1st Qualifying Final, Sharjah, Feb 28 2017, Pakistan Super League
(20 ov, target 201)
Quetta Glad won by 1 run
Player Of The Match
Quetta Gladiators
PZ Innings
Full commentary
end of over 205 runs • 3 wicket
PZ: 199/8CRR: 9.95 
Daren Sammy11 (11)
Mohammad Nawaz4-0-51-3
Anwar Ali4-0-25-1

12.20 am That's all we have on ball-by-ball. Thanks for tuning in to the game, we hope you enjoyed it. Do come back for the second playoff between Islamabad and Karachi tomorrow [or well technically later today]. It's sure to be a belter too.

"Credit to the whole team for this victory, there was massive dew. I just told Nawaz, this is your time to become a hero," Sarfraz Ahmed says, "All credit to him too, to bowl the yorkers in such difficult conditions. Shehzad's batting was really good, gave us all the momentum. We knew we could defend 200. The belief was strong and we are into our second PSL final. Lots of tension, lots of pressure, and we're thankful for coming through and we're very happy. Thanks to the crowd for supporting both teams, even if they did support Peshawar more"

"It's a repeat of last year," Darren Sammy says, "I thought we did well to restrict them to 200 after the start they had. To bowl the last 10 overs for 70 runs, that was a good comeback. And then losing two quick wickets, the way Hafeez and Malan batted and Shahid in the end... I suppose cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties. First ball I thought I should finish the game, so I refused the single, but I backed the guys. Hasan, Wahab have all got runs for us. But the cricket Gods thought otherwise. We did everything to get ourselves into the finals. I guess mentally we have to be strong to come back against whoever we face. When you get so close and you lose, it's always difficult [mentally]"

Ahmed Shehzad is the Man of the Match, and his first responsibility is to take a selfie with the mascot. "I've been working hard," he says, "There have been ups and downs, but you have to stay strong. I had good support. Then I had a good domestic season and I was really pumped up for the PSL. If I continue like this, I can do wonders for the country, I guess. KP is a big player. And when you're with him, you can always have a good run-rate going and you can put a good foundation. Hats off to him"

12.00 am That's the second straight one run win for Quetta Gladiators against Peshawar Zalmi in PSL playoff matches. And what a game it was. First the pyrotechnics from Ahmed Shehzad (71 off 38) and Kevin Pietersen (40 off 22, with a 101 m six). Then the comeback from Peshawar with the ball, and taking that momentum into the chase, Mohammad Hafeez (77 off 47) and Dawid Malan (The fastest fifty for Peshawar) struck such beautiful fifties to keep the game alive.

Then Shahid Afridi tonked it all over the park and it seemed like a straightforward win when the equation was 20 off 18. But Nawaz took over from there on. Took a pressure catch to get rid of Afridi. Then nailed the yorkers in the final over to defend a mere six runs to put his team in the final in Lahore. Peshawar still have a chance of playing for the title. They will await the winners of the second playoff, which takes place on March 1, between Islamabad United and Karachi Kings

Saaib Uppal: "Unbelievable! Last year, Peshawar needed 8 from the final over and went 0, 4, 1, W, W, 1. This year, they needed 7 and went 0, 4, 1, W, W, 0!"

Mohammad Nawaz to Hasan Ali, OUT
Quetta have won it! Nawaz you absolute beauty! With a wet ball, with massive dew around, with great pressure on him, he bowls the yorker, he trusts himself to bowl the yorker. Hasan digs it out and overbalances. He tries to make his crease again, sees Sarfraz pick up the ball, and then bizarrely tries to run. After that, it was basic for the wicketkeeper to topple the stumps
Hasan Ali run out (†Sarfaraz Ahmed) 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Two off one ball and the proper batsman Sammy is stuck in the non-strikers' end. Long chat between him and the incoming batsman Hasan Ali. Now Sarfraz and Nawaz are in conversation...

Mohammad Nawaz to Wahab Riaz, OUT
he's gone! Quetta are cock a hoop! This is a yorker. Wahab flicks and just about saves himself from being bowled. But then looking all around, he can't see the ball, he thinks he's hit it away somewhere and goes for a run. Except the ball is right there, bouncing into Sarfraz's gloves, and he takes off the stumps with glee
Wahab Riaz run out (†Sarfaraz Ahmed) 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Two off two needed. Could we be in for a super over? Wahab Riaz is the new man in

Mohammad Nawaz to Jordan, OUT
caught behind. Great take from Sarfraz. This is a flatter delivery outside off, Jordan tries a cut and feathers an edge through to the Quetta captain to keep up the tension
CJ Jordan c †Sarfraz Ahmed b Mohammad Nawaz 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00

Jordan to face with two needed off three. Nawaz wiping the ball down vigorously