19th Match (D/N), Dubai (DSC), Feb 28 2019, Pakistan Super League
(19.2/20 ov, target 173)
Zalmi won by 7 wickets (with 4 balls remaining)
Player Of The Match
Peshawar Zalmi
• The Report by Peter Della Penna

Pollard, Amin smash Peshawar Zalmi to victory

Multan Sultans fell apart after Johnson Charles was dismissed for a 26-ball half-century

Match centre 
Commentator: Liam Brickhill (@gomorezvidinha
Scorecard summary
Multan Sultans172/5(20 overs)
Peshawar Zalmi176/3(19.2 overs)

7.03pm How important was that lapse in the field from Johnson Charles? The required rate was mounting, the pressure was on, and it could all have been very different for Sultans. But as it turned out, Pollard went on to slam four more sixes on his way to a fifty, Amin raising a fifty of his own, and the pair settling the matter with an unbroken 91-run stand. Pollard is the Player of the Match for his innings.

"The first couple balls, you're a bit anxious so I just tried to keep calm," says Pollard. "It was getting a bit tight, but if you stay until the end one big over gets you right back into the game. I looked at the balls left, the runs to get, and also the bowlers left. We had to go at 12 towards the end, but we were going at 8s and 9s, but we knew one big over would get us back in it."

Jacob W.: "All hail OB Jato+Abhijato! His consolidation in the top of the Prediction Championship Table continues! If you are reading this Mr Debayan Sen, he is truly the Rashid Khan of the internet!"

SURehman: "Feel sorry for Malik and the Sultans. Once again let down by No-ball by Junaid, and dropped catch by charles."

F U REHMAN: "They should have bowl wide yorkers to pollard like dean jones gave plan to his boys. "

Saaib Uppal: "Sunday: Peshawar needed 31 off 16 vs Multan. Pollard hit 6, 6, 6, 6 Today: Peshawar needed 31 off 15 vs Multan. Pollard hit 6, 6, 6"

Hassan: "Shattered all my expectations Afridi, Akmal and Junaid didn't perform, Malik again failed in captaincy and Multan lost "

Roma Ahmed: "I don't think it was that dropped catch or even the no-ball that let Sultans down. For me the captaincy cost them the match. Why Nouman and afridi are in the team even, if you have to give overs to the bowlers already having bad time??? Anyways, my day didn't improve. I shall better sleep."

Junaid Khan to Umar Amin, FOUR runs
there's the game! Amin spots a full one and slams it over mid off's head to secure a seven wicket win
Junaid Khan to Umar Amin, 1 wide
sprayed down the leg side to level the scores
Junaid Khan to Umar Amin, 2 runs
fifty up for Amin, scything a drive out to the cover sweeper, who stops it but not cleanly enough to stop them getting back for a second

Dan: "Well, Johnson Charles dropped the game there." -- Just four needed from the last over, and Amin needs two more for his own fifty

end of over 199 runs
PZ: 169/3CRR: 8.89 • RRR: 4.00 • Need 4 from 6b
Umar Amin48 (35)
Kieron Pollard52 (27)
Mohammad Ilyas4-0-22-1
Daniel Christian3-0-44-0
Mohammad Ilyas to Umar Amin, 1 run
that's better, a yorker just outside off and Amin can only squeeze it out to point
Mohammad Ilyas to Umar Amin, FOUR runs
heaved over square leg, and Amin finds the gap. Another length delivery from Ilyas

Junaid : "People! Dont try to use jinxology on PZ. Let them finish the match in style! "

Mohammad Ilyas to Pollard, 1 run
just short of a good length, and Pollard pulls out to deep midwicket, the ball reaching the fielder on the bounce
Mohammad Ilyas to Umar Amin, 1 run
Amin swings hard at a length delivery, but it's just a single to midwicket

Yahya: "Why Afridi wasnt used again? He got the breakthrough even.. "

Mohammad Ilyas to Pollard, 1 run
slow offcutter from Ilyas, and Pollard swats it out to deep square
Mohammad Ilyas to Umar Amin, 1 run
Amin turns the strike over to Pollard with a drive to long off

James Iyer: "This is what I call a Pollard special! What a incredible hitter!" -- Two overs to go, and Pollard has brought it down to 13 from 12 with his hitting

end of over 1822 runs
PZ: 160/3CRR: 8.88 • RRR: 6.50 • Need 13 from 12b
Kieron Pollard50 (25)
Umar Amin41 (31)
Daniel Christian3-0-44-0
Junaid Khan3-0-35-0
Christian to Pollard, SIX runs
three in a row! Christian slips in a short one and Pollard throws his might into a pull over square leg, bringing up his fifty in the process
Christian to Pollard, SIX runs
and another! This is even bigger. Pollard picks up a length ball and sends it flying into the top tier of the stands beyond midwicket. We might need a new ball out there ...
Christian to Pollard, SIX runs
down the ground! Christian misses his length by a matter of inches as Pollard uses the depth of the crease to get under it, lofting the ball for a 94-metre six
Christian to Pollard, no run
well bowled! Another slower ball from Christian, and Pollard backs away but misses an attempted swipe down the ground
Christian to Pollard, 2 runs
nicely full again from Christian and Pollard can't get under it with a clip into the leg side, but they put the boundary fielder under pressure with a second run
Christian to Pollard, 2 runs
Christian starts with a slower ball that's very full, and Pollard flicks off his toes to find two to long leg

OB Jato: "Along with Amin, going by the way Pollard is hitting the ball, he looks like the kind of bloke who can perform magic tonight and then pen down his experiences in the "Kieron-icles of Narnia"!"

end of over 1717 runs
PZ: 138/3CRR: 8.11 • RRR: 11.66 • Need 35 from 18b
Kieron Pollard28 (19)
Umar Amin41 (31)
Junaid Khan3-0-35-0
Mohammad Irfan4-0-29-1
Junaid Khan to Pollard, 1 run
Pollard slashes another drive, but the fielder has been moved in the deep and it's straight to him

noman riaz : "PZ didnt play any dot ball in last 4 overs, rotating the strike, keeping wickets in hand and waiting bad ball for boundary. fantastic chase"

Junaid Khan to Pollard, FOUR runs
slapped to wide long on! Full, wide and Pollard placed his lofted drive wide of the fielder at long off, bringing up the fifty stand
Junaid Khan to Pollard, 2 runs
full, and it's slammed back down the ground, Junaid getting a boot to it and possibly saving two
Match details
Dubai International Cricket Stadium
TossPeshawar Zalmi , elected to field first
SeriesPakistan Super League 2019
Player Of The Match
Kieron Pollard
Hours of play (local time)15.30 start, First Session 15.30-17.00, Interval 17.00-17.20, Second Session 17.20- 18.50
Match days28 February 2019 - day/night match (20-over match)
Ranmore Martinesz
Asif Yaqoob
TV Umpire
Shozab Raza
Match Referee
Mohammed Anees
PointsPeshawar Zalmi 2, Multan Sultans 0