deep midwicket. He picked the slower one and sent it soaring over the boundary
end of over 177 runs
KT: 107/6CRR: 6.29 • RRR: 13.66
Jofra Archer5 (6)
Ariful Haque5 (5)
Mashrafe Mortaza4-0-21-0
Isuru Udana2-0-18-1
Mashrafe Mortaza to Archer, 1 run
whipped off the pads to deep midwicket, too full for Archer to get under and swipe it away. Excellent lengths from Mashrafe this over
Mashrafe Mortaza to Ariful Haque, 1 run
near yorker on middle, sliced down to long-off
Mashrafe Mortaza to Archer, 1 run
leg-stump yorker, toe ended to wide long-on
Mashrafe Mortaza to Ariful Haque, 1 run
full on middle from around the wicket, swiped away to deep midwicket
Mashrafe Mortaza to Ariful Haque, 2 runs
really full at leg stump, jabbed away to wide long-on
Mashrafe Mortaza to Archer, 1 run
really full and angling away just outside off, the bat turns his hands as he splices it to long-off

Mashrafe brings himself back into the attack