20 | 11 Runs | CANT: 178/7 (4 runs required, RR: 8.90)

  • Peter Fulton88 (49b)
  • Matt Henry0 (1b)
  • Scott Kuggeleijn2-0-31-0
  • Chris Tremain3-0-19-3

What a fantastic end to an enthralling game of t20 cricket. The real shame is that Fulton's sensational hand goes largely unrewarded as he finishes on the losing side with an unbeaten 88 off 49 balls. Well done to Kuggeleijn for holding his nerve under immense pressure to conceed just 9 runs off the bat. That means that the hsost go through to tomorrow night's final against the top-qualifiers, the Otago Volts. Kane Williamson's 79 not out ensured that the Knights posted a very competitive 181. At 37 for three in the seventh over, the Wizards looked to be really struggling but an inspired piece of captaincy/coaching saw Ronnie Hira promoted to number five. Hira added 84 in just 39 balls with his captain, including 43 off 21 himself. Hira's innings gave the innings the impetus it needed and the partnership also saw Fulton blossum, striking a number of powerful blows down the ground. Hira's dismissal saw the visitors lose three for 8 in 13 balls but Fulton remained. Jono Boult and Chris Tremain bagged five wickets between them to peg the Wizards back and while Fulton looked likely in the final over, it was Kuggeleijn who held his nerve to deliver the all-important victory. Join us again tomorrow night for live ball-by-ball coverage of the final, here again at Seddon Park in Hamilton. Good luck and god speed.

Kuggeleijn to Fulton, 1 run, and Kuggeleijn delivers exactly what his team were after as this one is too full for Fulton to get underneath and it flies down to long on and the Knights celebrate!
Kuggeleijn to Fulton, 2 runs, the bowler hits his yorker here and Fulton digs it out to mid wicket for a couple
Kuggeleijn to Fulton, SIX runs, Fulton stays still this time and Kuggeleijn delivers the ball in the slot and Fulton hammers it high over long off. This game has had more ups and downs than a soap opera!
Kuggeleijn to Fulton, no run, Fulton back away and Kuggeleijn goes full and wide and he plays and misses! Cricual miss from Fulton there. 13 needed off three balls
Kuggeleijn to Henry, 1 bye, fullish in length and Henry misses out here as he can't lay the bat on it and they take a bye
Kuggeleijn to Fulton, 1 leg bye, good yorker in a leg stump and Fulton misses it with the bat and it takes him on the foot and they scamper a leg bye

19 | 5 Runs 1 Wkt | CANT: 167/7 (15 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 8.78, RRR: 15.00)

  • Peter Fulton79 (44b)
  • Chris Tremain3-0-19-3
  • Kane Williamson4-0-25-1

The Knights have called upon Scott Kuggeleijn to bowl the final over of the match with the Wizards needing 15 to win. Big call given that Kuggeleijn went for 22 in his only over

Tremain to Ellis, OUT, Tremain goes full and wide and Ellis nicks it to the keeper Watling. That was there to be taken over cover but Tremain prevails in a fantastic over from the overseas pro

AM Ellis c †Watling b Tremain 5 (16m 9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 55.55

Tremain to Fulton, 1 run, full and wide of off stump and all Fulton can do is drive to long on
Tremain to Ellis, 1 run, another perfect yorker from Tremain sees Ellis drive to long on
Tremain to Fulton, 1 run, yorker length just outside off stump and Fulton digs it out off the inside edge and into the leg side
Tremain to Ellis, 1 run, in the slot and Ellis hammers it directly into the ground and it races down the ground to long on
Tremain to Fulton, 1 run, full in length and Fulton lofts towards long on but it lands in front of Wilson down there

18 | 13 Runs | CANT: 162/6 (20 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 9.00, RRR: 10.00)

  • Peter Fulton76 (41b)
  • Andrew Ellis3 (6b)
  • Kane Williamson4-0-25-1
  • Ish Sodhi3-0-21-0

Fulton is playing a very impressive innings here. Not only has he shown raw power but he's drawn upon every year of his vast experience to guide the chase perfectly

Williamson to Fulton, 1 run, quick again and outside off stump and Fulton plays to long on
Williamson to Fulton, 2 runs, flat and angling into leg stump and Fulton clips this through mid wicket and he's gapped it perfectly to get two more
Williamson to Ellis, 1 run, Ellis advances and heaves it over mid wicket to the leg side sweeper
Williamson to Fulton, 1 run, similar delivery and similar shot but he hits it too well to get the second
Williamson to Fulton, 2 runs, darted into middle stump and worked itno the leg side and well-weighted to allow him to come back for the second

Fulton collects his sixth maximum of the innings and also his highest t20 score. This is a memorable innings from the New Zealand test match opener. Can he take them home?

Williamson to Fulton, SIX runs, Fulton advances down the track and launches Williamson high over long off for yet another half dozen. My word 'Two meter Peter' can hit them big!

17 | 18 Runs | CANT: 149/6 (33 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 8.76, RRR: 11.00)

  • Peter Fulton64 (36b)
  • Andrew Ellis2 (5b)
  • Ish Sodhi3-0-21-0
  • Kane Williamson3-0-12-1

Crucial over for the Wizards there with Fulton leading from the front and taking the risks which have paid off. 33 needed from three overs

Sodhi to Fulton, 1 run, flatter outside the off stump and Fulton guides it to short third man
Sodhi to Fulton, SIX runs, Sodhi bowls a full toss and Fulton comes down the wicket and collects it nicely and swings it high over the bowler's head for six more!
  • Northern Districts sneak into final

    Kane Williamson scored an unbeaten 79 off just 55 deliveries to set up a narrow three-run win for Northern Districts against Canterbury, and secure their place in Saturday's final against Otago

Canterbury 2nd innings Partnerships

1st12RJ NicolGH Worker
2nd0RJ NicolDG Brownlie
3rd25PG FultonDG Brownlie
4th84PG FultonRM Hira
5th6PG FultonTWM Latham
6th2PG FultonBJ Diamanti
7th38PG FultonAM Ellis
8th11PG FultonMJ Henry