5th Match, Port of Spain, Jul 7-8 2013, West Indies Tri-Nation Series
(41/41 ov)
(41/41 ov, target 230)
Sri Lanka won by 39 runs (D/L method)
Player Of The Match
• The Report by Abhishek Purohit

Sangakkara, bowlers beat profligate WI

Sri Lanka overcame resistance from Lendl Simmons and Darren Bravo to move to the top of the table in the tri-series but fell just short of earning a bonus point

Match centre 
Scorer: S Balasubramanian
Commentator: Sidharth Monga
Scorecard summary
Sri Lanka219/8(41 overs)
West Indies190/9(41 overs)
end of over 416 runs
WI: 190/9CRR: 4.63 
Kemar Roach8 (11)
Tino Best5 (11)
Sachithra Senanayake9-0-41-0
Jeevan Mendis2-0-8-0

Sri Lanka are not yet officially through, but they will have to play a very very horrible match to be thrown out of the tournament now. It's practically between India and West Indies now. India will have to win by either a bonus point or a certain margin to deny West Indies (India's NRR is -.524 to West Indies' -.383). Sri Lanka will have to lose by a huge huge margin to let both India and West Indies through

That's all we have for tonight. Thanks for joining us. Cheers

Quotes from the presentation

"We undid the work we did yesterday," says Kieron Pollard. "It wasn't right on our part. When you set plans, you have to bowl the plans. We were all over the shop[. You can't set fields for bad bowling. If we are honest with ourselves, our bowling was not up to the mark. Thirty-one extras is totally expectable. Bravo and Simmons brought us back, but if we are totally honest with ourselves, myself included, we haven't batted well. We always put ourselves in these situations. As cricketers, we need to find a way out. It should not have come down to this."

"Very pleased with the boys," says Angelo Mathews. "They showed a lot of character. Especially on the first day. I thought Sangakkara batted brilliantly, he held the innings together. We had a team talk, and we needed to get runs. Especially with D/L, batting first is a disadvantage. It is tough to play around rain delays batting first. We had to get the runs, and I am glad that we got the runs."

"I think the wicket was quite spongy," says Kumar Sangakkara, the Man of the Match. "There was a slow high bounce. It needed patience at the start and slogging at the end. If you hang in there, with the new rules, and the wicket getting better, you can get the runs. The real decision is, when the going is tough, are you going to absorb the pressure or are you going to attack? Batting first, you can absorb the pressure and then catch up in the end. If you have wickets in hand, the advantage is with you. On tough wickets like this, being there in the end helps."

Sri Lanka win by 39 runs under D/L. Sanga and Jayawardene having a chat with the umpire. Maybe the umpires are not happy with Sri Lanka's sowing down of the game. Or perhaps because Sri Lanka know they have fallen behind the over-rate and are trying to list their excuses before the umpires make any decisions

All that aside, Sri Lanka have played the much superior cricket on the big moments. Yesterday they faced this pitch at the most spiteful, then they had to fight rain intervals in their innings, then they had to do without their strike bowler, Kula, who is now even ruled out of the tournament. yet Saga played a gem, and when in the chase the rain came to play with West Indies' minds, they slowed the game down and got inside their heads

Hang around for quotes from the presentation

Senanayake to Roach, no run
pushed outside off, beats the cut
Senanayake to Best, 1 run
shimmies and defends

Sri Lanka are absolutely rushing through their overs

Senanayake to Best, no run
slightly down the wicket, defends
Senanayake to Roach, 1 run
short this time, pulled away for a single
Senanayake to Roach, no run
defended back
Senanayake to Roach, FOUR runs
Roach slogs a length ball, and gets four wide of midwicket

Last over coming up

end of over 401 runs
WI: 184/9CRR: 4.6 • RRR: 46.00
Tino Best4 (9)
Kemar Roach3 (7)
Jeevan Mendis2-0-8-0
Lasith Malinga8-2-42-2
Mendis to Best, no run
Best is down the track, and is beaten. Sanga misses the stumping
Mendis to Best, no run
beaten on the cut
Mendis to Roach, 1 run
bunted into the leg side for one. No bonus point now
Mendis to Roach, no run
oh boy. Altercation between Best and Mendis. Pushed to the right of the bowler, Mendis runs into Best and jokingly tries to hold onto him. Best gives him a piece of his mind
Mendis to Roach, no run
short of a length, middle and leg, punched away to midwicket

Now Sri Lanka are trying to rush through their overs. "We're ready, mate," you can hear Sanga say

Mendis to Roach, no run
legbreak, on a length, middle and leg, defended

Jeevan Mendis to bowl now

end of over 396 runs
WI: 183/9CRR: 4.69 • RRR: 23.50
Tino Best4 (7)
Kemar Roach2 (3)
Lasith Malinga8-2-42-2
Angelo Mathews8-1-29-4
Malinga to Best, no run
bouncer now, on the stumps, he ducks under it
Malinga to Best, FOUR runs
shot. Slower ball, another half-volley, Best fancies it and drives it over mid-off for for four
Malinga to Best, no run
slower ball, half-volley outside off, pushed to cover
Malinga to Best, no run
yorker, on off, dug out by Best
Malinga to Best, 1 wide
tries that dipping full bunger again, but this is a wide down leg
Malinga to Best, no run
that lethal dipping full toss. Best has no clue about it. He is ducking a beamer here, but it comes down and hits the calf. Only it is headed down leg
Best performances - batsmen
KC Sangakkara
90 runs (95)
6 fours
1 sixes
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
36 runs
2 fours
0 sixes
DM Bravo
70 runs (84)
4 fours
1 sixes
Productive shot
off side drive on front foot
31 runs
4 fours
0 sixes
Best performances - bowlers
KAJ Roach
AD Mathews
Match details
Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain, Trinidad
TossWest Indies , elected to field first
SeriesWest Indies Tri-Nation Series 2013
Player Of The Match
Kumar Sangakkara
Match numberODI no. 3385
Hours of play (local time)09.30 start, First Session 09.30-13.00 Interval 13.00-13.45, Second Session 13.45-17.15
Match days7,8 July 2013 (50-over match)
Joel Wilson
Nigel Llong
TV Umpire
Peter Nero
Reserve Umpire
Nigel Duguid
Match Referee
Jeff Crowe
PointsSri Lanka 4, West Indies 0