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Peshawar survive Bopara onslaught for three-run win

West Indies' Twenty20 captain Darren Sammy held his nerve with the ball, conceding just nine runs off the final over to guide his team Peshawar Zalmi to a thrilling three-run victory against Karachi Kings in Sharjah

Match Centre

20 | 9 Runs 2 Wkts | KK: 179/9 (4 runs required, RR: 8.95)

  • Mohammad Amir0 (1b)
  • Saifullah Bangash0 (1b)
  • Darren Sammy1-0-9-1
  • Wahab Riaz4-0-29-2

7.25pm Phew. That was just brilliant to watch and commentate on. It's left me drained and hungry for dinner, which I shall go and consume very soon. I'm off, but do stay tuned, because we have another game coming up tonight. Hope you enjoy that, and bye!

Presentation time. Mohammad Hafeez is the Man of the Match. "Batting with Tamim has given me a lot of confidence," he says. "We're working as a team, we're playing as a team."

Shoaib Malik: "A step away from winning, but the way Ravi Bopara batted was exceptional. I have no words to describe his batting, but we have a few flaws in our team. The time has come and we need to come up. We need a third pacer in our team, that's where we're lacking a bit. I'm sure we will bring maybe a third pacer in the next game."

Shahid Afridi: "This is the kind of cricket we need. Doesn't matter if we win or lose but the spectators would have enjoyed this. Tamim and Hafeez gave us a fantastic start. Bopara played an outstanding innings. I wasn't very confident in the end, but Sammy told me he was confident he could win it for us."

Talha Hameed: "Karachi Kings has now lost three matches in a row, margin of defeat in last two matches were by 2 runs v Islamabad, 3 runs v Peshawar."

Umar Ch: "Remember Sammy has hit Four on the last Ball, That makes the Difference"

Saaib Uppal: "After the completion of the first round-robin of games, the twin giants, Lahore and Karachi, are at the bottom of the points table!"

Qasim: "Gotta feel for Bopara.He should take the MOM award!"

"It was a choice between me and the left-arm spinner and I told the skipper to give it to me," Darren Sammy says. "This pitch is much better than the one in Dubai, you see the competitive nature between the batsmen and the bowlers."

This one came in before the last ball, but it's a nice, nostalgic comment, so I'll stick it in now - Abdul Manan: "Now Karachi Kings need a Miandad, or Miandad's Six!"

Zain Rizvi: "One of the best matches in this tournament so far. Wow, absolutely amazing comeback, they came so far but in the end Sammy was the difference. Wow."

7.10pm What a game, what a finish. At the end of it, Karachi Kings find themselves in a really sticky situation, with only one win from four games. Zalmi have now won three out of four. Ravi Bopara will be gutted, Imad Wasim will not want to look at his team-mates.

Sammy to Mohammad Amir, no run, looks for the wide yorker, wasn't quite a yorker, but Amir goes for the big cover drive and can't put bat to ball. What a win for Zalmi!

Last man in, Mohammad Amir. He needs to hit a boundary to win it for Karachi. Once again, huge discussion between Afridi and Sammy. Sammy goes around the wicket.

Sammy to Saifullah Bangash, OUT, fullish outside off, not quite up there for the big cover drive, and the ball beats his outside edge. They look to sneak a bye and Kamran keeps his cool, underarms and hits the stumps direct to have Mir comfortably run out

Usama Mir run out (†Kamran Akmal) 1 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Four to get off two balls. Bangash on strike. Long discussion between Afridi and Sammy.

Zubair: "Sammy hasn't bowled in this tournament yet"

Sammy to Usama Mir, 1 run, full, close to off stump, goes for the big drive but hits it all along the ground, too close to long-off to think of a second run

Usama Mir is on strike. The batsmen crossed over.

Sammy to Bopara, OUT, full-toss outside off, and Bopara has holed out! He could have hit that to a lot of places on this ground, but he's swiped at it, failed to middle it, and picked out the fielder at long-on

RS Bopara c Shahid Yousuf b Sammy 67 (33b 5x4 4x6) SR: 203.03

Sammy to Bopara, 2 runs, down the track to the wide one outside off, drives to the right of sweeper cover
Sammy to Bopara, SIX runs, full and wide, and that is hardly the ball to be bowling to Bopara in this mood. He gets on the front foot and just launches it over the cover point boundary

What an over, what a match. Bopara has been off strike for six balls, and he's lost Tanvir, but now he's facing with 13 to get. Asghar has an over left, but I don't think he'll bowl this. Zalmi turn to Sammy. He hasn't bowled yet in this game.

Karachi Kngs 2nd innings Partnerships

1st26LMP SimmonsNauman Anwar
2nd1JM VinceNauman Anwar
3rd1Imad WasimJM Vince
4th18Shoaib MalikJM Vince
5th2Shakib Al HasanJM Vince
6th61RS BoparaJM Vince
7th61RS BoparaSohail Tanvir
8th8RS BoparaUsama Mir
9th1Saifullah BangashUsama Mir
10th0Mohammad AmirSaifullah Bangash

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