Player of the Match
Player of the Match

Time for the presentation:

Eoin Morgan: We did well to get to 234 after the early wickets, 250 would have been better. Ultimately the early wickets cost us. Starc swings the ball like Jimmy Anderson, so credit to him. We still won't know what a par score is if we look back, losing wickets throughout the innings cost us. I was happy with my performance to start like this as captain but devastated at the result. Woakes bowled well, Moeen Ali held his own as well. Looking forward to play India after four days.

Starc is the Man of the Match: To contribute to a win is always great and make Australia win is what we play for. The ball came out nicely and they got some partnerships in the middle but as a whole we bowled really really well. It's fantastic to see Warner bat like that, he's had a great summer and showed it tonight as well. There's healthy competition among the fast bowlers in the squad, everyone's looking for games and wickets in the tri-series and in the lead up to the World Cup.

George Bailey: Outstanding, and especially the start Starc gave us. He's coming down at really good pace and he can rip through the heart of a team. Cummins is coming along nicely as well and Johnson will be back with Hazlewood so we have some good pace. It's a challenging tri-series here. We were reasonably late to go for the bonus point, maybe in the Powerplay and Warner deserved to get his hundred. We made sure he got it and then went for the win, trying to make sure it didn't get messy.

That's all we have from the first match of the series. Join us again on Sunday for the Australia-India clash at the MCG - 2.20pm local time. Until then it's goodbye from Vishal Dikshit. Adiós!

9.35pm What was going to be an easy win turned out to be stressful as Australia chased the bonus point. The target wasn't that steep on this pitch and Warner's hundred made sure they got there within 40 overs to start the series on a great note. What actually set it up for them was two wickets in the first three balls of the match from Mitchell Starc. It did go downhill from there, even though Eoin Morgan unleashed a fighting hundred that put up a respectable score for England.

Broad to Faulkner, 2 runs, it's done now, Faulkner makes sure there are no more stutters as he slaps the ball just over Bopara at short midwicket for two and Australia do get the bonus point
Broad to Faulkner, OUT, oh, that's chaos, that's just poor stuff from Australia as Haddin is run out! Faulkner dug out the full delivery to short midwicket, Haddin was already halfway down the track and Bopara ran to the non-striker's end with the ball to run him out

BJ Haddin run out (Bopara) 16 (15m 8b 3x4 0x6) SR: 200.00

Broad to Faulkner, no run, charges down the track and Broad angles it in, Faulkner pokes and misses
Broad to Haddin, 1 run, full toss on the pads and it's clipped on the leg side for one
Broad to Haddin, no run, makes a bit of room and pushes the length ball back to the bowler

Australia scored 50 for 3 in the Powerplay. Now 3 required off 6 for the bonus point

39 | 13 Runs 1 Wkt | AUS: 232/6 (3 runs required from 10.1 overs, RR: 5.94, RRR: 0.27)

  • James Faulkner4 (1b)
  • Brad Haddin15 (6b)
  • Chris Woakes8-1-40-4
  • Stuart Broad6-0-46-0
Woakes to Faulkner, FOUR runs, slightly short outside off, Faulkner slaps it right between mid on and midwicket for four. Bonus point becomes easy now
Woakes to Haddin, 1 run, full outside off, driven easily to sweeper cover for one
Woakes to Warner, OUT, oh, another wicket, Warner also falls. He tried to heave the length delivery on the off side over the in field but got a leading edge and was caught at point. Raises the bat for the crowd while walking back

DA Warner c Bell b Woakes 127 (169m 115b 18x4 0x6) SR: 110.43

Woakes to Warner, FOUR runs, stays left-handed this time and gets a full toss to smash it over the fine leg boundary for four. Might have been a no ball, but not given
Woakes to Warner, no run, that's a switch hit, but he doesn't connect well. Changed the grip of the bat and could not clear the leg side in field
Woakes to Warner, FOUR runs, it's full, it's smacked, it's four! Cleared his front foot out of the way and cleared the mid on fielder

16 runs required from 12 balls for bonus point, and 12 overs to win

38 | 18 Runs | AUS: 219/5 (16 runs required from 10.1 overs, RR: 5.76, RRR: 1.33)

  • David Warner119 (111b)
  • Brad Haddin14 (5b)
  • Stuart Broad6-0-46-0
  • Chris Woakes7-1-27-3
Broad to Warner, 1 run, full outside off now, steered to cover for one
Broad to Warner, FOUR runs, full on the leg stump, Warner heaves it to the wide long on boundary for another cracking four!
Broad to Haddin, 1 run,
Broad to Haddin, FOUR runs, oh, what a shot! He made room, the ball was coming in towards leg stump and he cut it fiercely past point for four
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An Australian First


Number of hundreds scored by Australian batsmen against England in 22 ODIs at the SCG; Warner is the first.

A long time coming


Innings since David Warner's last ODI hundred, against Sri Lanka, at the Adelaide Oval, in March 2012

Morgan v Australia


Percentage of England's team runs (234) scored by Eoin Morgan (121). Excluding extras, the other 10 batsmen made 93 runs

Eoin loves the rivalry


Number of 50+ scores for Eoin Morgan in his last 14 ODI innings against Australia.

An English Crumble


Number of times that England have lost four wickets for less than 50 runs in an ODI in Australia. The last instance was in 2003.