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3.30pm Called off, chaps. The rain hasn't stopped, so I'm afraid the prospects of the second match happening don't look too good as of now. But that is still some time away, two-and-a-half hours, to be precise. The result of this washout is that Sylhet have moved top. Khulna remain unmoved at fourth position. In the event of the next match too being washed out or Dhaka winning, they will displace Sylhet. But a Chittagong Vikings win will enable Sylhet to hold for a little longer. Be back in a little while for our coverage of the next match. For now, goodbye from all of us! Thanks for your patience.

If you thought the rains were off-seasonal and today's non-starter was bizarre, check this out.

3.15pm Hearing that the match could be called off any moment now. We will keep you posted.

Tanny: "Only positive- a welcome break to your ever typing fingers " Absolutely. Thanks for the empathy! Appreciate it.

2pm Nothing to update, I'm afraid. Still awaiting a start. The cut-off time for the game to begin is 3.55pm local time. That's a little under two hours from now.

12.50pm Live pictures cut a gloomy picture. No sight of the sun and there is still a persistent drizzle. Covers still firmly planted on the square, but large parts of the outfield is still left uncovered. Just a drizzle but it's pretty persistent. So that's the update for now. We don't have a start yet, not until the drizzle ceases.

Iraaj: "So disapointed by khulna last game. Was excited to see khulna stretigy today. Unfortunately rain is interepting the game and spoiling excitement. ."

12.30 pm Hello and welcome to ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball coverage of the BPL game between Sylhet Sixers and Khulna Titans. Ordinarily, the toss would have happened by now, but a bit of rain is playing spoilsport. The square in Mirpur is under covers. We'll keep you updated on further developments.

Musavvir Mahmud: "Rain at this time of year is very unusual here. Most of the matches were low scoring, let's see how the overcast condition plays a role today."

Khulna Titans put behind a defeat in their opening game to Dhaka Dynamites with back-to-back wins, but then lost again to the same opponents in their previous game. They need a more sustained run of success.

Sylhet Sixers, the BPL's newest arrival, announced their entry with a thumping victory over Dhaka in the tournament opener and built up significant steam by following it up with two more wins. But defeats in their last two matches, to Khulna and Dhaka, had stalled a lot of that momentum, and they are now seeking to return to how they started.

Sylhet and Dhaka are currently in third and fourth positions, which is not a bad place to be in as that will suffice to get them through to the knockouts. But they will want to consolidate their positions, or better yet, earn a promotion into the top two which will give them an additional chance to qualify for the final.

A win for Sylhet today will take them to the top of the table, if only temporarily. But a win for Khulna will only take them to third, by virtue of a better net run rate compared to Sylhet.

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