16th Match (N), Sylhet, Jan 15 2019, Bangladesh Premier League
(11.1/20 ov, target 69)
Victorians won by 8 wickets (with 53 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
Comilla Warriors
• The Report by Peter Della Penna

Mahedi Hasan spins Sylhet Sixers to heavy defeat

The spinner took 4 for 22 as the Sixers were bowled out for just 68 in their first match on home ground, giving Comilla Victorians an easy chase

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Commentator: @saurabh_42
Scorecard summary
Sylhet Sixers68(14.5 overs)
Alok Kapali*33 (31)
Liton Das6 (13)
Wahab Riaz3/15(2.5)
Comilla Victorians69/2(11.1 overs)

9.34pm That's all we have for you today. Join us for more BPL action tomorrow. This is Saurabh Somani, signing off.

9.16pm Two more points for Comilla. Easy-paced enough chase in the end despite the wobble at the start. But once they had bowled out Sylhet for 68, it would have taken something extraordinary to win. That didn't happen. Comiilla have 6 points, and are in second place on the points table.

David Warner: "It wasn't ideal, but you have to complement the way they bowled. They took ten wickets which were genuine wickets, there weren't any poor shots. And when you lose wickets up front you get in a defensive mindset. They really took it away from us in that first six overs. The wet outfield helped, with the ball coming on better once it was wet. That's something we have to think about. We need to minimise the damage when the ball is dry and we're batting, and then look to control things when bowling with a wet ball."

Mahedi Hasan is the man of the match. "Everyone dreams of doing well and so did I. I was normal on the hat-trick ball. I was confident after Saifuddin had bowled a good first over."

Imrul Kayes, the winning skipper. "Completely team effort for a good performance. I'll give all credit to our spinners, especially Mahedi. Wahab came today and came straight here. It's very difficult to play here, but he has done that. Overall, our pacers are bowling excellently. I thought if we stayed at the wicket we could easily finish the game (with Shamsur). Everyone is happy with the win and our confidence is up. Last match we played brilliantly but we lost, but that can happen."

Afif Hossain to Imrul Kayes, 2 runs
flat and angled into the batsman, flicked to deep square leg and it's in the gap, so they can pick up the two runs needed for victory. Comfortable eight-wicket win in the end, and they'll have boosted their net run-rate by getting there in 11.1 overs

Only two runs needed

end of over 1111 runs
CW: 67/2CRR: 6.09 • RRR: 0.22 • Need 2 from 54b
Imrul Kayes28 (21)
Shamsur Rahman34 (37)
Al-Amin Hossain1-0-10-0
Alok Kapali2-0-13-0
Al-Amin Hossain to Imrul Kayes, 1 run
flicked to fine leg
Al-Amin Hossain to Imrul Kayes, no run
good comeback by the bowler with a slower bouncer, the batsman shaped to pull then decided against it
Al-Amin Hossain to Imrul Kayes, FOUR runs
carved over extra-cover with great timing and power. Too full on the stumps, and he steps away and lets his arms swing freely. They want to finish it in this over
Al-Amin Hossain to Shamsur Rahman, 1 run
length ball, nipping back in, he has a swat at it, but it rolls to midwicket off the under-edge
Al-Amin Hossain to Imrul Kayes, 1 leg bye
good length on leg stump, pitched outside leg though. Beats his forward defence and raps him on the back pad, nipping off the seam. Can't be lbw because it pitched outside leg. They take a leg-bye to short third man
Al-Amin Hossain to Imrul Kayes, FOUR runs
very full on the stumps, and driven straight back. Beats the bowler, beats a clumsy dive by mid-off and straight into the fence

sumit saha: "Its a good opportunity for Victorian's to improve Net Run Rate. Which could be vital in the later of group stage. "

end of over 1012 runs
CW: 56/2CRR: 5.6 • RRR: 1.30 • Need 13 from 60b
Imrul Kayes19 (16)
Shamsur Rahman33 (36)
Alok Kapali2-0-13-0
Nabil Samad3-0-15-0
Alok Kapali to Imrul Kayes, 1 run
full and outside off, drives through the covers
Alok Kapali to Shamsur Rahman, 1 run
goes back and punches a flatter delivery to long-on
Alok Kapali to Shamsur Rahman, no run
looks like the googly, which he tucks to a wide mid-on
Alok Kapali to Shamsur Rahman, FOUR runs
another long hop and he hammers it over deep midwicket, quick feet taking him back in the crease and then his power doing the rest
Alok Kapali to Shamsur Rahman, 2 runs
drags the length short and Shamsur rocks back to pull it to the left of midwicket
Alok Kapali to Shamsur Rahman, FOUR runs
it's too full for the sweep shot, but he somehow manages it, possibly because he doesn't get fully down on one knee.
end of over 911 runs
CW: 44/2CRR: 4.88 • RRR: 2.27 • Need 25 from 66b
Shamsur Rahman22 (31)
Imrul Kayes18 (15)
Nabil Samad3-0-15-0
Alok Kapali1-0-1-0

That's the time out.

Nabil Samad to Shamsur Rahman, 1 run
leans into the tossed up delivery outside off and drives through extra cover
Nabil Samad to Imrul Kayes, 1 run
nudges a flatter delivery off his pads to deep square leg
Nabil Samad to Imrul Kayes, 2 runs
slices the shortish delivery outside off to deep point
Nabil Samad to Imrul Kayes, SIX runs
has some room to free the arms and so he gets down on one leg and slog sweeps the ball over square leg. Excellent shot
Nabil Samad to Shamsur Rahman, 1 run
good length on middle, he blocks towards point
Match details
Sylhet International Cricket Stadium
TossComilla Victorians , elected to field first
SeriesBangladesh Premier League 2019
Player Of The Match
Mahedi Hasan
Match days15 January 2019 - night match (20-over match)
Ranmore Martinesz
Masudur Rahman
TV Umpire
Tanvir Ahmed
Reserve Umpire
Mahfuzur Rahman
Match Referee
Showkatur Rahman
PointsComilla Victorians 2, Sylhet Sixers 0