6.45pm KP is greeted by Sir Viv. Déjà vu for Lahore. They ran up 201 last season against Quetta and came up short. This time they had 200 and lost again. They seemed to be ahead until the slog overs. Their bowlers lost their lengths and heads and fed KP and Sarfraz who ransacked 101 in 45 balls. Anwar Ali then added to the finishing sparkle. That 21-run Narine last over was probably the turning point of the chase.

Kevin Pietersen, Man of the Match: It was not bad, especially after two first-ballers. It was a thrilling game and we were able to entertain the crowd. Credit to the ground-staff, this wicket is fantastic to the batsmen, not so much for the bowlers. Sarfraz's knock was outstanding. It was not just one player. The way Rossouw started, and Sarfraz batted, it was just a team effort. Not much was spoken after the first innings.

Baz: Unbelievable innings. That innings [from Pietersen] was right out of the top draw. We played well but ran second to some amazing batting. World-class players impose themselves on games. We were in charge until the last four overs. Tough losing games like this. To post 200 was brilliant, an above-par score. But you could do nothing when KP plays like that.

That is all we have for you from this match. Do join us for the Islamabad-Peshawar clash. Ciao.

Salim: "78 runs in last 3.5 overs....KP once again proved to be one of the biggest power houses of T20"

saidrahman zadr: "Thr best chase i have ever seen in history of #PSL"

Alamin: "KP! Remember the name"

Saaib Uppal: "Quetta required 68 runs off 25 balls. They ended up only needing 18!"

Sohail Tanvir to Anwar Ali, FOUR runs, length and outside off, Anwar Ali goes downtown again and seals victory for Quetta. Some stunning power-hitting from them at the death. Quetta move to the top of the table

Mube: "21 to Narine - 26 to Irfan - Game change"

Sohail Tanvir to Anwar Ali, 2 runs, dragged short and outside off, uses the pace and runs it down to third man
Sohail Tanvir to Anwar Ali, SIX runs, first-ball six for Anwar. So, that is why he has been sent ahead of Mahmudullah. Full and outside off, swings through the line and hits over long-off

Anwar Ali ahead of Mahmudullah

Sohail Tanvir to Sarfraz Ahmed, OUT, and Sarfraz nicks behind with his side 11 away from the target. He receives a rousing reception from the dug-out. Sarfraz backs away outside leg, this is a back of a length delivery outside off. He throws his bat at the ball and edges it behind. Carries low to Rizwan

Sarfraz Ahmed c †Mohammad Rizwan b Sohail Tanvir 45 (25b 3x4 3x6) SR: 180.00

Sohail Tanvir to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR runs, pitched up and outside off. Lahore are not getting their lengths right. Sarfraz backs away and merrily lifts it over cover

Em Jay: "7 sixes in last three overs. Jesus!!"

18 | 26 Runs | QG: 186/4 (15 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 10.33, RRR: 7.50)

  • Kevin Pietersen88 (42b)
  • Sarfaraz Ahmed41 (23b)
  • Mohammad Irfan4-0-48-2
  • Sunil Narine4-0-38-0
Mohammad Irfan to Pietersen, SIX runs, KP seems unstoppable. Make it a hat-trick of sixes. Fractionally short and outside off, KP is quick to rock back and pull it over wide long-on. 47 off last two overs. Whoa
Mohammad Irfan to Pietersen, SIX runs, yet another off-stump full-toss. KP goes much straighter now. Pings this over the long-on boundary. Poor death bowling from Lahore
Mohammad Irfan to Pietersen, SIX runs, Irfan Jnr loses his length and loses his head. Offers another full-toss on off stump, which is clobbered over midwicket
Mohammad Irfan to Sarfraz Ahmed, 1 run,
Mohammad Irfan to Pietersen, 1 run, Sarfraz backs away outside leg, this is very full on off, not a yorker though, jammed out to sweeper cover
Mohammad Irfan to Pietersen, SIX runs, full-toss on middle stump, KP hammers it over the straight boundary for another six

Irfan Jnr

17 | 21 Runs | QG: 160/4 (41 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 9.41, RRR: 13.66)

  • Kevin Pietersen63 (37b)
  • Sarfaraz Ahmed40 (22b)
  • Sunil Narine4-0-38-0
  • Sohail Tanvir3-0-31-1
Narine to Pietersen, 1 run, short of a length on off, a back-foot punch to cover ensues. 21 off that over
Narine to Sarfraz Ahmed, 1 run, swished to wide long-off

Narine conceded only 17 off his first three overs. He has already conceded 19 off four balls

Narine to Sarfraz Ahmed, SIX runs, full on off, right in the slot for Sarfraz. He dismisses it over midwicket with a powerful slog-sweep. That exploded from the middle of the bat. Sir Viv enjoyed that too. Narine under pressure, though

Adnan: "Lahore need to break this partnership and it's all over for Quetta"

Narine to Pietersen, 1 run, full and outside off, smeared back to the bowler. Narine sticks his left hand out and takes a stinging blow

Hassan: "Fakhar Zaman can also bowl. He can be used as spin bowler."

Quetta Glad 2nd innings Partnerships

1st13Ahmed ShehzadSaad Nasim
2nd11KP PietersenAhmed Shehzad
3rd57KP PietersenRR Rossouw
4th8KP PietersenNLTC Perera
5th101KP PietersenSarfaraz Ahmed
6th12KP PietersenAnwar Ali

Pakistan Super League