Player of the Match
Player of the Match
826dThe Report by Nikhil Kalro

Karachi Kings qualify with clutch victory

Karachi Kings dominated the final league game to beat Islamabad United by six wickets, thereby qualifying for the playoffs of the Pakistan Super League

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Commentator: Akshay Gopalakrishnan

A damp, moist day in Dubai was lit up by Chris Gayle's fireworks. And at the end of it, what we get is a repeat of last year's playoff fixtures. Like the inaugural edition, we have Peshawar and Quetta in the first playoff, followed by Karachi and Islamabad in the second. Tuesday night is when we will meet again for the first playoff as we move back to Sharjah. Until then, goodbye, and thank you for joining us!

Kumar Sangakkara - It was good to win, it was great that Chris got some runs, some good, very impressive runs. We did most things right today. It's T20 cricket, from game to game, things change. We need to take things as they come. Now the playoffs are here and we need to do well. There are times we need to make tough decisions. Today was the right time to bring Chris back. He was going around in the dressing room, talking to the guys even when he was out of the side, which is what you need in the side. The young lad Shadab from Islamabad was impressive.

Misbah-ul-Haq - Obviously, loss is a loss and you fell disappointed if you lose a game like that. A win would have taken us to the top and given us two chances. We missed that, but we now have another chance and we will look to come out and do well. When you know it's a 15-over game without stoppages, you know how it is, so no excuses. They played better than us. Today, especially in these wet conditions, we were 15-20 runs short. Our fielding could have been a lot better, but I was very happy with the bowling.

Gayle - I am happy to man of the match. Hopefully, this is the start of big things to come and we can go on and do well in the playoffs as well. There was a definite lack of practice and it shows in your game. But it will come together and this is not a bad time for it to start.

Chris Gayle the Man of the match for his 17-ball 44.

Dwayne Smith receives the green cap for the leading run-scorer from his captain Misbah-ul-Haq.

12.15pm Cometh the hour cometh the man. Chris Gayle, after a seriously underwhelming PSL, finally came to the party when it mattered the most to his team. That knock razed Islamabad and set the tone for the chase. It gave the rest ample time to get themselves in on a surface where the ball did not really come on, probably because of the abundant moisture. Brilliant spell from Shadab, who bowled an over for the ages. But Gayle's early onslaught proved too much in the end. So Islamabad and Karachi have exchanged positions with Karachi moving up a spot to third. Peshawar finish as table-toppers and take on Quetta Gladiators in the first playoff, the winner of which earns a direct ticket to the final. Islamabad and Karachi face off in the second playoff on Wednesday. The loser of that match will bid goodbye to the tournament, while the winner takes on the loser of the Quetta-Peshawar clash.

Wajid Jawaid : "9,9,8,8,6 . Teams' points at the end of group stage. Can you ask for a more closely fought 1st round? "

Saad: "With destructive Gayle and Pollard now in form, and with decent batsman, and an excellent pace bowling attack, Karachi are looking dangerous and they are in it to win it."

Furqan: "What a time for karachi to get their big guns back in of luck for the remaining tournament ."

Rumman Raees to Pollard, FOUR runs, and Pollard, like last evening, seals it with a boundary. Short ball and Pollard swivels around with a pull that goes through midwicket. Short midwicket was in place but no chance of getting that

Shanawar Bedaar: "What happens if there is a super over? Will it somehow matter for lahore to qualify?" Ne, because NRR will take Karachi through

Scores level.

Rumman Raees to Pollard, 2 runs, very full ball on the pads, comes forward and manipulates the field nicely by picking the gap wide of long-on fo a comfortable brace
Rumman Raees to Pollard, 2 runs, fullish ball, drilled hard through the leg side. Long-on and deep midwicket run across and the latter picks it up to cut it off in front of the boundary
Rumman Raees to Pollard, 2 runs, fuller ball, driven hard to long-on and they push back for the second. Raees fails to collect the throw. Sami fumbles but recovers and fires a good throw. Had the bowler collected it and taken out the stumps, he could have been gone

Pollard hit two sixes yesterday. What can he do today?

Rumman Raees to Pollard, no run, slower full ball, tries to back away and heave it over the leg side but misses and the ball misses the leg stump on its way to the keeper

Raees to bowl the final over. Karachi need seven. They are already through.

14 | 11 Runs | KK: 117/4 (7 runs required from 6 balls, RR: 8.35, RRR: 7.00)

  • Ravi Bopara11 (10b)
  • Kieron Pollard10 (8b)
  • Mohammad Sami3-0-25-0
  • Rumman Raees2-0-8-0
Mohammad Sami to Bopara, FOUR runs, just over the outstretched hands of the extra cover fielder. Full and outside off, just enough room to crash it through that region

Karachi Kngs 2nd innings Partnerships

1st64CH GayleBabar Azam
2nd16KC SangakkaraBabar Azam
3rd12Shoaib MalikBabar Azam
4th0KA PollardBabar Azam
5th35RS BoparaKA Pollard

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