286dThe Report by Peter Della Penna

Sarfaraz sees Gladiators home with last-ball six

The loss for Qalandars was compounded by an injury to AB de Villiers, who tweaked his lower back

Match Centre

Commentator: Liam Brickhill (@gomorezvidinha

20 | 11 Runs 1 Wkt | QG: 148/7 | RR: 7.40

  • Sarfaraz Ahmed52 (36b)
  • Sohail Tanvir2 (2b)
  • David Wiese4-0-37-1
  • Haris Rauf4-0-25-2

7.19pm Gladiators continue their unbeaten run, courtesy a perfectly timed knock from Sarfraz. Another tight finish in the PSL, and those five or six missed run-outs in the field really came back to haunt Qalandars. Had they been able to break the stand between Sarfraz and Nawaz a little earlier, it all could have been very different.

TahirTDM: "Sarfaraz you Beautyyyyyyyy.... "

Naseef: "Wiese gets back what he gave last night!!"

Dr. Haroon : "Sharjah and last ball sixers: a great love story "

Carey Over: "We still need to give it up for Abhijato. He may have finally been on the wrong side of the prediction, but how close was it? Please, Liam, describe his endeavours! Irrespective of what has happened, he will forever remain a cult hero in many of our eyes!"

ABdullah: "Semi instant karma for wiese :D"

Wiese to Sarfaraz Ahmed, SIX runs, Sarfraz wins it! A low full toss from Wiese, Sarfraz bends low and belts it over wide long on. The fielder out there thought he was in business, but the ball just kept going.

Two required off the last over. Sarfraz on strike. A single will see a super over.

Wiese to Sohail Tanvir, 1 run, and he turns the strike back over with a single, clubbing a length ball out to deep midwicket
Wiese to Sarfaraz Ahmed, 1 run, full again, driven down the ground and this time it's just a single as Devcich is quickly in

Khurram Shahzad: "Super Over Smelling" -- Could be, they need 3 from 2

Wiese to Sarfaraz Ahmed, 2 runs, big swing from Sarfraz to a full ball, the ball coming off the cue end and rolling slowly down to long on - so slowly that there's time for them to rush back for a second
Wiese to Sohail Tanvir, 1 run, another very full ball from Wiese, and Tanvir jams his drive out through cover to turn the strike over

Should they have taken that single at the end of the last over? Surely better to have Sarfraz on strike. There is a lengthy conference in the Qalandars camp as the new bat walks out.

Rashid: "@Shehryar, Crystal ball still creating fog. Don't undermine Abhijito's predictions until last ball is balled."

Wiese to Anwar Ali, OUT, bowled him! Wiese runs in and bowls an inswinging yorker, right on his toes. The ball reverses in and dips, zipping under Anwar's bat and shattering the stumps

Anwar Ali b Wiese 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

Last over coming up. Wiese will bowl it. He hit the winning runs last night, can he bowl the winning over this time around. Gladiators need 7 to extend their unbeaten run

Quetta Glad 2nd innings Partnerships

1st1SR WatsonAhsan Ali
2nd25RR RossouwAhsan Ali
3rd27Umar AkmalAhsan Ali
4th24Sarfaraz AhmedAhsan Ali
5th4DR SmithSarfaraz Ahmed
6th54Sarfaraz AhmedMohammad Nawaz (3)
7th2Sarfaraz AhmedAnwar Ali
8th11Sohail TanvirSarfaraz Ahmed

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