Final (N), Karachi, Mar 25 2018, Pakistan Super League
(16.5/20 ov, target 149)
Islamabad Un won by 3 wickets (with 19 balls remaining)
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Islamabad United
IU Innings
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12.30am Thirty-four matches later, we've found a winner. Islamabad United lost their crown last year, but dominated through the season to reclaim their stake as the most successful team in the PSL. Lots of positives to come out of this tournament, and here's hoping Pakistan have unearthed another Shadab, another Hasan and another Faheem.

Till then, on behalf of all of us at ESPNcricinfo, it's time to say goodbye. We hope you enjoyed our coverage through the past six weeks. Sreshth and Shashank signing off. Bye-bye.

Asim: "Kudos to Ramiz as well. Without a doubt the most relevant person with Pakistan cricket for the past 40 years. First, as a player and then as the voice of Pakistan in the commentary box!!"

12.13am We're moments away from the presentation. Here's Ramiz Raja for one last time this season.

Luke Ronchi adds to his collection: PSL 2018's Player of the Tournament

Rashid Riaz is the PSL 2018's best umpire, while Kamran Akmal is awarded the 'best batsman' award.

Kumar Sangakkara wins the award for most catches this season. Kamran Akmal (!) collects on his behalf. Faheem Ashraf's 18 wickets earn him the 'best bowler' award.

No surprises, Ronchi is the Man of the Match. "For the whole organisation to be in this position, that's what we dream of," he says. "You need some luck (to play well), but it's mostly about being clear in the head while batting. Nerves are always there, but you just need to grow in confidence after that, so 'why not try and hit it for a six?'"

Jugnoo: "Although I am in Karachi but about 25 km away from National stadium. It was marvelous to see the return of cricket in the first metropolitan city of Pakistan. I am also hopeful for future cricket here."

Waleed: "Really hope in future years we can have Indian players participating in PSL, and vice versa for Pakistani players in IPL. That would be one amazing time to be alive!"

Luke Ronchi, the tournament's leading run-getter: "I've just batted with a clear mind, amazing how things work out if you do that," he says. "The order is to just go out and bat the way I bat. If it comes off, brilliant. Otherwise, we've got a brilliant batting order. The quality of the local players, particularly the fast bowlers, has been phenomenal in the PSL. They've got a good depth of talent coming through, they should be happy with where they are at the moment. This is my first win for a franchise, a great end to a great tournament."

Daren Sammy, the Zalmi captain: "Disappointed," he thunders. "We didn't score enough runs. With the ball, we took a while to respond. Ronchi made the difference. I said to the guys after the match: 'keep working with your heads held high.' They wrote us off midway through the tournament. We won four knockout games to get to the final. All of them have put their heart and soul. Disappointed to have not won today, but I'm proud of the boys."

So, so gracious from Daren Sammy and co too as they give the fans a lap of honour. They love him in these parts, don't they? The entire Zalmi team rallies around him and walk with him. Yes, they may have lost but they're terrific ambassadors too.

11.50pm What makes this win all the more special is the fact that they had a lot of their first-choice players injured. Misbah pulled out, then the injury to Rumaan Raees. JP Duminy was made captain right towards the end, and boy, the way he's led them. Islamabad players now with a lap of honour around the ground. Lovely gesture this.

The hero of the final: Asif Ali - "Six-hitting is my natural game," he says. "The coaching staff encouraged me to play that way. Pressure was there, I've won a number of games for Faisalabad playing this way. Playing under pressure gives me a lot of enjoyment."

iamRifard: "It was Kamran Akmal who brought Zalmis to atleast this place, one bad day at office doesn't mean you're not the boss."

11.40pm Islamabad United are two-time champions. No one's more happier than Misbah-ul-Haq, who sat out of the game with an injury. JP Duminy and Dean Jones celebrate a magnificent win. Having won Qualifier-1, Islamabad had a week off. Coming into this game, that could've been a disadvantage, depending on which way you looked at it, but Islamabad have ensured they've been absolutely ruthless come finals day. Yes, there were some nerves but if you get the kind of start Luke Ronchi gave them, you will win nine times out of 10.

Luke Ronchi's blistering fifty set the tone for Islamabad United, then came a sensational collapse that raised hopes of a last-over finish, perhaps even a Super Over. Then came Kamran Akmal's costly miss followed by Asif Ali's mad assault - three sixes off three balls - to kill the game. The crowds, who braved all the security restrictions and strict protocols, have certainly got their monies worth. What a show we've had tonight in Karachi!

Wahab Riaz to Faheem Ashraf, SIX runs
short ball on middle, he swivels back and pulls this over deep backward square leg. Islamabad United are now two-time PSL champions! Faheem Ashraf, the tournament's leading wicket-taker, smashes the winning runs with a magnificent hit as firecrackers go off in Karachi.
Wahab Riaz to Faheem Ashraf, no run
full toss on off stump, punched straight to mid-off
Wahab Riaz to Faheem Ashraf, no run
angles in from wide of the crease, defended towards short midwicket

Daniyal: "Hasan Ali's short ball is his strength and he's caused problems to batsmen all over the world. To hit, not one, but two sixes off of his short balls is something special. Well played Asif Ali!"

Wahab Riaz to Faheem Ashraf, no run
squeezes an inside edge to square leg
Wahab Riaz to Hussain Talat, OUT
the middle stump has been flattened by a yorker that tails in to sneak through. Reverse swing, pure pace.
Hussain Talat b Wahab Riaz 7 (11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 63.63
end of over 1621 runs
IU: 148/6CRR: 9.25 • RRR: 0.25 • Need 1 run from 24b
Hussain Talat7 (10)
Asif Ali26 (6)
Hasan Ali4-0-53-2
Umaid Asif4-0-26-1

This ends Hasan Ali's most expensive spell in T20s

Hasan Ali to Hussain Talat, 1 run
slower and fuller on the pads from around the stumps, turned towards deep square