14th Match (D/N), Sharjah, Feb 24 2019, Pakistan Super League
(19.4/20 ov, target 146)
Zalmi won by 5 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
Peshawar Zalmi
PZ Innings
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7.29pm One minute before the toss for the next game is supposed to take place, Zalmi finally push ahead of Sultan's to win the game. Imam ul Haq's fifty set up their chase, but it took Pollard's explosive hitting to turn the match decisively in Zalmi's favour.

Abhijato: "What a lovely time to be alive, Mr Brickhill! Hasan Ali being on fire, and Pollard hitting sixes for fun like he's done forever! So, my Crystal Ball takes its last bow in PSL 2019 with an accurate prediction, and I shall take care of it forever! It has been a slow, yet entertaining thriller like cricket keeps producing. As I take my leave as an assumed mystic, I would like to thank fellow readers for playing along with the predictions, and you+Cricinfo for making cricket be even more lovely!"

Shahid Afridi to Sammy, 1 run
flicked through square leg, and that's that
Shahid Afridi to Sammy, no run
caught and bowled chance missed! Sammy tapped a full one ever so gently back to him, but it just popped out
Shahid Afridi to Wahab Riaz, 1 run
quicker one, Riaz forcing it out to the sweeper again to level the scores
Shahid Afridi to Sammy, 1 run
legbreak, pushed out to the cover sweeper

Last over coming up, and Zalmi only need three from it. Afridi will bowl it

end of over 194 runs • 1 wicket
PZ: 143/5CRR: 7.52 • RRR: 3.00 • Need 3 runs from 6b
Daren Sammy3 (6)
Wahab Riaz1 (1)
Junaid Khan4-0-27-2
Mohammad Irfan4-0-42-1
Junaid Khan to Sammy, 1 run
a bottom handed pull brings a single to square leg

Malik tinkers with the field, extending the game even further

Junaid Khan to Wahab Riaz, 1 run
Riaz is off the mark straight away, hacking the ball to deep mid off and taking the fielder on
Junaid Khan to Sammy, 1 run
pushed down to long off

Nisar: "Meanwhile Pollard has taken care of the time to some extent."

Umer: "Someone please check no ball"

Junaid Khan to Pollard, OUT
Pollard's cameo comes to an end in the pursuit of another six. He set himself and aimed for midwicket, but sliced underneath the ball, Christian holding the high chance in the deep
KA Pollard c Christian b Junaid Khan 25 (10b 0x4 4x6) SR: 250.00
Junaid Khan to Sammy, 1 run
yorker from Junaid and it takes the edge on the way down to third man
Junaid Khan to Sammy, no run
pushed softly to extra cover

Wajid Jawaid: "Vintage Pollard! Why did you release him KK!"

end of over 1824 runs
PZ: 139/4CRR: 7.72 • RRR: 3.50 • Need 7 runs from 12b
Kieron Pollard25 (9)
Daren Sammy0 (2)
Mohammad Irfan4-0-42-1
Junaid Khan3-0-23-1
Mohammad Irfan to Pollard, SIX runs
four in a row! Pollard backs away and hacks a mighty blow over long off
Mohammad Irfan to Pollard, SIX runs
hat-trick of sixes! Irfan sends down a slower ball, but it's a full toss outside off and Pollard lifts it cleanly over wide long off this time. Pollard has now hit more sixes than fours in his T20 career
Mohammad Irfan to Pollard, SIX runs
over long off this time! Pollard clears his front leg and sends a length delivery soaring over long off, baseball-style
Mohammad Irfan to Pollard, SIX runs
now he puts bat to ball, and the crowd beyond midwicket is in danger! This one pinged right of the middle, and never got up high but cleared the boundary with ease
Mohammad Irfan to Pollard, no run
short again, and it's through Pollard's pull in a flash and through to the keeper

Hassan8018: "Junaid heel is on the it is not a no ball..dont know which footage you saw..but in Pak. Geo super brodcasting the match.& It is out." -- Unfortunately some part of the heel has to be behind the line in order for the delivery to be legitimate, so, no.

Mohammad Irfan to Pollard, no run
short and it's pulled to Christian at mid on ... Sammy is late getting back to his crease, and a direct hit would have had him

7.15pm This game is taking forever - we're supposed to have the toss for the next game in just under 15 minutes

end of over 171 runs • 1 wicket
PZ: 115/4CRR: 6.76 • RRR: 10.33 • Need 31 runs from 18b
Daren Sammy0 (2)
Kieron Pollard1 (3)
Junaid Khan3-0-23-1
Daniel Christian3-0-22-2
Junaid Khan to Sammy, no run
tapped to short extra, no single to be had there

Shiraz: "Commentator Danny Morrison absolutely furious with Rashid Riaz the TV umpire. Wrong decision, so fair enough. "

Junaid Khan to Sammy, no run
Sammy wears one on the thigh and wants to steal a single, but he's sent back

Khurram Zia Kha: "3rd Umpire gone totally mad"

Junaid Khan to Imam-ul-Haq, OUT
low, dipping full toss from Junaid, and Imam misses it to be struck on the boot. There's an extended appeal, and eventually it's given out. Imam reviews ... and it doesn't look like Junaid has any part of his heel behind the line. It looks like a no-ball ... but it's been given out! Is the TV umpire seeing a different feed to everyone else? Not sure how this can be given out, but it has been. Ball-tracking shows umpire's call, and Imam trudges off
Imam-ul-Haq lbw b Junaid Khan 52 (44b 5x4 1x6) SR: 118.18