20 | 7 Runs 2 Wkts | KK: 137/8 (45 runs required, RR: 6.85)

  • Mohammad Irfan0 (0b)
  • Umaid Asif4-0-23-2
  • Wahab Riaz4-0-26-2

7:20pm Thanks for joining us. We have more, of course, with the top two teams taking each other on in about 40 minutes time. Have a good evening!

Darren Sammy: I must commend the team on the way they came out. Pressure game like this. We've put one foot in and we need to come back tomorrow. Must commend Kami and Saad for giving us the momentum. I think the guys know what we need to do. We've played nine games and put ourselves in this situation. We need to come in again and put in a clinical performance. I want to congratulate Younis Khan, he's not here but I think he has a newborn baby boy. I told him this morning that he'll bring love to us.

Eoin Morgan: Turned out to be a difficult game. We stayed in the game for a long time but we put a couple of chances down that really hurt us. All in all, our basics let us down. Zalmi got 20-25 more than we'd have liked and we didn't going with the bat at all. We turn our attention to tomorrow's game. I thought for a lot of the period tonight we created chances, so there are positives. We were let down on our basics and Darren Sammy took advantage of that.

K Akmal: Definitely the ball was staying low and skidding at the start. Wanted to spend time at the start. I give credit to Saad Nasim and Darren Sammy too, we had good partnerships. I didn't keep because I tweaked my back during a mishit. Doctor said it'd be better if I rested with an important game coming up.

Kamran Akmal is the Man of the Match.

Adil: "@Varun Shetty Hi, whats about run rate now?" --- Karachi's NRR has dropped into the negative now. -0.118, while Multan are on -0.191.

Akira Zenon: "Now Karachi has to win the next match as their NRR dropped significantly. Either they should Win or Pray for PZ to lose tomorrows match. "

Bilal: "What's the situation for kk , if they lose next game they will be out of race?? " --- Not completely. They'll be tied with Multan Sultans on nine points.

6:58pm Peshawar stay alive in the semi-finals race. They need a win against Lahore Qalandars tomorrow to seal the spot. Karachi looked to have given up very early in the chase. They've avoided some damage in terms of NRR, but tomorrow's match against Islamabad could get very tense for them. They need a win too to seal the top four finish and not leave things to calculation. A resounding win for Zalmi, spearheaded by Akmal and Sammy with the bat, before the bowlers stuck in and gave nothing at all.

Umaid Asif to Usama Mir, OUT, nails the yorker on middle stump and rips it out. Batsman shuffles and looks to cream it through midwicket but the ball has passed him long before he knows it

Usama Mir b Umaid Asif 9 (11b 1x4 0x6) SR: 81.81

Umaid Asif to Mohammad Rizwan, OUT, full toss outside off, looks to be high. Rizwan swipes under it and his bat turns in the hand. It carries straight to third man. They check for height and find it to be under the waist

Mohammad Rizwan c Sameen Gul b Umaid Asif 16 (18b 1x4 0x6) SR: 88.88

Umaid Asif to Usama Mir, 1 run, dropped at square leg. This slower ball deceives him and he slices the attempted slog very very high. Smith runs back from square leg and goes for it when it should have been deep midwicket's catch since he was running in. He had to withdraw in the end to avoid a collision

Umar Mirza: "When your 4 foreign batsmen total 12 runs on 33 balls, then winning can be dream only."

Umaid Asif to Usama Mir, FOUR runs, slower ball, down leg side. Stands tall and swats it to the square leg boundary
Umaid Asif to Mohammad Rizwan, 1 run, short ball outside off, steps out and pulls to deep midwicket
Umaid Asif to Usama Mir, 1 bye, slower length ball outside off, sneaks from under the slog and rolls through to the keeper who can't hold on

19 | 4 Runs | KK: 130/6 (52 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 6.84, RRR: 52.00)

  • Usama Mir4 (7b)
  • Mohammad Rizwan15 (16b)
  • Wahab Riaz4-0-26-2
  • Hasan Ali4-0-20-1
Wahab Riaz to Usama Mir, 1 run, another yorker, tailing away late. Looks to drive into the leg side, gets it to point off the outside edge
Wahab Riaz to Usama Mir, no run, yorker tailing away outside off, can't get bat on it
Wahab Riaz to Mohammad Rizwan, 1 run, short of a length down leg side, backs away and tickles it to fine leg
Wahab Riaz to Usama Mir, 1 run, short ball outside off, slices uppishly to sweeper's left
Wahab Riaz to Usama Mir, no run, length ball at leg stump, he jumps into the off side and looks for the ramp. Can't connect on it
Wahab Riaz to Mohammad Rizwan, 1 run, short ball at leg stump, backs away and pulls into the floor as he doesn't get room for a swing

18 | 4 Runs | KK: 126/6 (56 runs required from 12 balls, RR: 7.00, RRR: 28.00)

  • Mohammad Rizwan13 (14b)
  • Usama Mir2 (3b)
  • Hasan Ali4-0-20-1
  • Wahab Riaz3-0-22-2
Hasan Ali to Mohammad Rizwan, 1 run, length outside off, backs away and trashes it on the up, straight to extra cover
Hasan Ali to Usama Mir, 1 run, length on middle stump, backs away and drags to deep midwicket
Hasan Ali to Mohammad Rizwan, 1 run, length on leg stump, slogged out to deep midwicket
Hasan Ali to Mohammad Rizwan, no run, good length outside off, backs away and punches back to the bowler...who gathers the ball and runs at the batsman, shaping like he would throw it at him. Batsman takes evasive action as Hasan points to the spot on his hand where he hurt him. Banter. The complete opposite of everything that went down last night between Sohail and Yasir...
Hasan Ali to Usama Mir, 1 run, yorker at off stump, dug out to point with an open face
Hasan Ali to Usama Mir, no run, short ball outside off, looks to cut and gets an under-edge through to the keeper

17 | 10 Runs 1 Wkt | KK: 122/6 (60 runs required from 18 balls, RR: 7.17, RRR: 20.00)

  • Mohammad Rizwan11 (11b)
  • Usama Mir0 (0b)
  • Wahab Riaz3-0-22-2
  • Hasan Ali3-0-16-1
Wahab Riaz to Mohammad Rizwan, no run, length outside off, backs away and swings. Misses.
Wahab Riaz to Mohammad Rizwan, FOUR runs, length ball outside off, jumps into the off side and ramps it wide of short fine

Karachi Kngs 2nd innings Partnerships

1st15JL DenlyBabar Azam
2nd12CA IngramBabar Azam
3rd13EJG MorganBabar Azam
4th22RS BoparaBabar Azam
5th30Shahid AfridiBabar Azam
6th26Mohammad RizwanBabar Azam
7th19Mohammad RizwanUsama Mir
8th0Usama MirMohammad Irfan (4)

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