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McCullum: Winning meansa lot, absolutely. It hasn't been out best tournament but the last three games have gone well and it's a pleasure to be part of this unit that's trying very hard. We've lost a few critical moments early on and we could've probably won two or three more. But now that the pressure's gone, we've probably find the intensity and team connections. Shaheen - I like him a lot! He's got an immense amount of talent and a good strong head on his shoulders. I'm sure he's gonna be a superstar.

Sarfraz: We have discussed the scenarios for qualification but Zaman played an incredible innings. The bowling was alright, but Zaman was flawless. He hit very cleanly. His batting was good, more than our bowling being bad.

Fakhar: Been trying for a while to play a long innings. Luck was on my side today and I used my start. Early on our combination wasn't setting in and our middle order wasn't in form. So we wanted to make sure someone from the top batted well. I've given myself more time these days and then I play my game.

Fakhar Zaman is the Man of the Match.

11:51pm Third win for Lahore. Handshakes all around...except when Sohail comes across Yasir. A complete snub. A bit of clowning, but it's a solid win. They've done well to resist two blitzkriegs, one front Roy, one from Rossouw to manage a decent margin in the end. Fakhar Zaman, of course, set it all up for them. The spinners then strangled Quetta in the middle.

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Mohammad Nawaz, 1 run, length ball in at off stump. Swings across the line and gets an inside edge that dribbles to deep square's left

Goes over the wicket

SK Pamiri: "Yasir vs Sohail spat in PSL reminds me of Harbhajan vs Ambati Rayudu in IPL"

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Mohammad Nawaz, SIX runs, full ball just outside off, gets deep in the crease and creams this to the extra cover boundary. Stunning hit.

Salman khan: "Absolutely disgusting by Sohail, you can't disrespect your teammates like that. "

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Mohammad Nawaz, no run, lbw given and Nawaz reviews. It's a full ball from around the wicket, strikes him plumb in front of middle as he looks to slog. There's no edge on it either. This will come down to whether it pitched in line...it didn't. Marginally outside leg stump. He survives
Sohail Khan to Sarfraz Ahmed, 1 run, a sitter is put down at deep square. Watch your back Salman, Sohail's not a happy man at the moment. Short ball in at the hips and he swings a feeble pull, straight to the fielder, who looks like he's taken his eyes off it at the last moment

Young Shaheen has a bit of pressure on him now. Is this what Sarfaraz was waiting for? Shaheen's two overs? A big conference now with Yasir and Baz. Third man is coming in. Extra cover, mid-off and point are in too. Fine leg goes back. Will he dig it into the pitch?

Shaheen Shah Afridi to Sarfraz Ahmed, SIX runs, misses the yorker outside off. It's a friendly, knee-high full toss with a lot of room. He allows it to come on and opens the face to lift it over the point boundary
Sohail Khan to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR runs, disaster at long-on. Devcich lets a simple one through. It's a length ball and he drags it on the up down there. It's a poor effort from Devcich who is late on coming down on a rather pedestrian shot
McClenaghan to Mohammad Nawaz, FOUR runs, top edge runs away to the third man fence. Short of a length and rising up at his chest. He looks to pull but gets in an awful position for it. Still finds runs
McClenaghan to Sarfraz Ahmed, FOUR runs, gets it past mid-on. A short ball angled in at him from around the wicket. He gets behind and pulls from right in front of his throat to get it to mid-on's left

Quetta Glad 2nd innings Partnerships

1st52SR WatsonJJ Roy
2nd4KP PietersenJJ Roy
3rd13KP PietersenRameez Raja (2)
4th6Rameez Raja (2)RR Rossouw
5th17Anwar AliRR Rossouw
6th28Sarfraz AhmedRR Rossouw
7th49Sarfraz AhmedMohammad Nawaz (3)

Pakistan Super League