Player of the Match
Player of the Match

That's all we have from T&T. Join us on Tuesday for the match between West Indies and Sri Lanka

Quotes from the presentation
"We got to give the credit to the Indian batters," says Dwayne Bravo. "Especially Virat. We could have done a lot better with our chase. We have got to regroup for the match against Sri Lanka. We can't afford to make the same mistakes again. We accept our defeat today, but we are still in a strong position, and come Sunday we have to give a better account of ourselves. Coming back after the rain, the conditions helped seam bowling. And they bowled really well."

"More than that, I am happy we won with a bonus point," says Virat Kohli, who is also the Man of the Match. "We got a good start. It's a bit of a tricky situation if you go in after a good start. You don;t know whether to play yourself in or go after the bowlers. To get a hundred in my second game as captain, I am pretty happy. I was getting good starts, but hitting that one shot straight to the fielder, so I was waiting for this big innings."

Except for that ninth-wicket partnership that India should have ended much earlier, this is a perfect game for India. Update on Jadaina situation first: more heated argument between Raina and Jadeja. Jadeja walks away from Raina, but eventually they walk off the field together. Just to remind you, Raina had missed that catch off Jadeja's bowling, and then when Jadeja eventually got the wicket, the two seemed to be arguing

Anyway, it shouldn't take the sheen off a superb performance by India otherwise. Right from the opening stand between Dhawan and Sharma, and the finish by Kohli who brought up his 14th ODI century. With the ball, Bhuvneshwar showed why it was a mistake to drop him in the previous match. And once the rain spiced up the pitch, the Indian seamers were nigh unplayable. India now have five points, which is level with Sri Lanka, but Sri Lanka's NRR is better. West Indies still at the top. Hang on for quotes from the presentation

Jadeja to Roach, OUT, Jadeja finishes it off. India claim the bonus point. This is full and straight, Roach plays across the line, is hit on the pad, and then on the stumps

KAJ Roach b Jadeja 34 (49m 33b 3x4 2x6) SR: 103.03

A heated argument between Jadeja aand Raina during the break. Does it have anything to do with that catch dropped earlier? In comes Tino Best

Jadeja to Narine, OUT, finally India get a wicket. Finally Narine falls. He makes room, tries to go over cover, but he doesn't have that much space to swing, and finds long-off

SP Narine c I Sharma b Jadeja 21 (36m 33b 0x4 2x6) SR: 63.63

Yadav to Roach, FOUR runs, short, Roach moves across to get inside the line, and pulls it fine of fine leg for four more. Now they need 54 to avoid the bonus point

This is Yadav's last over

Jadeja to Narine, SIX runs, and now Narine rubs it in by jumping down the wicket and lofting him for a six over long-on
Jadeja to Narine, 2 runs, Narine is missed this time. He is down the wicket, gets too much under the ball, and lofts it towards long-on. Bhuvneshwar and Raina are both calling for it but neither of them is listening, and at the last moment they both pull out of it. Both have misjudged it
Jadeja to Roach, FOUR runs, length ball, on off, swept away, over midwicket, gets a flat four

Yogesh: "Can someone tell Ashwin to bowl over the wicket and so he can get better spin asball turns a lot and he can bowl it outside the off."

Meanwhile Jadeja to bowl now

Ashwin to Roach, SIX runs, Roach has smoked this. Slog-sweeps this offbreak clean out of the ground, over midwicket

Aaram: "@25.1: A ricochet of Dhoni's body gear always used to find the fielder. Always. *sigh*"

Ashwin to Narine, no run, carrom ball, Narine doesn;t pick it, is hit high on the pad. Appeal for lbw but this seams headed down leg. Turning too much
Ashwin to Narine, SIX runs, Narine down the wicket, makes room, goes with the turn, inside-out, over extra cover. Top shot
Jadeja to Roach, FOUR runs, Roach gets four more. This is dragged too short, and is wide too. Punched away through cover
Jadeja to Roach, SIX runs, Roach hits a six. He just clears his throat and swings, and goes with the turn and over long-off
Jadeja to Roach, 1 run, dropped. Gets Roach's edge, hits Karthik's glove, and the ricochet goes between the slip and the gully

Time for a drinks break. India need to restrict West Indies to 218 to get the bonus point

Yadav to Sammy, OUT, slower offcutter, and Yadav has three wickets in three overs. Sammy is not too pleased. He thinks this is cutting too much, but umpire Llong says it is hitting the stumps. And he is right again. Sammy completely done in by the change of pace, and the movement off the track

DJG Sammy lbw b Yadav 12 (17m 13b 1x4 1x6) SR: 92.30

Yadav to Sammy, FOUR runs, that's a slap. Sammy wanted to attack no matter where this pitched. This was short of a lenght, but he has smacked this straight of mid-on for four
Yadav to DJ Bravo, OUT, stays low, skids through, jags back in from outside off, beats the inside edge, and is given out lbw. I think it is headed down leg, but I am waiting for a replay. And I am wrong. bravo had moved too far across, and was dead plumb

DJ Bravo lbw b Yadav 14 (43m 29b 0x4 1x6) SR: 48.27

  • Dwayne Bravo suspended for one match

    Dwayne Bravo, the West Indies captain, has been suspended for one match after being fined a second time within 12 months for maintaining a slow over-rate

  • Bonus-point relief for Kohli

    Virat Kohli, in his second match as captain, smacked an 83-ball 102 to power India to a tall score against West Indies, but he said more than his innings, India earning a bonus point was more satisfying

  • What makes Bhuvneshwar a threat?

    On the face of it Bhuvneshwar Kumar has no quality that's likely to catch a layman's fancy. But face him with a bat in hand and you'll know his worth

  • Bravo fit and excited to lead WI at home

    West Indies captain Dwayne Bravo has declared himself fit for his side's game against India at Port-of-Spain on Friday

  • All-round India crush West Indies

    Virat Kohli led by example with a blistering 102 off 83 balls to lift India to an imposing 311 before the seamers consigned the match to a no-contest even before the halfway stage

West Indies 2nd innings Partnerships

1st14CH GayleJ Charles
2nd11DM BravoJ Charles
3rd39MN SamuelsJ Charles
4th1KA PollardJ Charles
5th4DJ BravoJ Charles
6th22DJ BravoD Ramdin
7th17DJG SammyDJ Bravo
8th5DJG SammyKAJ Roach
9th58KAJ RoachSP Narine
10th0TL BestKAJ Roach